Queer As Folk fanfiction

Here's a list of my favorite QaF fanfiction... I really think you should read them all...they're that good...

All fics are US QAF and of theBrian/Justin pairing unless otherwise stated.

Also, many of the stories here contain very explict male/male sex, and at the very least have a lot of bad words in them. Please don't read if you are not of age or are easily offended by this type of material.



How We Got Where We're Going The sun filters through my closed eyes.  I’m not ready to wake up.  I’m not ready to face this day.  I roll over into something warm, something soft…Justin.  Post S5. Future fic.

Morning Moments (Invalid Link! This was originally on Takes place in between ep313 and the season 3 finale. Justin observes a sleeping Brian and the changes in their relationship. What happens when Brian wakes up?

How We Began (and How We Will End) After a week, Justin decides it's probably work, or stress, or work stress. Written for comingthengoing, as part of the dream 513 challenge.
Astronaut He thinks of running into Brian at a random club in New York, or at Babylon while he's visiting his mom. He thinks they'll look at each other, and maybe it'll be a little awkward but not really because that kind of thing always melts away when they're together.
Without Even Knowing It This time, when you think of him, he moves beside you as if he hears it. (750 words, Season 1 - between 114 and 122)


Kid After an incident of violence at the loft, Brian struggles with the fallout while Justin fights to be treated like an adult. AU after Season Three.
Snoopylicious Dance, Justin, dance!

Lachrymose second person Brian POV.

514 Some people call it falling in love as if it’s accidental, as if you’re walking down the sidewalk and trip up, grabbing onto a stranger’s hand to balance yourself, and then you look up into their wide concerned eyes, and…just know. Post 513.
381 Sometimes there are people that walk into your life and make themselves so at home that you don’t even realize how much they mean to you until they have gone.

370 Miles, Give or Take a Few Methods of Transportation and how they connect Brian and Justin Post 513.

The Tutelage of Justin Taylor First part of a series written for my Fic of my Dreams challenge-ish thing. Starts with Season 1, Episode 4. Emmett: “What about you Brian? What’d you do?” Brian: “I made it an early evening.”

Love Spins Gold From Time Brian hadn’t anticipated just how bound together they were.
Disarmed PWP, humour.

Oh, Inverted World Every part of Brian's life has led him here.
A Necessary Fluid Something better than chicken soup. Spoilers through 410, but only vague ones.
L'Allievo Justin's always been a fast learner. Written as #3 of my Fic of my Dreams challenge-ish thing.
The Uncertain Hour It's now or never. post 202.
To Know the Difference Written with Susanderavish. The part you can change has always been yourself.
What It Is About You That Closes And Opens It didn't have to be this way, he thinks.
Raw There's one thing left they haven't tried...
Fresh Feeling You don't have a clue / what it is like to be next to you.
Acts Way back in the day, paddies, aided by susanderavish, posted something called the fic of my dreams challenge. the premise? Take ten (okay, nine) of Justin's first times with different sex acts. Write them. The end. I've decided to try to write all ten.
A Hundred Visions and Revisions There will be time, there will be time... / Time for you and time for me, / And time yet for a hundred indecisions, / And for a hundred visions and revisions, / Before the taking of a toast and tea.


Chering & Fansee
Scrabble "DARE? What kind of lame ass way is that to start the game?" Justin asked, furrowing his brow and looking up at his partner with a little smirk. Post 513.

Don't Forget Your Toothbrush Very accurate depiction of Season 1 Brian and Justin. Very true, and completely adorable ficlet.


Thinking Trains Brian’s thoughts as he tries to hold his orgasm at bay, leading him to a conclusion about Justin.
The Condom Chronicles Brian asks Justin to move in with him again and tries to deal with the repercussions of being broke and jobless. The story shows what can happen if you don't communicate.
The Only Thing That Matters A continuation of the end scene in 314 with Brian and Justin returning to the empty loft after the street celebration.
The Honeymooners No, they are not married; it’s just a title. Brian and Justin go on a weekend retreat.

Overheard It wasn’t as if he’d never heard his name before, but something made him pause in the dark passage and listen, letting the people behind him by.
Just Say 'No' To Hypothermia It was two in the morning when they finally exited Babylon.
A Steal "He's here, again," said Michael. S1.
Back to Kansas Justin opened one bleary eye and quickly shut it again. Post S3.
How to Survive a Sandstorm “What are we doing in rural China again?” asked Brian.
Domestic Tranquility “He’s your boyfriend?” Hunter asked indignantly from just inside the loft. Michael and Ben followed him, carrying grocery bags.
Small Victories Justin was silent as he got into the jeep because sometimes the most innocuous sentences seemed to piss Brian off and he wasn't going to ruin his sudden change of fortune. (108 gapfiller)
Essence Sometimes Justin got tired of waiting. Sometime after season 4.
No More Ugly Naked Guy Qaf/Friends crossover. No spoilers. You can pretend it's after S3, or after S5 :D

DeAnna Zankich
Honey on the Tongue 117 gap-filler (sort of).
Dirty Dance Emmett gets an eyeful as Brian gets his needs met.
Hothouse Flower 116 gap-filler (sort of).

Summer Camp Brian and Justin are both 13 and you guessed it- being schlepped off to the hell that is camp. Present Time-AU (with little bits (and I mean, little bits) garnered from childhood canon).
Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie Lots of times I’ll sit and ponder just what the hell it is about me and Brian.

Interval (Or, What Five Years Will Do to Brian Kinney) Brian Kinney, and everybody he loves or fucks or whatever they're calling it these days.

International Brian Kinney Day "So we’re setting aside a day to revolve around Lord Kinney again," Ted muttered. "How is this news?"


Picture-Imperfect PG-13. (season two story) One early morning, Brian decides to let his creative side roam - much to his chagrin and Justin's surprise.
Picture Perfect 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 NC-17. (post-220 story) Justin and Brian are confronted with a physical reminder of prom.

E and Erin
12 Days of Christmas E and E have joined forces to produce - the longest holiday fic written by two Erin's ever.

Fellatio Quintet Postcards from the backroom.

The Dark Road Six years ago, Justin took a bat to the head. Now, Brian takes an Italian wood floor to his, and Justin deals with the ramifications.
So Close "Fuck what the rest of them say," Brian says abruptly, and loudly, in the waiting room at the radiologist’s. "We're partners." Cancer arc gapfiller.
Walking After You Sometimes, you think it would be easier if he hadn't come back at all.

Caress the Tiger You smile softly as you gaze at the tousled blond head on the pillow next to yours. Ted pov. Very angsty.

Mercury Rising Erin's website.

Gapfillers Each of these fics reference an episode, and almost all have been written from POV of one or more characters. (S1-S2-S3-S4).
Standalones These fics are like just outta nowhere... not related to a specific episode, or are "history" fics about the backstory of the characters. Warning: NC-17 here means the same thing it does at the movies... explicit sex and course language.

Sex in Seven Shades “I didn’t say sex isn’t still a big part of it.” Mikey takes another draw from the joint. “But you actually like him, don’t you?” Late S1.
‘Cause It’s You And Me You wouldn’t have caught it if you hadn’t been staring at his eyes. Something in them changed, glazed over, and you feel a rush of fear because it reminds you of that one time, when you were together, that he had a really bad nightmare. Set in late S4, so spoilers up to about 409.
At the Very Edge of Things Whenever it’s about Justin, it’s about Brian. Usually because it’s Brian’s fault. Post 513.
Deal under Drip "Justin, there’s a fucking hole in your ceiling." Post 513.
Have A Nice Day Brian won't stop touching him. Sometime between 309-310
The Copy Room Putting down the report from the test groups that he has been reviewing for he last hour, Brian briefly passes a hand over his eyes and considers stopping for the night. Sometime between 309-310

Hearing Things R. (Post-307 story) 'Tis many a slip twixt the ear and the lip. Justin learns that being seen and being heard aren't mutually exclusive terms.


Back to the Beginning Post Season 5, 3 years after 513. Brian shoulders an unexpected responsibility. The call came in the middle of a presentation pitch that Brian had nearly finished to the Caribbean resort chain owners.
Vocabulary Lessons Justin's a student who realizes that learning a new tongue sometimes has more than one meaning.
You're So Vanilla Grocery shopping. Brian’s bored. Justin’s naïve. This happens in the midst of Season 1, episode 12, after the ‘ice cream kisses’ sequence, but before Brian and Michael are reconciled.


Brian Kinney and the History of Architecture "Long before I knew how I wanted to live, I knew how I wanted to die - defiantly."
Shadows "There are things you find yourself doing these days, unconsciously, and when you catch yourself doing these things you snarl angrily, shake your head and pretend it never happened."
Normal He can't seem to stop giggling. E turns him into a two-year-old. He's dancing in the middle of the loft, twirling round and round, his face flushed and happy. "I love dancing with you, Brian."
Growing Up He can cull the days months years and pack them into moments, peel off long periods of work and monotony like a skin and pluck out the short rages and fights like bitter seeds in a sweet fruit, and then think of what he is left with...
Cowardice Being poor changes things… it really isn’t like having a brick house come crashing down on you, more like someone walking in your shadow and beating you on the head with a fat book from time to time.

If It Made Sense It Wouldn't Be a Mystery Would It? Post S3. Well, Sunshine… no job. No pricey liquid TV. No expensive Italian furniture. No fucking Attila Richards Lukacs painting...




Crisis Justin's plane crashes.
Justin's Excellent Adventure Justin struggles to decide what to do about Brian, Hollywood, the universe, everything. Spoilers through season 4.
Oodles of Noodles Brian squinted upward. “What the fuck?” He had woken up only a moment before, with the sun brightly illuminating… blond.

Love is Not a Victory March Justin doesn’t need to be saved; Brian doesn’t need to be forgiven. And you should never accept candy from strangers.

Echo Pre 3-7. She thinks it'd be easier if she didn't love him.
How It's Gonna Be Through season three finale. There's a stack of loose photographs like a mountain in the box under the bed. Justin wonders why he never saw them before. Then he wonders why they were kept at all.
Slowly Turning and Lay Me Down Lightly, season three. Just one night, in the rain.
Stumble and Fall Season three, AU of Josselin's Steps, the sequel to Echo. The ground drops.
Out in the Middle of Nowhere Education is the key to success.
Those Who Favor Fire Spoilers: 4.3, 4.4. It's way too hot for sex.

Jenn and Jainieg
Sesto's Aria Post season three. Babylon is for losers with no lives, or that's what Ethan tells himself, even when he's standing there, a drink clutched in one hand.

Jo Esther
Small Servings Justin realizes that Brian is changing, that the small things are adding up to huge differences in the man he loves.
Control Justin isn't sure when he became this person, this man.

Queer Survivor Post 3-14, the Pittsburgh gang watch Brian go on the newest hit TV show, Queer Survivor, in an attempt to replenish his finances.
Steps A sequel to Jenn's Echo.
Scrabble Brian and Justin play scrabble.
Crying at Three in the Morning Brian helps Lindsay.

Catching Fire One night at Debbie’s and the morning after. Post 513.
Romance With Liquids Post 513. Brian and Justin go on vacation.
A Nocturne in Two Variations It was a clear night, stars scattered across an ink-black sky. Moon on the wane. S1 shortly after 110.
Willow Hill, PA, Pop. 317 One minute, Emmett was patiently teaching Justin the words to Barbra's "Don't Rain on My Parade," the next, he was bent over the Jeep's engine listening to a Brian Kinney rant of epic proportions. S1, "what if".

The Importance of Being Brian Post season three. Brian's acting very weird, Justin's acting like Brian, and no one knows what the hell is going on. It's *wonderful*. Read now.
Like Having Sex Nobody ever thought to tell Brian Kinney that being in love was like having sex.
Busy Week On The Fridge
Beautiful "He's his own clay, being shaped by Brian's hands, and he's going to be so very fucking beautiful".
Love of His Life "After the party after the election after a very long fucking month, Brian drank a lot of booze and took a lot of drugs and fucked a lot of men. Then he went back to the loft and hit his head on the kitchen counter as he passed out". Brian gets amnesia!
The Sudden Stop Once he concedes, if only to himself, that he's going to get his heart broken, Brian finds it much easier to manage. It's pathetic, but true: as far as Brian Kinney is concerned, the sun shines out of Justin Taylor's perfect little ass.

Just Visiting
Name Your Wish 1 | 2 | 3 |4 | 5 | 6 | 7 Takes Brian and Justin from mid-season 2 to a far different finale, as they try to find a way to be -- and stay -- together. Also, Justin has not met anyone named Ethan.
And Every Morning After 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ! 7 Post-314 - Assumes all show canon.
A Matter of Time Post-season 4: Justin returns to Pittsburgh seven years later.

Twenty-One On good days, the first thing you think of when you walk in the door is dinner, but tonight you started getting undressed, so you must want to go to Babylon to unwind...correct?”
PDA "Okay, I have a confession to make. Here goes. I hated it when Brian and Justin were apart". (Michael POV)
The Love Song of Brian A. Kinney "Words surround you like an ocean. You were brought up and cultured in a society that placed enormous importance on them"...
Once Upon a Time “Make sure it’s vanilla. And non-fat. And then make sure you check the date on it, Daph, because I don’t want you coming home with old yogurt.”
Saturday What if Brian had asked Justin to move in during season three? (Sure Justin was living with Daphne. It's called taking artistic liberties. Er, yes.) Short and sweet top!Justin shower sex with a schmooptastic ending. You have been warned.
Ready It's Black Out Night at Babylon. When has Justin had enough? Frottage and pr0n ahead!
Any Port in a Storm "Justin was sitting on the bed in the loft eating a cucumber when the roof fell down".
Motives On very certain nights, when Brian has had the right amount of alcohol and is in the perfect mood, Justin will grab a condom, roll him over and say low and dirty in his ear, "Don't make a sound or I won't fuck you."
Silences Cait's story for the Secret Santa challenge.
Achievement Even when a fic is about Justin, it’s about Brian. Alternate season four.
The Difference Ethan sucks. Post S3.
Appellation Justin doesn't know what he wants.
Patterns It's always about sex, but things are different this time around.
The King of Babylon The day everything changed seemed pretty normal to Brian. Set during that comfy post-314, pre-401 zone, because I have issues with new canon. No spoilers for the fourth season whatsoever.
Oh Come All Ye Faithful Written for snowinandblowin, the Queer as Folk Secret Santa. Brian woke and registered his hangover before anything else.


The Rubber Capital of the World This takes place in mid-S2, I'm thinking around 207. This is a combo of #9 and #10 on my Fic of my Dreams challenge-ish thing.
Five By Five 412 gapfiller.
The Great Outdoors 413 gapfiller.
Strong The day Brian stops doing drugs starts like any other.
Family His mother’s brother has always been a menacing figure on the outskirts of his life; he never thinks of him as an uncle anymore and never really has, even when he was little. He wonders if Brian’s still mad about that thing that happened. John suspects he is.
The Kind of Love You Never Recover From The first time Brian let Justin walk away, he knew it was for the best. The kid had been a damn good fuck, but there was something about him that lowered his defences. Post S4.
From a Safe Distance Post-S4 series. Brian pov.
Say My Name “Dare.” Michael looks around nervously, awaiting his fate. No spoilers at all, and it's set during a shiny, happy S5.
The Long Way Brian’s first clue is the link to the article that Justin emails him. A collaboration with Tinkerbelle.
Out From Inside Saturday night, and the Village is bustling.
To Face Unafraid Sequel to Out From Inside.

Voyeuristic Tendencies He half pushes, half drags you up the four flights of stairs, while repeating, again, why you’re being forced to go over Brian and Justin’s place. Hunter pov.

To Build a Dream On "He catches glimpses of Justin in places he can’t possibly be anymore. Like a reflection of his face in Brian’s eyes; or the pale skin of his hand beneath Brian’s roaming fingers."
I'll Be Seeing You Companion piece for To Build a Dream On. Justin's point of view (before and) during Brian's drunk and mushy phone call.
Of Consequence and Missed Opportunities Sometimes when he comes home Justin is already asleep. Brian will find him on the floor in front of the television, head resting on a sketchbook and a puddle of drool around his mouth.
The Toast of Mayfair Emmett gets Justin to star in his rendition of 'Cabaret'! - much to Brian's displeasure. “Hot pants,” Justin chides softly, wrapping his arms round Brian and pulling his head down to rest in the crook of his shoulder. “They’re called hot pants, Brian.”
This is your life An overview of specific moments in Michael's life; how he feels about Brian, Justin, Ben, and everything after.
Making Indesive Decisions Takes place during season one, possibly an alternate season one (but not really). Brian acts strangely then gives Justin some sound advice. (which Justin is probably going to ignore).

The Luckiest Guy in New York City Your first week in New York City is a blur. You know you walked more than you ever have in your life. Justin pov. Post S5
The Little Prince Justin has angst. Brian makes lame innuendos. Craziness ensues. Post 513.


Now "I thought I told you to fucking clean this up," you snap the moment he walks through the loft door. Meant to take place late season three, or possibly 401, but no major spoilers involved.
Patterns Of Play Takes place sometime in early season four (around 406 or after, maybe).
Hold On "Brian Kinneys don't get cancer. It was surreal, unpredictable, out of character. Most of all, it was unfair."

Laura Blaurosen
In September In September, Brian has an opportunity to do business with a small chain of New York style pizzerias wishing to branch out down the coast, making it necessary for him to spend a couple days in the city. Post S4. The sequel Sleepless by Rachel Anton.

Laura Blaurosen and Rachel Anton
Maps and Legends Post 3.14 roadtrip fic. There's Brian's form of bonding, travel, snark, sex, and Big Ass Decisions while high.
Teacher!Fic (working title) collaboration with Rachel Anton . Basically it's a story that reverses Brian and Justin's ages, and this is how we envisioned their meeting under those circumstances. AU

Layla V
Trivial Pursuit A chronicling of events that take place during three years of Brian and Justin’s lives after Justin moves to New York.
Blank Canvas It’s the smell of freshly brewed coffee that pulls you out of your slumber. Post S5.

Insomnia This is insane. Completely, utterly fucked up. And what a waste of time.
Predictable Justin thinks he got it all figured out. Because Brian's so easy, at least when it comes to sex. Right.
Let's hear it for the boy! There, I admitted it. During the last few days, I had seriously considered the possibility of letting Justin top me. This is a combo of #2 and #10 on my Fic of my Dreams challenge-ish thing.
Overtime Supplement Ted gets an eyeful of what we all want to see.
No Risk, No Fun 210 Gapfiller: ‘Fuck me’-scene aka: hotrough!sex.
Falling Down Brian falls down and Justin gets a free ride. Two, even. Written for snowinandblowin, the Queer as Folk Secret Santa.
Lessons Learned Sometimes, when all circumstances are right, Brian Kinney allows his mind to wander freely, to explore territories it usually never dares to venture into.
Family Date Joan wants to see her son but gets to meet his family instead.
Meet The Queers Justin and Brian meet Jennifer's new boyfriend. Takes place about 3 years after S4. This is set in the same universe as Family Date, but it also works as a Stand Alone.
Home It should be home. Yet, it didn’t felt like home.

Leather Brian. Justin. Leather. Porn.

Sucking and Sketching Written for the Fic of my Dreams challenge-ish thing.

Waiting Out the Cold AU of season three. Because this apparently was a seriously inspiring time for shippers
Dancing In the Fire Brian and Justin have some tough adjustments to make the second time around. Sequel to Waiting Out the Cold.
Magnum Load Post S3, Brian and Justin weather new jobs and another level to their relationship.
Playing With Knives Working together isn’t as ideal as it seems, especially when the parents get involved. And being a man becomes more than just standing up for beliefs. Sequel to Magnum Load.

Evolution I remember my Mother, slumped in her chair; head in one hand, glass of whiskey in the other.
What’s in a bruise? I sat in the shadow light of the closet. I knew he wasn’t looking for me any more, so there was really no reason to hide.
Hand-Job I pull the sliding door shut behind me and stand in the twilight of the loft.
Kissing Justin My life can be divided into a series of befores and afters.
Touch This is my third cigarette. I blow smoke rings at the window and watch how they frame the view from the top of Tremont Avenue.
Cowry “Anytime,” his voice is almost a whisper.
Burnt Umber Takes place early in the Fifth Season – not really spoilerish.
A Thousand Words Justin has been in New York for three months.
Tell Me Again The Gallery’s floors are slick marble, the walls a neutral taupe. Post S5.
Learning Curve Brian and Justin are together for a few years before Brian agrees to let Justin tie him to the bed, and as it turns out Justin doesn’t act at all nervous or unsure like Brian expects.
Prelude Justin sometimes starts before him..
His Private Babylon It may have been the first time they fucked in the backroom, but Brian tends to think it wasn’t.


Regression Sweetness and not scary sweetness. Brian is very Brian, Justin plays with art, and everyone is happy.

Welcome to the Monkey House Brian and Justin spend a day babysitting Gus.
My Animal The first words out of Brian's mouth when Justin brought it home was, "Get that thing the fuck out of my loft."
Sex on Ex "Excuse me, waiter, there's a dick in my ass."
Shoplifters of the World Unite Brian walks into the loft and immediately starts emptying his jacket pockets.

Eleventh Hour A 309 gap-filler
No Regrets Post-220, exclusively Brian & Justin, Brian's POV.

Medley A view of the early third season.
Word of the Day Brian's getting back on his feet, Justin's going along with it.
The L Word "You shed," Justin swallowed and tried again, "you said the L-word."

Waiting for an Earthquake 405 gapfiller. Justin doesn’t go back to his and Daphne’s apartment, not immediately.
Your Kingbird "For any ruffian of the sky..." (AU set in episode 312, just for the hell of it. w/ Hustler!Justin)
Inside Spaces 314 gapfiller, but really just an excuse to write gratuitous toppy!Justin pr0n.

Not Your Leaving But Your Not Coming Back Post 414 tragic little Justin goes to Hollywood tale.
How To Be Dead Written for snowinandblowin, the Queer as Folk Secret Santa. Brian hasn’t been sleeping. He’s like a coked out college student, prowling the loft, cat-like, drinking coffee and kicking the walls.
The New Black 5 things that did happen to Brian and Jennifer.

Moonwind Rising
The Abominable Snowstorm Futurefic. Justin is a hero, Brian is ohsoinlove, Cynthia is observant....

A Study Justin's POV, late season 4.

Trading Spaces Post S3.

Pictures of You It was the weirdest thing. Like, seriously fucking creepy. Post 513.
The Night Walks With Us He found you in the alley behind Babylon as you were locking up for the night. AU Vapire!Justin.
Tryptophan "Will there be turkey?"
The First Noel Justin arrives at the airport in Pittsburgh with a large red bow stuck to his coat right over his heart, and a grin that stretches his cheeks.
Unbroken Circle It's so fucking cold; you can't believe how fucking cold it is, and you wonder for the millionth time in your life why you haven't just picked up and moved the hell to Boca.
Time, As It Moves The fingers of his right hand dig into your scalp while the ones on his left hand gouge your shoulder. 7 paragraphs of 100 words each.
The Gravitational Effects of Rotation The first time they fuck in New York City is just like every other time they've ever fucked, in that oh my god this is better than any other fuck way that seems to be part of what they've become to each other.

Moving Forward Michael navigates through his life following Brian and Justin's split. Post season 2, prior to season 3. Rating: PG-13
Fancy Meeting You A chance encounter between Brian and Justin may lead to something more. Post season 2, prior to season 3. Rating: G
Fine Dining Where did the chance encounter of Fancy Meeting You lead? Rating: R
Little Ditty Nothing happens and everything is exactly the same at the end of the fic as it was at the beginning, but sometimes I just like to visit my QAF buddies and watch them drink a cup of coffee or something. Post season 3. Ben & Justin get to know each other better.
Growing Up Kinney Gus is growing up. His POV of life in the Kinney-Taylor household.
If You Needed Me:
1. If You Needed Me Ethan tells us what's been going on in the year since we last saw Justin and the rest of the gang. Rating: R
2. I Would Come To You Michael's version of events. Rating: R
3. I'd Swim The Seas Brian's turn to tell the story. Rating: R
4. For To Ease Your Pain Justin finally speaks. Rating: R
Thanksgiving Written for the Queer as Folk Grocery Store Challenge.
Domesticity Some days in the lives of Brian & Justin.


Soul Food Everybody thinks that Californians only eat sticks and twigs and healthy granola-type shit. Everybody is wrong. Post Season 4 fic.


Louder Than Words Justin reflects on how Brian’s sleeping habits have reflected their relationship over the years. Spoilers up to 409.


Justin Finds His Inner Child Ben takes Justin on a camping trip in the desert. Brian deals with the aftermath.
Meat Department Written for the Queer as Folk Grocery Store Challenge.
Sunshine The pair of butter yellow leather pants hung in the closet of the new beach front house almost forgotten. Post S4.

The Conservatory Plumsuede's NC 17/ BDSM stories. You need to "friend" her journal to be able to read them.
Bad day, Bad Habits Post 308 Gapfiller, sort of, Justin's POV.
Morning Justin's POV, A few days after the Liberty Ride.
Too Much S1 Gapfiller.
Closer I can look at him now, just a few hours later, as he sleeps next to me, and I think I see a difference in him. Post 202.
Everything at Once Post 414, Brian has asked Justin to move in, Justin hasn't answered, what now?
Body Work Haven’t been to Babylon in a while, but I’m horny tonight. Alternate POV.
Body Work Prequel This scene is what took place before Justin brought his trick home in "Body Work"
Body Work Sequel Sequel of "Body Work".
Pulse 122 gapfiller.
Framed Post-513. "Good evening, Mr. Kinney. Today is Wednesday, February 9, 2011."
Restored A 204 gapfiller.
Nexus There’s something odd about tonight, something strange about him when I pick him up from the airport; maybe because he’s been gone for over a week—business trip, California; maybe because I insisted on picking him up because it seemed like such a long week.


Correspondence A work of epistolary narrative (a story, told in the form of a correspondence) presented in a new way.
Adventures Brian and Justin travel around the world.
Interlude Brian and Justin are back from theirr trip.
Changes Brian and Justin move to New York.
Summer Brian, Justin and the gang enjoy the Summer.


Rachel Anton and Laura Blaurosen
Maps and Legends Post 3.14 roadtrip fic. There's Brian's form of bonding, travel, snark, sex, and Big Ass Decisions while high.
Teacher!Fic (working title) collaboration with Laura Blaurosen. Basically it's a story that reverses Brian and Justin's ages, and this is how we envisioned their meeting under those circumstances. AU

Rachel Anton
Heartbreak Even Just a little post 3x08 vignette.
Beautiful For Now Michael pov. "And maybe you are just a little tiny bit jealous, because no one's ever looked at you the way that Brian looks at Justin".
Sleepless Once upon a time, Justin thought he wanted to talk. Things would be better for him, he was sure, if only he could find someone willing to listen. Sequel to In September.
No Cure for Cancer Gapfiller- takes place immediately following 409.

Some Like It White Justin is curious. Brian satisfies. Set after ep 2x12, so assume spoilers of various kinds up through there, particularly about the White Party.

R.C. McLachlan
Race the Sky Sometimes, when he's had the right amount of pot, Justin gets profound.
1 Cup of Brown Sugar Gus, Justin, and Brian make cookies… or something.
A Sudden Aense Of Liberty Justin was spraying his latest painting with hairspray when the knocking on his door started.
Sunflowers in December Brian's being weird as shit and it's starting to worry you. At your feet, Trojan sniffs at a streetlight and whines low in her throat, and you release a little more of the leash and cross your arms.
Wreck of the Day Apparently, it's the most wonderful time of the year. Post 513.

All in the Timing Five things that never happened to Brian and Justin.
Can't Beat 'Em Written for the Queer as Folk Grocery Store Challenge.

Elemental Drifts Justin wasn’t stupid. Anytime he let himself think about the situation rationally for more than 10 seconds he realized it was kind of ridiculous. Written as #2 of my Fic of my Dreams challenge-ish thing.
I Sing The Body Electric The music pulsed through Justin’s body as he danced, half-drunk, against Brian's grinding hips. Written as #4 of my Fic of my Dreams challenge-ish thing.
We Two Boys Together Clinging Brian came home late one night a few weeks after Justin had returned from California. Post S4.
George W. Bush Sucks Cock In Hell Justin came home one night after spending most of the day in the studio at school working on a painting.
Mistletoe and Ho Ho Ho “How long do we have to stay?” Brian asked as they pulled up in front of Debbie and Carl’s house on Christmas Eve.
I Stop Somewhere Waiting for You Justin stands beneath the showerhead wishing the warm spray would do more to stop his racing thoughts.
Ecstatic and Insatiate “Why don’t I just show you?”
The Sunshine Seeks My Little Room “I think that you should stay in tonight.” Justin smiles at Brian from his perch on a kitchen stool.

Deeper Than Death Brian stood shirtless and barefoot on the hardwood floors. His jeans rode low on his hips, and he felt the frayed hems graze the tops of his feet.
Return of Dreams Ficlet inspired by Give Me Back My Dreams by The 6ths.
A Thousand Feet and Climbing Staring at the bedroom ceiling, smoking his fifth cigarette, Justin reviewed it all again. Post-308 Fic.
Partner Justin studied Brian as he stood in the kitchen, wrapped in his blue robe, making coffee. Post S3.
Figs and Leaves Jennifer knocked sharply on the loft door and waited, clutching her purse to her chest.
Incarnadine Porn. Then some more porn. Then porn again.
Love is a Lie Brian knows goddamn well why he can't tell Justin that he loves him.


No Longer Seventeen Future fic (it's Justin’s thirtieth birthday), it has (no) coffee and Brian and no presents and rules and lots of other things...
Building Memories Justin is looking down on the crowded streets beneath him, watching the people rush up and down the pavement, bags in their hands and grim expressions on their faces. Christmas/New Year’s 2006.

Stories now archived at AO3. All links below lead there.
Gapfillers: Various gapfillers from all the seasons.
Standalones: Stories not related to a specific episode.
"Take Flight" Series The first story in this series was written for the first challenge on the BJImprov mailing list, and it somehow became a series. In keeping with the theme of the first story, all chapter titles are Rolling Stones songs.
Fanfic100 Collection 100 stories about Brian and Justin, based on the word prompts given by the community.

Shannon Marie
Roughousing Justin likes it a little rough, so Brian doesn’t pay any attention to his grunts and groans as he uses his full weight to push harder, driving Justin deeper into the cushions.
Show and Tell “Hey.” Justin kissed his ear. “You need to take a break. Eat something… preferably me.”
The Storm Within Brian looked up as the loft door opened and closed. Justin was wet from the storm and Brian could hear him wheezing a little over the soft patter of rain.

The Language Of Our Silences In the summer following the season three finale, Brian and Justin speak in the silences.
Worth the Fight Future, drama, humor, romance. The problem with the present is that it's stuck so awkwardly between the past and the future. Justin has a wrestling match with happiness ten years after the end of season 3. Written for Blow it With Feeling with the assignment of gratitude.

Fantasies “Tell me your weirdest most fucked-up fantasy,” Michael’s looking at me with his eyes wide open, the weed has made them a pinky white colour. Future, about 3-4 years after 513.

Discovery Channel Michael likes to watch. but not in a kinky way.
This Is Not A Pick Up Line Future. Justin runs into Gus.
Green Curry Sequel to 'this is not a pick up line'. Justin tastes like green curry.
The Triumphant Artiste This is set in 3.03, when Michael and Brian get high. Only in this, Justin stays. There's not much more to it than that.
A Presence B/J, J/M friendship.
Chart Topper In retrospect, it was probably Justin's fault that Brian happened to be this drunk.
Subject to Change "In a year, probably not even that long, you won't even remember my name. Oh, what happened to that kid who wouldn't leave me alone? Who thought he was in love with me. If you fucking think of me at all."
The Tick Tick Boom The first anniversary of the Prom. Based pre-307, though I've no idea if that really would coincide with the anniversary of the Prom. Forgive the plotholes.

Sue Walsh
Lights! Camera! Action! Michael finds porn in Justin's room. Really, really familiar porn.
So Bad, It Hurts Another fill in the blanks story. I noticed Justin did not join in the teasing about Brian's sub-compact rental car, which led me to believe that he had already seen it, which led me to this.
Where There's Smoke Brian and Justin share a joint... and more.
Patch It Up Together Justin and Brian discuss Pride. Up to Episode 204.

Really Not A Big Deal You don't know why you're surprised. Cynthia has never had a subtle bone in her body. Post 513.
Push and Pull This is set after episode 122, but it's definitely an AU because in my 122 things went a *little* differently...
A Star is (Almost) Born When Brian got home, Justin greeted him with a blowjob. Everything up to the end of season four happened, so possible spoilers. Season five didn't. Future fic.
Identity Crisis Michael started hating Justin again right around the same time JR started calling Justin 'Dada'. Post-513 AU.
Sleeping With The Enemy From the expression on his face, Brian was about as surprised to see her as she was that she'd made the decision to come. Post 513.
The Things I Cannot Change A season one AU, definitely set before 107.
Inescapable Brian/Justin, rated NC-17. Serious AU, based around the episode 510. Knowledge of 510 would be a distinct advantage, and if you haven't seen it this fic could be considered a big ol' spoiler for what happens in said ep.
Stuck in Neutral Justin couldn't paint. He hadn't been able to paint for nearly two weeks, and it frustrated the fuck out of him. Humour, schmoop, future fic set post-series so knowledge of the last ep is probably good.
Teamwork What if: ...Brian and Justin had gone on the Liberty Ride together? And stayed in a tent every single night they were away?

The love song of Brian A. Kinney Dare to be who you want to be. Even if who you want to be is a narcissistic asshole with a pretty blonde boyfriend.

Sydney Alexis
Beginnings "Now, do you remember what Justin told you," Brian asked, tugging the tie through the knot before tightening it around Gus' neck.


Subterranean The thoughts are always there, under the surface.
Twelve Days in Paradise Justin spends his last days in Pittsburgh with his two favorite people.
Too Long Gone Justin's in LA. Brian misses him.
Eighteen Hunter turns eighteen. And again, it's all about Brian.
Untitled Gus has a birthday. Justin has no cash.
Coming Home (aka Moving is Hard) Justin decides it's time to make a change.

The State of the Sheets “But this could go on all night,” he whispers, and drags his wet lips across a sweaty neck. “All night.”

Easy Out Approximately one year after Season 3. Brian and Justin have broken up yet again.
Deviation Brian/Justin, post S3. Possibly part of a tentative series entitled "Domestic Tranquility". Justin's not feeling so well.
Keeping Up Justin top. Justin takes advantage when he can.
Principles Vaguely post-S3. No spoilers. Brian will never stop tricking ... but Justin might.
Interlude No plot, no point, no nothing. Nothing, do you hear?
Love Or Something Like It Things could be Different, Brian thinks.
Subconscious Justin doesn’t think Brian knows that he’s started sleep-fucking.
Indestructible When Justin is in need of comfort, it is an opportunity for Brian to mature emotionally. So I asked the question … why does Brian have to grow? Can’t there be h/c without Brian growth?
Revelations Brian doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does.
Caution Brian’s not so good at expressing himself.
Normal Justin has bronchitis.
What They Do Justin/Daphne BFF fic, with some B/J undertones.
Consequence "He walks right into the bathroom without thinking about it while Brian’s in the shower".
And In Health A glimpse into Brian’s new reality. Slight gapfiller and spoilers for 409.
Three Thousand Miles California’s awfully far away. Spoilers through 414.
Return You don’t think his first night home’s going to be anything special. Post S4.
Simple Lines Justin moves back in with Brian. Post s4.
Different In the future, it'll be different.
Restraint Making bets is never in anyone's best interest.
Stars No kind of relationship is ever simple.
Provocation Everything changes, despite Brian's best efforts.
First Morning The sun comes in differently
Five Things Brian Kinney Never Did Self-explanatory.
Learning Curve Babysitting is hard. PG - Michael POV, Brian/Justin implied.
The Long Way Brian’s first clue is the link to the article that Justin emails him. A collaboration with Keira.
Bedside He didn’t call Brian for three days, putting off the inevitable until he knew he couldn’t delay it any more.
Smoke He loves being stoned on pot more than the high from any other drug he’s ever done. Vague mid-season three

Entwined Brian is holding Justin’s hand as they walk by. Set somewhere in early to mid-season 1. Written as #3 of my Fic of my Dreams challenge-ish thing.
Playful Justin slid the door open, head down as he walked into the loft. He was immediately greeted by the sweet, acrid smell of smoke.
Citizen Kane Set post-308, with a guest appearance... Written for snowinandblowin, the Queer as Folk Secret Santa.
Words Brian and Justin decide that words are over-rated...
Lessons “If you were serious, make sure you’re home before I am. You’ve got something new to learn…”
The Second Time Justin and Daphne talk about a certain night in S1… Set in late(r) S3 (after 308).
Gone A whole lot of dominant!Brian, a little bondage... be warned, all who go here... Brian/Justin, implied Justin/Emmett.
Painting I can hear him around me, behind me, puttering around the loft. Not that he’d ever call it puttering. BSMD
Holding On... It’s dark in the backroom. It’s the first time we’re back here after… after whatever it is that happened to us. To me.
Third Time’s the Charm “Bend over, Justin.” The tone of his voice brooks no argument, but he can’t be serious.
Crime & Punishment The wailing sirens were grating on Brian’s nerves. PWP.
Miss You Gapfiller (of sorts) for the end of 304. A short, angsty break-up sex...ok, actually, it’s very angsty – so be warned. :|
And What if I Don’t? A gapfiller of sorts for 213, based on Brian’s answer when Justin asked what would happen if he didn’t do his schoolwork…
Photo Shoot Justin shifted his weight from one leg to the other, balancing the phone between his shoulder and his ear. Justin tries out Shibari (Japanese bondage)
Absence Makes the Heart… “Cocky, aren’t you?” I heard that little intake of breath. “You should be here.” AU, post finale.
Witness Set at the end of 311, just after Brian gets canned and before the election. No real plot to speak of here, just mind blowingly hot porn.
Modern ArtThe art gallery?” Brian’s smirk lifted his eyebrow high.
Mine Can Brian live without fucking Justin for two weeks?
Inevitable Nip/Tuck- QAF Crossover – it’s a Brian/Justin/Christian sandwich.

Reunification Reunions are rarely straightforward. Post 513.

Just Take What You Need Written for snowinandblowin, the Queer as Folk Secret Santa. Set in the murky future with no season five spoilers and no authorial knowledge of them, either.
Same Time Next Thursday Co-written with K for the "Coming, Then Going 513 Dream Ending Challenge". Brian gets to the diner at 12:15 which is ten minutes later than he planned, but it's not like Justin's going anywhere, so Brian doesn't really feel bad.


Url girl
Superpowers 1.22 gapfiller. B/M frienship, B/J.
Bri-dar Justin has it. Season 1.


Wild Fantasies Snarky Brian! Know-it-all Justin! Annoying Ted! It's like canon, but funnier.
Blissed Post-S3. Brian opens up about his feelings, so Justin rushes him to the hospital.
The Night You Were Born Brian/Justin, post-S3. Brian gets the flu.
One Ring To Rule Your Ass Post-Season 3, no season 4 spoilers. Mentions fisting, but nothing graphic. For sisabet.
Declarations Justin goes to LA and things are still okay. Post S4.
Lucky Written for snowinandblowin, the Queer as Folk Secret Santa. Post-S4, assuming that Justin went to California and came back already. Also, let’s say it’s late October. Spoilers through QAF Season 4 and, oddly enough, Buffy Season 7.
Brian Kinney Saves the Universe One morning as they were eating breakfast Brian set down the newspaper he was reading and said, "I should be a senator."
Thin Ice Post Season Five. Contains spoilers through the end of the series for both QaF and BtVS. There's a joke in here someone made on a message board years ago; apologies to whoever that was.

Nostalgia Schmoopy PWP about a moment post 513 and a heat wave. Toppy!Justin.

Violet Jones
Since I Left You The gang comes over for dinner at Debbie's, and a secret is uncovered. Set 3 months after the Rage party.


Entwined "In a time when today's young lovers were not yet born, the Duke had left his city and his rights and his duties to follow his lover, the first and oldest and best, to a far island where they might live at last for love, although the word was never spoken." -- "The Death of the Duke," Ellen Kushner.
And They Rode Off Into the Sunset When Justin was seventeen, he was convinced that he and Brian were something special.

Reaper!Justin I am crossing Queer as Folk and Dead Like Me, and I am killing Justin. This is un-betaed rough draft text, blah blah blah... consider yourself warned ;)


Plans Justin has a plan. Post-513 therapy for us all, angst free.
Decisions Sequel of Plans. The two stories slightly overlap in timeline, but Decisions continues beyond the events in Plans. It is told in Brian's and Justin's alternating points of view.
Desires Sequel of Decisions. It is told in Brian's and Justin's alternating points of view.
Brian and Justin in Three Acts This story is set between the end of Season 3 and the start of Season 4. It has a theme, although not much plot. It is told entirely from Brian's point of view.
A Halloween Story "Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story." - Mason Cooley
Homecoming Porn. No plot. Unless “Justin’s in a bad mood” is a plot. A few years post-513.
Natural Talent Set in a mythical moment in Season 4, where Justin's lost the bet and gone back to PIFA, but Brian doesn't have cancer.
Risks Sequel of Desires.
Just a Reminder _alicesprings wanted to know what Justin did the first time Brian got weird after he left for New York. I told her what I thought, and she said, "You must write me this fic." So I did.


Gossip tab·loid: A newspaper of small format giving the news in condensed form, usually with illustrated, often sensational material. "This’ll blow over by next week. Instead of feeding to the glut of gossip, we’ll fucking make it."
Celebrity Prequel to Gossip.
Vanity Fair From the 'Gossip' and 'Celebrity' Universe.


Heatwave You declare that it's way too hot to set even a single toe outside and oddly enough, Brian agreeably decides to take you out shopping for drinks, rent a couple of DVDs and stay in the loft for the whole week and fuck.



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