Crime & Punishment


No redeeming qualities, just a totally silly PWP. It certainly ain’t Dostoyevsky, may he forgive me for stealing the title.
For 1daftpunk who asked for Brian dressed up as a cop. :)


The wailing sirens were grating on Brian’s nerves. Theme nights at Babylon could get pretty tired, especially when they trotted out every stereotypical fantasy known to gay man, but Justin was buzzing and dancing and Brian couldn’t peel him away from the place. He was pissed that he’d rather go home where it was cooler and quieter, even more so that Justin didn’t want to come with him.

Justin was flying, and although Brian enjoyed watching him move, he just wasn’t in the mood for partying tonight. He wanted a good blow job, and a leisurely fuck, and a decent sleep. God, when did he get so old?

Brian was further un-amused when Justin snagged a cop’s hat from one of the go-go dancers with a seductive smile. Justin’s breath brushed his face as he stood on his tiptoes to put it on Brian’s head. Brian was about to pull it off with a frown, but the naked, glittering lust in Justin’s eyes made him pause. It suddenly seemed like it had been a long time since he’d seen that look in Justin’s eyes. He missed that look.

Brian cocked his head and studied Justin. Maybe this could be interesting.

Brian put his hands on his hips slowly, and waited until Justin looked back up at him. His tone was serious when he pushed his finger into Justin’s chest. “Any idea how fast you’re going, young man?”

Justin laughed and was about to turn away when he realized Brian wasn’t laughing. His cock responded before his mouth did, and his eyes flashed at Brian before he lowered them.

“Um, no… sorry, Officer. I, uh, wasn’t paying attention,” he leaned forward, his hands sliding up the smooth planes of Brian’s chest as the flashing lights flickered around him. Brian could see how high he was by the size of his pupils when he looked up.

Brian pushed his tongue into his cheek as he stared. “Uh huh. Well, you should be more careful, son.” He lifted Justin’s hands off his chest and pushed him backwards off the dance floor. He kept pushing until Justin was against the bar beside Ted. “I’m going to have to write you up for this one.”

Justin’s eyelids fluttered as he leaned back, a warm buzz sliding up the back of his neck as he rested his elbows on the bar behind him. He lowered his eyes again, then looked up demurely under a fringe of lashes, “Oh please, Officer, I really can’t afford a ticket. Isn’t there anything you can do?” He ran his tongue over his lips, blinking slowly. “Or anything I can do?”

Brian snorted softly. Michael rolled his eyes and turned away, but Emmett and Ted looked at each other quickly before turning their attention back to Brian. Emmett took a long sip of his martini while Ted swallowed the lump in his throat at the sight of Brian in that hat. He adjusted himself as surreptitiously as he could.

“Are you trying to bribe a peace officer?” Brian asked dangerously. Justin wiped the smile off his face and pulled his lower lip between his teeth. Brian leaned closer, his thigh sliding between Justin’s legs. “And are you high, young man?”

Brian watched Justin’s body shudder and his eyes fall shut as Brian’s leg pushed under his balls. He shook his head. “No, Officer, absolutely not,” he replied. “I mean, I don’t think I am. But this guy gave me a cigarette earlier that tasted funny, and I am feeling a little strange…”

Brian raised one eyebrow slowly. “Really?” he drawled. His lips rolled into his mouth and he leaned closer to Justin. Ted looked at Emmett, who grinned at him and shrugged. “You know I’m going to have to punish you for that, right?”

Justin bit back his smile. “You will? Isn’t there anything I can do?” His voice was breathy.

Brian leaned closer to him, his hand circling Justin’s wrist and pulling his arm over his head. The bartender looked over, along with the twelve or so guys near them. Justin’s face got redder as Brian did the same with the other arm, pinning both wrists with his hand. His gaze raked Justin’s chest, noting the arch in his back from having his arms extended. His eyes glittered dangerously.

“You’re treading on risky ground here, son.” Justin’s heart was pounding, and Brian could see the blood swelling and darkening his lips. Justin nodded silently. He watched as Brian’s mouth opened and felt a throb in his body when his tongue licked across Justin’s lips.

Ted was sure he should look away, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop watching. Emmett bumped his shoulder and he glanced over, noting Emmett’s smirk at the bulge in his pants. He blushed, but shrugged. Emmett laughed quietly. They weren’t the only ones watching this little show.

Brian kept his eyes on Justin, his hand still holding Justin’s arms above his head. “Anyone got any handcuffs?” he called out, a small smile lifting the corners of his mouth when he heard Justin’s sharp inhalation.

Emmett hooted a laugh as someone slid a pair of cuffs down the bar. Cop theme nights did have their uses, apparently. Justin looked a little less sure about the game as Brian brought his arms down and clicked the handcuff over his right wrist. He teased Justin with a slow smirk as Emmett handed him a pair of aviator sunglasses to finish the look. Justin held his breath for a second when he couldn’t see Brian’s eyes anymore, the glasses making him look forbidding and painfully hot.

“Bad little boys who like to tease cops should learn some manners,” Brian whispered harshly, yanking Justin off the bar stool. Justin stumbled to his feet, his eyes wide and unblinking. A small groan left his lips when Brian’s hand slid down his chest, trailing heat from the cleft of his collarbone to the tip of his dick, poking against the waistband of his low-hanging chinos.

Justin knew everyone around them was watching, but he was mesmerized by Brian’s face. A delicious shiver raced down his spine at the thought of what Brian might do to him. He was ready to go home now.

He smiled when Brian pulled on the one cuff, tugging him away from the bar. He heard some catcalls and hoots as they moved through the crowd but only saw Brian’s ass in front of him. He ran his tongue over his dry lips and followed quietly. When Brian stalked into the backroom, Justin faltered for a second. Brian turned to look at him, his eyebrow arched in an unspoken question.

“Brian…” Justin started, but then realized he wasn’t sure what he wanted to say. He just didn’t think they were staying, he figured they were going home. Brian stared at him for a moment, then tugged on the handcuff again, pulling Justin against him.

Justin let out a quick breath when Brian’s hand slipped under his shirt, his warm fingers splaying over Justin’s hard belly. “That’s Officer Kinney to you,” he whispered in Justin’s ear. Justin felt a jolt run through his body and he stumbled behind Brian as he started walking again.

Brian spotted a clear section in the backroom and pushed Justin to the wall in front of him. Justin watched through lowered lids as Brian put one hand on each side of his head on the wall, his body towering over Justin’s. Brian’s mouth was parted slightly, and his lips were red and full and Justin couldn’t resist the temptation to sink his teeth into the lower one. Brian pulled back, his breath hot against Justin’s face. “You wanna play rough, kiddo?” he murmured harshly, his leg sliding between Justin’s again, pinning him there.

Justin closed his eyes as Brian’s thigh pressed up, willing himself not to grind down onto Brian’s leg. He let his head thump against the wall, the metallic clink of the handcuffs rattling as he slid his arms around Brian’s back. He opened them when he felt Brian’s hand pulling his arms away, lifting them up on the wall. His knees quivered when Brian pulled his hands together roughly, snapping the second cuff on and clicking it tight against his skin. His breath was fast in his chest even though Brian hadn’t touched him yet.

“Keep your hands there,” Brian growled. Justin sucked in a breath and did as he was told, the blood rushing in his ears as Brian yanked his shirt up, scraping it over his face and shoving it up his arms. He let out a small sound when Brian tugged roughly on the button of his pants, shoving them down impatiently. His cock curved upwards, the tip glistening, and he started at the sight of his own debauched face reflected in Brian’s sunglasses. The slow grin on Brian’s face made his cock weep.

“Shit, Kinney, that’s hot,” a tall, built trick stopped behind Brian, his hand touching the brim of Brian’s cap. He smiled at Justin wolfishly, motioning with his head as he took in the cuffs and Justin’s hard dick. “So’s that,” he murmured.

Brian laughed softly. “Yeah, it is.” Justin knew he was looking at him, but couldn’t see the look in his eyes behind the glasses. “He is,” he corrected, tipping his head down to let Justin see his eyes over the rim of the shades. Justin felt a thrill snake through him and he moaned softly.

“Brian…” he whispered.

“Want some help?” the trick asked hopefully. Brian looked at him, slowly turning his head. He turned back to Justin, shaking his head. “Nice try,” he muttered.

The guy shrugged and walked away, searching for another option. Brian turned his attention back to Justin, his hand landing on Justin’s bare chest. Justin held his breath when Brian’s thumb circled his nipple, flicking it until it hardened, then pressing into it firmly. Justin squirmed.

“Now what am I going to do with a naughty little boy like you?” Brian whispered, his mouth latching onto Justin’s neck, his lips pulling as he drew the blood to the surface. Justin tipped his head, letting Brian have better access, the fabric of Brian’s black pants rough against his bare legs. His arms were tingling from the blood draining into his shoulders, but he didn’t dare move them.

“A naughty boy who dances so wantonly,” Brian moved his mouth lower, sucking further down on his chest, “…teasing everyone around him, unconcerned about the reaction he causes, about inciting these poor, innocent men.”

A small bite on bruising skin, then another move lower.

“Trying to bribe an officer with leading questions. Tsk, tsk,” Brian murmured as Justin writhed under his mouth.

“And consuming illicit substances, illegal drugs,” Justin moaned as Brian’s thumb stroked his hipbone.

“I’m sorry, Officer…” Justin breathed. “Let me make it up to you, show you how sorry I am.”

Brian snorted a soft laugh. He pressed his lips against the shell of Justin’s ear. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he taunted, his tongue flicking the thin skin.

Justin sagged under him, his legs bending as he dropped to his knees. Brian looked down at him, the red patches high in his cheeks, his lips wet and swollen, his cuffed hands dangling between his legs. He drank in the sight, opening his fly slowly. Justin’s eyes darted from his face to his crotch, his expression needy and hungry when Brian pulled his cock through his open zipper.

Brian’s head fell back when the wet heat of Justin’s mouth covered him. He spread his legs, evening his stance as he leaned his arms against the wall. Justin sucked smoothly, aggressively, his tongue swirling as his hands moved up to tease Brian’s balls through his pants. Brian let his hips rock, Justin’s mouth drawing the blood to the head of his dick skilfully. He stayed, unable to pull away, until he couldn’t wait any longer.

His dick hit his stomach wetly when he pulled it from Justin’s mouth with a pop. Justin looked up at him, licking his lips as he tried to get at Brian’s cock again. Brian stepped back, chuckling quietly. “Stand up,” he ordered. He reached out a hand to pull Justin up, letting it trail down his arm and dropping it to stroke his dick once he was standing. Justin breathed out a little moan, his eyes closing.

“Turn around,” Brian said gruffly. Justin hurried to obey, bracing his forearms on the wall and pushing his ass out, spreading his legs. Brian watched him, his cock jumping at the sight. He wasted no time applying a condom and lube, not even bothering to push his pants down as he slid two wet fingers into the crack of Justin’s ass, tapping his hole. Justin moaned, pushing back into his hand but Brian only circled, not penetrating him. “Brian…” Justin whispered thickly, his hips twitching.

Brian slapped his ass once, making Justin jump and groan as he felt the head of Brian’s cock at his entrance. He held his breath through the initial push, his fingers scrabbling on the wall for more leverage. Brian moaned low in his throat when he was buried deep, holding his hips tight against Justin’s ass. He was afraid he’d come if he moved too soon. How could Justin always be so tight, so hot?

Brian’s hands gripped Justin’s hips, holding them where he wanted them as he thrust. Justin’s moans got more ragged, more needy, and it went straight to Brian’s dick.

He slid his hand to the front of Justin’s hip, reaching for his cock. Justin groaned hard when Brian started to stroke him, his head hitting the wall in front of him. Brian pumped, his hand keeping time with his hips and he knew neither of them were going to last.

Justin cried out his name when he came, his voice choked and raw, his come hitting the wall and dripping to the floor. Brian squeezed his eyes shut as he followed, letting his body fall off the cliff as Justin clenched him tightly, the waves of his orgasm pounding them both. He slumped against Justin’s back, pressing his body into the grimy wall until his legs felt strong enough to support him unassisted.

When he stepped back and pulled off the condom, tying it off and dropping it, he reached for Justin and turned him around. His lips came down gently on Justin’s mouth, his breath still harsh and uneven as they kissed.

“You’re so fucking hot in that, Brian,” Justin breathed into his mouth. Brian chuckled, forgetting the hat and glasses were even still there.

He pulled the sunglasses off, tossing them aside as he straightened the hat. Justin’s smile was brilliant and sleepy, and Brian’s heart skittered in his chest. He wrapped his arms around Justin, pulling his head under his chin until he felt the hard metal against his leg. He pushed Justin back, reaching for the cuffs.

His heart sank as he realized he had no idea where the key was. Shit. Justin looked at him, still smiling, until he saw the frown crease Brian’s forehead. He looked at the cuffs, then back at Brian’s face again.

“Don’t tell me you don’t have the key,” he warned. Brian smiled sheepishly, rubbing his hand over his face.



Brian laughed. “Sorry, Justin – I didn’t even think about the key when I did them up. Shit.”

“Brian!” Justin looked at him incredulously. “Are you serious? How are we going to get them off??”

“We’ll find the key. Or we’ll get them cut off. I don’t know – but we’ll figure it out, don’t worry.” Brian smiled at Justin, shaking his head. “Or we could leave them on,” he teased. “They’re pretty hot, you know…”

Justin swatted him with both hands, groaning. “Help me get my fucking clothes back on, Brian.”

Brian raised his eyebrow suggestively. “Hmmm, that’s an interesting dilemma, isn’t it?” His eyes raked down Justin’s body.

Justin glared. “Not fucking funny, Brian.”

Brian laughed, reaching for Justin’s shirt, untwisting it and pulling it down over his shoulders and smoothing it over his chest. He slid his hands down Justin’s hips, continuing down his legs to where his pants pooled at his ankles. “I like you like this, though,” he teased, pulling Justin’s pants up and kissing him softly on the nose as he did them up.

Justin lifted his hands to Brian’s face, pushing the hat off so he could thread his fingers through his hair. He brushed a stray lock off his forehead, smiling softly. “I promise you can tie me up any time you want,” he whispered against Brian’s mouth, “…as long as you get me out of these fucking things.”

Brian laughed quietly, wrapping his arms around Justin’s waist. “Ok, let’s go see if our good Samaritan at the bar has the keys.”

He saw Emmett smiling like the Cheshire cat when they reached the bar, and laughed when he dangled a small key ring on his finger slowly.

“Looking for this?” Emmett fluttered his eyelashes fetchingly. Brian grabbed the keys from his hand, his eyes locked on Justin’s. He undid the handcuffs with a clink, easing them off Justin’s wrists and rubbing the red skin underneath. He brought one wrist to his mouth, kissing the mark softly. Justin squirmed when his tongue traced it, his eyes flickering with renewed lust.

“I told you you’d have fun,” Justin whispered into Brian’s ear, his body pressing into Brian’s as they left the bar. “Maybe we can come back when they have a firefighter theme. You’d look totally hot in a firefighter’s uniform.” Brian laughed, his arm looping around Justin’s waist as he motioned for a cab. Yeah, he could do that.

The End