Rating - NC17
Summary - Porn
Genre - PWP, humour
Warnings - None unless you count exposure to my sense of humour


Oh, dear, fucking God. This was good, so fucking good… Justin’s back rubbed across the floor, making his shoulder blades burn, just like his cock was fucking burning inside Brian’s ass. Fucking on fire…

They’d never done it like this before. Whenever he’d topped Brian in the past it had always been from behind, as though Brian could let go more if he didn’t actually have to see what was happening and the expression of absolute fucking rapture on Justin’s face. And he wasn’t too sure how they’d ended up doing it like this now, it was such a blur of, Jesus Christ, such fucking awesome pleasure, and sheer shock, and immense effort not to come, that the details were hazy, but oh the sight of it, Brian riding him and moving over him like that…

His head was thrown back with the sweat running down his neck, a line of sweat that, oh God the man had to stop tightening like that, a line of sweat that was just begging to be licked off if he could only fucking move. And his chest, and that fucking gorgeous cock being worked by their hands, pale and dark fingers, entwined together and fucking working Brian’s cock, that was fucking leaking, oh fuck the sight of him like this.

Justin rubbed his head against the floor, the movements were pushing them off the rug and that was a good thing because the hard wood hurt, and that was something to focus on other than his fucking dick which was just going to explode and if he came first he’d never hear the end of it.

“Yeah it sucks. He goes to New York to surprise Justin for the weekend and I get stuck on plant watering duty. And he only has one fucking plant.”

It was like a car crash. He knew it was going to be horrible, knew that he was seconds away from the screaming and queening starting, but he just had to look. He turned his head to see Michael and Emmett walking into the loft and he saw them stop and stare. He turned back to Brian and saw him staring too, his mouth open like it was a minute ago, but now from shock not desire. He cried out as Brian literally jumped off him, because a second ago it was beyond mere words to describe how good it was, and now his cock was just pushing into empty air. And as he jumped off Brian gave a sharp gasp and grabbed at his ass, and Emmett said, and oh it had to be car crash syndrome again,

“Um, yeah Brian, it hurts if you pull off too quick. You might want to bear that in mind for the future!”

And Michael just stood there, gaping, opening and shutting his mouth, as though his entire world view has just been thrown to shit. And Brian was just glaring and Justin could feel himself blushing. No one had ever seen him topping Brian, even the much loved video recorder had never seen him topping Brian, as far as anyone knew he had never topped Brian. As far as anyone knew Brian has never bottomed for him and, definitely has never, ever made those desperate, throaty, whimpering noises he was making just now.

He rolled over onto his stomach, put his head in his hands and started to laugh and giggle helplessly at how big a fucking drama this was, and laughing was bad because it meant he probably wouldn’t even get a blow job for the next six months. You’d think by the expression on Brian’s face, and his suddenly limp dick, that someone had died. And really, that dying fish expression on Michael’s face would have been more suitable for Brian sitting him down and explaining that he was going to have a sex change, and asking him if he wanted to see the beautiful new pair of breasts he was growing through oestrogen supplements.

The corners of Emmett’s mouth were twitching, and Justin just gave up and let the laughter take over when he said,

“Don’t worry Brian honey, your big, nelly bottom instincts can remain our secret.”

It was at that point Michael managed,


And Brian stormed into the bedroom. Justin managed to calm down a bit, stop giggling and wave them out the door.

Michael had just enough sense to grab Emmett and drag him out the door as he shouted,

“If you ever want any tips Brian you can ask me anything you want!”

Justin followed Brian into the bedroom where he was angrily pulling a t-shirt over his head. He watched him wince as he bent over to pick up his jeans.

“Well that’s why I always bitch when you pull out too fast.”

It was possibly a bad to move to imply that anything about Brian Kinney’s sexual technique was less than perfect at that point, but it was just too fucking ridiculous.

“Fuck off.”

Justin collapsed on the bed and rolled onto his back hopefully, because ok, the drama of the century might be playing out, but he had been moments away from a fucking amazing orgasm, and just thinking about it hardened up his dick again, and he was 21 and horny and hopeful.

“I’m sure they won’t tell anyone.” Brian shot him a venomous look as he said,

“They’re the two biggest fucking gossips on Liberty Avenue.”

“Deb’s worse.”

“Yeah right, because I really want to think of Deb staring at my ass next time I see her and thinking…”

“Yup.” Justin interrupted the queen out and rolled over onto his side, he stretched out his arm and gestured Brian over with his fingers.

“It’ll be all over Liberty Avenue, there’ll probably be a feature in Out Pittsburgh, “Gay Man Takes It Up The Ass.’”

Brian scowled at him again, but it was softened a bit, and his lips were twitching in that way he had when he was trying not to laugh.

“Come over here Brian.”

Brian sat on the bed, and Justin slid his hand under the t-shirt, Brian’s skin was still damp with sweat, still warm and flushed, and it made him harder. He pulled himself up behind Brian and slid the t-shirt over his head.

“Come on, fuck them. It was so fucking hot Brian, so fucking hot…”

He dropped kisses on the back of Brian’s neck and moved his hands over Brian’s stomach, coaxing now, and hoping desperately that they could re-capture the mood. Brian bottoming was always a bit of an issue, but generally Justin found that if he didn’t push it very often, then when he did Brian would let him. He was pushing now, but Jesus, how was he supposed to get so close to coming and then not be allowed to?

“You’re such a persistent little shit.”

“Yeah, not apologising for that.”

Brian chuckled softly again, and he felt the ripples in his stomach under his hands.

It was so fucking frustrating that just getting his dick into Brian’s ass had become such a big production, but the frustration lessened as Brian reached round and started to kiss him. They sank down onto the bed and the kisses were soft and fizzy and made Justin sigh, because nothing in the whole fucking world was like sex with Brian.

He clutched at Brian’s arms as he pulled back, he didn’t want to loose the weight on top of him, and how pathetic was that? But then he could see Brian reaching for the lube and his hand reaching behind him, and for a moment their eyes locked together and he saw the way Brian’s eyes tightened as he pushed his fingers in. He rubbed Brian’s thighs but it wasn’t really necessary this time, and his eyes relaxed, in fact his whole face relaxed as he adjusted. Justin had to look away then, and he couldn’t see what Brian’s hand was doing, but he could see the moving shadow of it on the bedspread, and he sighed out Brian’s name as the hand pulled out and reached for a condom.

They’d never done it like this before either. This quietly, with Brian in charge and letting Justin see every movement and expression on his face. As Brian’s hand slid over him and made him gasp with the feeling of skin and rubber, that just seemed like the biggest waste in the world. He kept his eyes on Brian’s face, and his expression was mostly pain at first, and Justin felt like a shit for every time he’d pushed in too fast, but it softened out with these little breathy gasps till Brian began to rock and Justin just clung on, because oh…

He’d never topped Brian like this. With this softness and care, and without it being a desperate drive to not come because he was getting off on the feeling and the control so much. This felt more like them, like something that was part of them and not outside of who they were. The expression on Brian’s face was just amazing, and Justin realised that in this position Brian could get so much more into it than he usually did, he might be more exposed but he was totally in control. One of the reasons Brian didn’t do this much was he got over stimulated and sensitive quite quickly and the pleasure didn’t last, but it was lasting now as their bodies took over, and Justin just gazed up, lost in the fucking fantastic feeling. He jacked Brian off, and clung to his hip and stared in his eyes, and he didn’t believe there was a thing in the whole damn world that was better than sex with this man.

Brian slid his hand behind Justin’s head, sinking into the hair and grabbing at the back of his neck.


That was it. His back arched, and he cried out Brian’s name and the orgasm raced through him. As the last of it took him, he opened his eyes to see Brian coming, his head tilted back, his mouth open, and it was the fucking sexiest thing in the whole fucking world. Justin couldn’t breath the sight and pleasure of it was so intense and he groaned out Brian’s name and clung to his hips.

Afterwards it was different too. The first few times they did this Brian had pulled away as soon as it was over, showered, and if Justin hadn’t crawled on top of him and fallen asleep, would have probably spent the rest of the night on the other side of the bed. That had changed over time, but the slight tension and chord of vulnerability that seemed to run through Brian afterwards had only been gone once. The, previous to this, best time Justin had topped, on that warm afternoon with the empty apartment bathed in sunlight, just as the last of Brian’s possessions had gone, and he’d been so exposed. It had been as though all the packaging had been taken away so what was left to lose, and afterwards as twilight softly covered them they’d just curled together and it had been as perfect as they’d ever been.

But this was better. There wasn’t an evil mayor to defeat and Brian wasn’t suddenly broke. That time he’d been boneless afterwards, but the whole thing had been undercut by so much emotion, so much other stuff, that it had seemed like a stolen moment that wasn’t entirely real. Now Brian was just relaxed and warm and curling round Justin as his eyes began to shut.

He wanted to stay awake, just a bit longer, because that had been so amazing, but he really couldn’t. He felt Brian’s lips on his forehead, saying something he couldn’t hear.

“Love you.”

A throaty sigh and he was pulled tighter against Brian’s body.

“Love that you enjoyed that.”

“I guess I do.”

He’d never admitted that before and Justin felt the shift and tried to hang onto being awake, and to Brian, but it was so warm, and that had been so good, and his last conscious feeling was of Brian shifting his hand into his hair and whispering,

“Go to sleep Sunshine.”