And What if I Don’t?


A gapfiller of sorts for 213, based on Brian’s answer when Justin asked what would happen if he didn’t do his schoolwork… (where Randy Justin appeared to be, um, interested in what Brian was doing... yeah - that scene).

Thanks to plum for the first beta. I've changed it lots since then, so any mistakes are purely mine.


It had been an interesting evening, Justin mused. He felt like a real, honest-to-god couple when Brian was that playful with him. He just didn’t expect to respond the way he had to that type of play. He kept running it over in his head, alternately trying to understand it, and trying to ignore it. And trying not to think about what he’d gotten himself into with this job.

He didn’t hear Brian when he came down the steps, so the hand on his shoulder startled him.

“Hey,” Justin said softly, smiling, his train of thought interrupted.

Brian didn’t smile in return, only nodded. He dropped himself onto the couch beside Justin, propping his feet on the coffee table absently.

Brian’s preoccupation radiated off him in waves, and Justin figured he was mulling over Lindsay’s request. The last thing Brian wanted to do was play a happy hetero couple, but he also wasn’t about to let Gus be disadvantaged if he could help it. Justin guessed he’d decide to go with her, but he needed time to let the idea sink in, and Justin could give him the time and space he needed. He had his own problems to worry about, thanks to his dad. He turned his attention back to the TV, his body naturally moving a bit closer to Brian’s.

He was fully absorbed back in the movie when Brian’s voice caught his attention.

“I noticed.”

Justin almost missed it, Brian spoke so quietly.

“Noticed what?” he asked.

Brian said nothing. Justin started to ask again, thinking Brian hadn’t heard. “Noticed…?”

The look on Brian’s face stopped him in mid sentence. “What?” Justin asked, his smile flickering.

Brian stood up slowly, Justin’s eyes drawn to the unfolding of his long body as he pulled himself to his full height. Justin felt vaguely nervous.

Brian stared at him for a moment, then reached out a hand. Justin took it, standing up.

“That you liked it,” Brian stepped closer, their bodies touching, his arms wrapping around Justin loosely.

“Liked what?” Justin smiled, his hands coming to Brian’s chest, landing on soft fabric stretched over tight muscle.

Brian only smiled back, staring at Justin for a long moment before stepping away and heading to the bedroom, leaving Justin to follow.

When he got to the top of the stairs, Brian kicked off his shoes, pulling on the top button of his jeans. Justin watched, his interest always riveted when Brian started to undress.

“In fact, I think you’d like more,” Brian remarked casually over his shoulder as he headed into the bathroom.

Justin stopped in the bedroom for a moment, no idea what Brian was talking about, but patient enough to wait until Brian finished his little game. Justin was getting good at his games.

“I always like more, Brian,” he joked, following Brian to the door of the bathroom, watching him from the doorway. Brian washed his hands, a smile in the corner of his mouth. When he looked up at Justin, it was closer to a smirk.

“Then get in bed,” he commanded softly. Justin looked at him for a minute, then raised an eyebrow in a mimicking gesture. “Yes, sir,” he grinned.

“Naked.” Brian’s voice trailed after him as he walked towards the bed. Justin smiled wider, stripping off his clothes easily.

“Actually, leave your underwear on,” Brian added, coming back into the room.

Justin left his clothes in a jumbled trail and jumped into the bed, the smile wide on his face. Brian sat down beside him, his eyes sweeping the pale skin of his lover - seeing the soul of a man fighting its way out of the body of a boy. How much they’d been through in the last year. He knew the fragility of Justin’s look was only a mirage, a false impression of softness over top of a core of steel.

Brian’s hand followed the path of his eyes, turning Justin’s smile into a softer expression, his eyes fluttering closed as Brian’s fingers neared his hip. He stretched into Brian’s touch, his body opening, relaxing. Brian’s hand continued its path south, making Justin squirm as he passed over the sensitive skin at the very top of his thigh.

“Turn over.”

Brian’s whisper sent a shiver down Justin’s spine, and he looked at Brian with rapidly glazing eyes. He moved slowly, almost as if in quicksand, the worries of the day falling away around them. Somehow it was always like this once the physical connection was made between them – everything else receded in its wake. Brian’s hand stayed on his hip as he turned, long fingers trailing around his body as Justin settled himself on his stomach.

“Such perfect skin,” Brian murmured, his hand stroking Justin’s lower back, then trailing down over the clingy cotton of his briefs.

Justin gasped out a shocked breath when Brian’s hand came down, the sting radiating out over his ass, the thin fabric muting the sensation somewhat.

“I bet it marks nicely,” Brian commented, his hand circling, caressing now.

Justin couldn’t bring himself to look over his shoulder, emotions firing through him in rapid succession. This was no teasing game like earlier, no playful joke. The quiet of the loft hung over him, the weight of the moment pinning him to the bed. How had Brian known?

“You do want more, Justin, don’t you…”

How did his tone make Justin feel safe at the same moment it made his heart race in anticipation of what was to come?

He briefly debated his answer, his body moving under Brian’s increasingly intimate touch. When Brian’s fingers stroked the skin at the bottom curve of his ass, just above the start of his leg, he realized he was holding his breath. The nod came out slowly.

Brian’s chuckle was gentle as his lips moved towards Justin’s ear. “I saw how fast you got hard tonight.” Justin closed his eyes, drawing in a deep breath.

“Was it my hand that made you hard, Justin?” Brian’s lips whispered over the shell of Justin’s ear, his hand resting, palm flat, on one cheek. “Or the surprise….?” he continued, his hand a warm, heavy weight.

“Or maybe it was the thought of it…” he murmured. “The thought of being punished. Was that it, Justin?”

The next slap made Justin gasp louder than the first.

“I think you like that idea…” Brian’s voice was like melting wax on Justin’s skin. “Don’t you…”

Brian raised his body, climbing on top of Justin, the denim rough against Justin’s bare skin as he straddled his legs.

“Like the night we found out about dumpster boy,” Brian’s hands slid to the top of Justin’s back. “I don’t think you’ve ever come that hard.”

Justin felt Brian’s cock through the thick fabric as Brian leaned down onto him. He pressed back when Brian rocked against him, a huff of breath leaving his chest. He was melting under Brian.

“You like being taken by me,” Brian’s mouth was at his ear again, sending hot shards of desire coursing down his spine. “Being at my whim.”

His teeth closed sharply around the swollen nub of Justin’s earlobe, making Justin squirm under him, his ass lifting and his back arching. Brian pulled off him slowly, his weight resettling on the bed beside Justin, his hand flat in the centre of Justin’s lower back. Justin closed his eyes again.

“Show me you want it, Justin,” Brian commanded softly.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

Justin listened to the tick of the metal alarm clock as he lifted his body up, willing the tremor in his limbs to subside. He wasn’t sure which one of them needed this, but his body obeyed Brian’s command, the connection between them so strong he could almost hear its hum.

He rocked into Brian’s hand as it smoothed over the curve of his ass, sliding down his leg.

“Don’t move,” Brian ordered.

Justin groaned at Brian’s demand, breathing deeply in an effort to focus.

Brian said nothing as his hand slid back up the inside of Justin’s leg, skimming his balls. Justin’s cock pushed against the elastic of his briefs, straining the cotton, making him exhale slowly when Brian’s hand closed around it. He felt Brian’s fingers circle the damp patch at the top of his briefs, a quick squeeze adding a new drop to the moisture already there.

“For underwear that are completely unattractive and unstylish, these are remarkably sexy on you.” Brian’s voice was soft and seemed closer to Justin’s ear than should have been possible, but Justin wasn’t about to mention it. Brian’s hand stroked him through the cotton, Justin’s breath quickening in time to his hand.

“And I’m going to take them off you,” Brian’s hands slid under the elastic; long, warm fingers spreading across Justin’s back.

“And when they’re gone, do you know what’s going to happen?”

Justin hoped it was a rhetorical question, since the fog he was moving in made it difficult for him to answer. Brian’s breath at his ear startled him, but the slow swipe of Brian’s tongue around the rim of his ear made him moan.

“I’m going to spank you, Justin.” His tongue moved down Justin’s neck, glancing onto the ticklish spot at the top of his spine as his hands shoved the fabric lower.

Brian’s voice was smooth as silk, his hands less so as they slid down Justin’s ass, pushing the briefs out of the way.

“Spank you till your ass is red, and your breath is harsh, and your cock is aching,” Brian whispered.

Justin inhaled shallowly, the air in the room suddenly thicker.

“But the question is, will you be aching for me to spank you more, or for me to fuck you?” Somehow his briefs were around his knees now, and Brian’s hands were climbing slowly back to his crotch.

“Or both…” Brian murmured, two strong hands closing around Justin’s cock, encasing him in soft warmth.

The sting hit Justin’s senses before he even realized Brian had let go of his dick, his cry short and sharp. Brian’s fingers dug into his ass immediately, pressing the burn into his skin. Justin squirmed under his touch, unsure if he was trying to get away or trying to get closer.

“It does mark nicely,” Brian murmured, more to himself than to Justin.

“Do you need to lie flat?”

Relief flooded Justin at the question. He nodded, sighing softly when Brian’s hands pushed him forward, stretching him out on the bed. He lifted obligingly when Brian slid a pillow under his hips, raising his ass. The soft down of the pillow molded around his cock as he settled back down, and Brian’s hands stroked his skin gently, fingertips glancing his skin as if Brian were committing it to memory through touch. He closed his eyes, letting the sensations wash over him.

“Breathe, Justin,” Brian whispered, the first spanks soft, almost playful.

Justin caught himself holding his breath and let it out, pulling the air in between spanks. He relaxed, the fear subsiding as the warmth spread from Brian’s hand across his backside. He squirmed into the pillow, the soft friction on his cock maddeningly pleasurable.

“Feel good?” Brian asked quietly, his hands kneading and stroking, then raining soft, quick blows.

Justin nodded, his voice breathy when he answered. “Yes.”

“Want more?”

“Yes.” Justin moaned, contentment warming over him.

Brian’s laugh was soft and affectionate, his hands unable to stop moving. “Lift higher.”

Justin pushed his head into the pillow, raising his hips and putting more weight on his knees.

“More,” Brian demanded, his hands pulling Justin up by the curved flesh of his ass. Justin moved with him, the posture awkward but tolerable, even if it did make his ass feel far more exposed than he wanted.

“Spread your legs.”

Justin winced at Brian’s words, the fight between giving in and resisting warring inside him. His legs slid apart at the gentle pressure of Brian’s hands, his body unable to stop the momentum.

He jumped when he felt Brian’s slick finger against his skin, its’ trail between his legs far too brief. The wetness felt obscenely intimate when Brian’s hands kneaded his ass again, the wide stance of his knees making him feel completely exposed.

“Spread the lube around.”

Justin’s head lifted sharply at Brian’s words and he glanced over his shoulder, eyes wide. Brian kneeled beside him, dark eyes watching him intently. Justin flushed at Brian’s expression, half from the idea of Brian’s demand, half from the knowledge that he was going to do it.

He shifted his weight onto one side, then lifted his right hand from the bed, reaching along his side and curving his body to the right until his hand brushed his ass. He closed his eyes as his fingers moved inward, finding the smooth, slick gel. He heard Brian’s intake of breath, felt a shiver of raw, carnal need pulse through him as Brian watched him.

“Put it where you want it, ‘cause I’m not going to be gentle.” Brian’s voice was husky. “Watching you do that makes me want to fuck the shit out of you.”

Justin bit his lip to suppress his smile, his hips pushing back into his hand. Brian’s sharp exhalation made his head swim as his finger pushed in, stroking the inside of his body slowly.

“You’re a fucking tease,” Brian growled, his hand closing over Justin’s and pushing deeper. Justin gasped, his back arching like a bow. Brian pulled both of their hands back, leaving only the tip of Justin’s finger inside him. He pushed back in hard.

“Do you know what happens to boys who tease?” Justin jumped when Brian’s teeth found his skin, the sharp bite to his ass, combined with the circling motion of the hand guiding Justin’s finger almost too much to bear.

He groaned when Brian pulled both of their hands away, his ass feeling open and needy.

“They get punished,” Brian whispered, one hand closing over Justin’s left hip as the other landed with a ‘thwack’. Justin brought his arm back under his body to support his weight as Brian began to spank him in earnest.

“They get punished until their asses are red, Justin…” Brian promised, his hand moving faster, harder. Justin rocked under him, the blows spreading white heat across his ass. He tried to bring his legs together, but Brian’s short laugh and strong hand stopped him. “Uh uh,” Brian tsked. “You stay open and ready for me. Wet and wide open, Justin…” Brian’s voice rippled over him.

He arched sharply when Brian’s thumb passed over his hole, pressing in slightly as it stroked. He could feel the moan building in his chest before he heard it pass his lips, the sound wrenched from him on the next smack. Justin let his head fall, his forehead brushing the pillow as the air around them stilled, stretched. He felt like he was spinning, the sensations buffeting him back and forth between the sharp crack of Brian’s palm and the not-quite-enough stroke of his thumb.

“Please, Brian…” he whispered, his voice hoarse.

“Please what?” Brian prompted, his wicked hands switching places – the left spanking now and the right pushing inside him. “No… god… please…” Justin whimpered.

“This makes me want to fuck you so hard…” Brian whispered, his hands moving up Justin’s sides as he pressed his body over his back, his mouth wet against Justin’s ear. “Fuck you with anything I can get my hands on,” Brian continued, his voice thick. Justin’s head dipped lower as his ass pushed higher.

He didn’t know when Brian’s clothes had disappeared, but he gasped when he felt the smooth heat of Brian’s cock against his skin.

“God...,” Brian muttered, his cock leaving a cool, wet trail in the cleft of Justin’s ass as he moved. Justin jumped when Brian started to spank him again, the strength of his blows matching the intensity of his previous grip on Justin’s sides. Justin could feel the need ratcheting up as Brian moved behind him, the tear of the condom wrapper echoing in the loft.

“Do you feel that, Justin?” Brian pressed him, his thumb now buried to its hilt, his fingers gripping the tender skin on the right side of Justin’s ass. Justin moaned as Brian angled his thumb.

“Your ass is so warm now…” Brian whispered, his left hand stroking the skin delicately.

“Beg me.” Brian’s voice got harsher, sterner. Justin lifted his head again, unsure what he needed to do, his body thrumming under Brian’s hands.

“Please, Brian.”

“Please, what…” Brian demanded.

Justin couldn’t think, not with Brian’s thumb moving like that. “Please…” he murmured, his body rocking back into Brian’s hand. “Fuck me…”

“Take more, Justin…” Brian whispered.

Justin arched, his body willing to take whatever Brian wanted to give. He winced at the harsh slap on his skin, the sting pulsing across his ass. He cried out as the spanks got faster, harder, but he felt the tight coil of desire curling in his spine, winding through him as Brian pushed him.

“Brian… I’m…” he gasped as Brian’s hand found his cock. “No, god, please…” Justin choked. “I can’t…”

His orgasm ripped through him, wrenching a cry from his throat as the first spurt filled Brian’s hand – which kept moving with him, milking him as he shook and writhed.

“Fuck…” Brian murmured, his hand lining his cock up at Justin’s ass even as Justin shuddered, groaning at the first push in, his muscles clenching tightly as Brian thrust.

Brian’s moan was low and deep, his cock filling Justin in one quick push. Justin tried to breathe as Brian started to move, the pace too much, too fast, too soon, but the sound of Brian’s pleasure was overwhelming and Justin pushed back into it, squeezing around Brian’s cock to tug another moan from his lips.

He could feel that Brian was about to come from the tightening of his muscles a split second before he heard the moan, felt the hard push into his ass. He collapsed under the weight of Brian’s body folding over him, the shudders rocking them both.

When Brian lifted his head from Justin’s back a few moments later, Justin heard the soft chuckle as he felt the puff of air on his drying skin. “Christ,” Brian murmured.

Justin laughed softly, moving his body under Brian to shift the weight better. Brian lifted immediately, keeping his body touching Justin’s but his weight on his arms instead.

Brian rolled off him, his hands pulling Justin into him as they both turned to their sides.

“How do you do that to me?” Brian whispered, his mouth soft against Justin’s forehead.

Justin smiled, snugging his body closer to Brian’s, his arm pressing Brian’s lower back softly.

“Takes practice,” Justin teased, his fingers tracing light patterns on Brian’s skin.

“Mhmmm,” Brian sighed, the fatigue seeping into his bones.

“You’d better not let anyone else practice on you…” Brian muttered softly, his body sinking into the bed. “I’m the only one that gets to spank that ass – understand? No matter what kind of tip they offer you…”

Justin grinned into Brian’s shoulder, wrapping his leg over Brian’s thigh. “Yes, sir,” he whispered. “I promise.”

The End