A Thousand Words


Pairing : B/J
Rating: NC-17
This story is pure porn - it takes place after 513 – and in my happy world there is no question that Brian and Justin are together.
Disclaimer: all for fun

Love and hugs to lesser_gods and darksylvia for the beta. It is because of their intervention that this story doesn’t contain any anthropomorphic body parts. In laymen’s terms that would be talking tits or crying cocks. For the record however, I have several body parts that have minds of their own, and a few I’m not currently speaking to.

This is a gift for teary_eyed2. I am currently studying at the school of cockology where I am in constant awe of her knowledge and creativity. She may be the most informative teacher I've ever had.


Justin has been in New York for three months. During that time he has created inspired paintings, developed a growing network of contacts, and missed Brian every fucking minute of every fucking day since he’s arrived.

Justin hasn’t been home on principle, although his resolve is growing weaker. He thinks Brian should come to see him. He’s not completely certain why it has to be that way, but it might have something to do with pride.

Brian tells Justin that he misses him. Tells him that he’ll visit as soon as work is less hectic, and the deal to sell Babylon has closed. Justin isn’t sure why Brian hasn’t been there yet, although he’s willing to consider it’s the same thing preventing him from making the first move. Justin is running out of patience, and pride is suddenly a cheap commodity.

Justin decides to take matters into his own hands, and two days later Brian receives a package in the mail.

There’s a second box inside with a note that reads, When you get this package call me. Don’t open it until I’m on the phone. Brian is amused but follows directions. He’s in the mood to play.

When he calls, Justin doesn’t waste any time on small talk, “Go and get your cell phone, and bring both phones and the package to the bedroom. And Brian, take off all your clothes, I want you naked.” Brian complies. He is intrigued by the thought that has gone into creating this whole scene. When he settles himself comfortably on the bed, he drawls “I’m ready Sunshine, make it worth my while.”

“Oh, I will,” Justin promises, “Now open the package.”

Brian drops both phones to carry out the task, and experiences a little pang when he finds it contains a pair of Justin’s white cotton briefs.

Justin can hear the tear of the wrapping and the silence that follows. He waits for Brian to pick up the phone and when he does Justin is the first to speak, “I hate that you’re there and I’m here. I need to feel closer to you.” Brian rubs the material in his hand and listens to Justin.

“I wanted you to be able to see me, hear me and smell me because I know you miss me too.” Brian snorts a little at Justin’s conceit. But Justin knows he won’t be laughing in a minute.

Brian’s cell phone beeps - he’s received a picture.

“This is what I look like when I know you want me,” Justin says softly into the landline pressed to Brian’s ear. Brian looks at Justin’s red and slightly swollen mouth, at his eyes that are just beginning to get glassy, at the look that settles on his face when he is aroused. He can hear Justin panting a little and his attention is immediately riveted.

He slides down on the cool sheets. The room shrinks to the boundaries of his bed, yet somehow begins to rapidly transcend the technology in his hands. His own breathing has become harsher, although he doesn’t know it yet.

The phone beeps again. Justin’s chest flashes up on the screen as he whispers, “As soon as I heard your voice on the phone, my nipples got tight and hard, my body instantly reacted. It’s instinctive, Brian. They are tingling now, can you see how taut and peaked they are? I want you to suck and lick them. I want to feel your teeth.”

Brian’s tongue involuntarily steals across his lips as his hand roams his own chest. He twists a nipple in the way he knows Justin loves, but it’s his body that responds.

The little intake of breath that escapes is music to Justin’s ears and he snaps another picture.

When Brian receives it, his thighs tighten together of their own accord, trapping his balls and creating a heated friction. Justin can’t see his movements, but he can sense Brian’s need and he breathes “This is what my cock looks like when it only has me for company – dark and dripping. I get hard when I think of you Brian. When I imagine what you would do if you could touch me, it makes my dick leak clear and wet. No one touches me the way you do Brian. I don’t get hard like this for anyone but you.”

Brian’s hand wraps around his own stiff cock, his eyes sliding closed at the contact. He cradles the phone against his ear, sliding his fingers over his belly and into the soft groove where his leg joins his groin. This is the spot that Justin teases before he sucks him. He’s about to tell Justin what he’s doing when the phone beeps again.

The picture is of Justin’s wet hand, but the words are what the make the image so carnal. “This is what my hand looks like when I have lubed it, so that I can slide it down my cock and across my balls. It’s so slippery, it feels so ….mmmm. I’m pushing on that spot below my balls, the one where if I press it on you, you go completely still – you want the pressure to stay in that exact spot. That’s what I’m pressing now Brian, and it feels so… good.”

Brain can hear Justin grunting a little and knows that he is lost for a moment. He just listens until he comes back to him. Brian imagines the snick of the lid on the lube container, the feel of the lube on his fingers, the shine when it smears across tight skin. Small things, un-noticed when they’re together, but sensory triggers when they’re miles apart.

Brian’s attention refocuses when Justin moans “I’m reaching lower now. I have my legs spread wide and my fingers are tickling …” Justin stops talking and keens a little on the phone. When he starts again his voice is softer, more liquefied, “My fingers are tickling across my hole – oh, Brian, it feels like you’re holding me on the tip of your tongue.”

Brian is so entranced by what Justin is saying that it takes a minute for him to respond when the cell phone beeps again. When he opens the picture Justin knows. It takes Brian’s breath away.

“This is what my hole looks like - open and waiting. It needs to be filled by you Brian. I want you so badly.” There’s a hitch in Justin’s voice that’s making Brian crazy. “You’re the only one who can give me what I need.”

Brian’s back arches at the words, his fist tightening on his cock. He drops the cell and clutches Justin’s underwear, rubbing them over his face. Every one of his senses lit up.

Brian thinks that Justin can’t see him as he writhes on the bed – more wanton because he is invisible across the miles. But Justin can hear the sounds of Brian’s legs and feet drawing patterns across the sheets. Can hear the sound of his little intakes of breath as he traces the spots on his body that only Justin finds. Brian thinks that Justin can’t see him, but Justin can draw Brian with his eyes closed. And he knows.

For a long minute there is only harsh breathing, broken finally by a low moan that rumbles through the phone wire, which tells Brian that Justin has just driven at least two fingers into his ass. Brian recognizes that sound. He discovered it. He’s the one that brought it to life.

“Justin,” Brian exhales his name, his hand unconsciously taking the shape of insertion. He’s deep in the spell that Justin is weaving when the phone beeps again.

The picture is of Justin, head thrown back, mouth forming a wanton ‘O’.

Brian stops breathing when Justin says “This is what it looks like when you hit that spot inside me”.

The rhythmic little grunts that Justin starts making awakens something deep inside. Brian rolls on the bed and begins rubbing his cock across Justin’s underwear - bunched enough below him to cause friction in all the right places. He would describe it as rutting or getting himself off, but anyone else watching would know that Brian is fucking the phantom that is now everywhere in his bed.

The next picture Justin sends almost drifts past Brian, but he’s never lost hold of the phone against his ear, so he hears him when he whispers, “Can you see me Brian? This is what you do to me.” The image of Justin’s dripping cock, come lacing the fingers that are still wrapped around it, almost finishes him. He is suspended at the end of the sensory tether that Justin has created.

When the phone beeps again, it is only Brian’s reflex that pushes the button. He sees that Justin has scooped his own come and spread it across his still-open hole. Justin knows when he receives the picture because the growl that comes from deep inside Brian causes his own phone to vibrate. And he says, “This is what it looks like when you come in me raw.”

Brian doesn’t need to move, his orgasm starts of its own volition and shoots through him like a beam of light. His body held rigid and pulsing for suspended minutes. He is left gasping and spent.

Justin listens to Brian’s breathing begin to even out and waits.

When Brian can move again, he snaps the cell phone shut and retrieves the land line which has fallen away to the bed. His next words are short and sweet, “I’ll be on the next flight,” and then disconnects.

Justin takes one more picture of his very satisfied smile and thinks, “this is what I look like when I get my own way.” But he doesn’t push send.