Ecstatic and Insatiate


Many, many moons ago, burnitbackwards asked me if I wanted to write dirty smut with her and then suggested a brilliant and fabulous scenario, and while we discussed it for awhile, we never actually got around to writing it. Since she is currently working on her last QAF fic ever, I decided to go ahead and do this all alone!

Of course burnitbackwards was wonderful enough to beta it for me and everything, so thank you my darling. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS :X:X:X:X

Notes: This takes place in 208, immediately after Justin chases Jennifer out of the loft and then begs Brian to tell him what he did with the trick while Justin was away. (Please see caps of scene here, courtesy of weirdqafan.)

Title is from Howl by Allen Ginsberg. Rated NC-17. This is porn, people. Happy, happy angst-free porn :D


ďWhy donít I just show you?Ē

And with that, Brian pulls Justin down and they collapse together on the couch. Justin buries his face in Brianís neck, inhaling his scent mixed with the smell of the trick, and despite the fact that watching Brian with another guy is so hot, there is a part of it that still leaves a bitter taste in the back of his throat and he wants to know everything-- wants to pretend that he was there too.

ďTell me,Ē Justin says again. ďDid he jerk you off?Ē He snakes his hand down between them, rubbing Brianís hard cock over his pants.

Brianís voice is low in his ear. ďYeah, and I grabbed his dick, too. He was so hard and I knew how much he wanted me to fuck him.Ē

Justin sits up and they each unbutton their own pants, freeing their cocks. A wave of pleasure runs through Justin when Brian wraps a hand around him and slides up and down, and Justin does the same to Brian. They stay there for a bit, Justin straddling Brianís legs, matching each otherís movements as they jerk each other slowly.

Brian looks so hot on the couch, the desire evident on his face, and Justin suddenly needs to kiss him, so he releases Brian then leans down and presses their mouths together. The smell of the trick is all over him, but his mouth tastes only like Brian and Justin licks and sucks his tongue and lips, trying to get as much as he can.

ďAnd then what?Ē Justin whispers into Brianís mouth, and Brian pulls back, placing a hand on his chest. Brianís eyes narrow and Justin doesnít recognize the look in his eyes, but he feels something shift.

Brian pushes on Justinís chest and they stand up in front of the couch facing each other while Justin waits for a cue to tell him how to proceed. When Brian starts pulling off his own clothes, Justin follows suit, and moments later they stand before each other, naked and ready. Stepping in close, Brian bends down and presses his face in Justinís ear.

ďNo more kissing,Ē Brian says softly. Justin is about to protest but then he realizes that theyíre really going to act out what happened between Brian and the trick, and Brian only kisses Justin.

A moment later Justin is startled when Brian leans in as if to kiss him. Brian stops before their lips meet and he brings Justinís hands up to his chest, pushing him back gently. Now Justin is really confused but he doesnít want to end whatever this is; while he doesnít understand exactly what is going on, he knows the air between them is charged with something exciting and dangerous.

Again Brian leans in for a kiss but this time Justin plays along, putting his hands on Brianís chest to stop him and he thinks he must have done the right thing because Brian gives an almost imperceptible nod of approval. Justin tries to wrap his head around the idea of Brian trying to kiss a trick despite the rules, and the even more unbelievable idea of a trick stopping Brian from kissing him, but a second later Brian leans into Justin and sucks his neck and it doesnít seem so important anymore. Kissing and licking his way down Justinís body, Brian lowers himself onto the couch and surprises Justin by sucking gently on the head of his cock.

When Brian wraps his mouth around Justinís dick, he feels a flash of something that feels like anger and disappointment and jealousy all at once. Itís not expressly stated in their rules, but Justin just assumes that Brian doesnít really give blowjobs very much. In fact, Justin has never even seen Brian blow anyone besides himself, and the thought of it cuts sharply through the warm, tingly feeling in his gut. But itís hard to be irritated with the wet heat of Brianís mouth surrounding him, and when Brian swallows him to the hilt, Justin forgets his confusion as his eyes close and his head falls back.

Hearing a rhythmic, rustling sound, Justin opens his eyes and looks down to see Brian rubbing himself over his pants and between the eager sucking on his cock and the way he is frantically touching himself, Justinís not sure heís ever seen Brian this into it when he sucks his dick.

Maybe this was a bad idea, because now Justin isnít sure he wants to know exactly what Brian does when heís not there. All the times they fucked other guys together, Brian was always the one getting his cock worshipped while the trick was left taking care of himself, and so Justin doesnít understand why all of the sudden their roles would be reversed.

And then it hits Justin: their roles are reversed.

Holy shit.

Brian pulls off Justinís cock and looks up at him; something passes between them and Justin can tell that Brian knows he finally gets it.

His mouth is suddenly very dry, and he licks his lips, willing his head to stop spinning. What would Brian do next? Justin wonders, and as if Brian can read his mind, Justin feels strong hands guiding his own hands to the back of Brianís head. Brianís gaze is locked on his, daring Justin to proceed, so he closes his eyes and silently tells himself, do not fuck this up, before pushing Brianís head down on his cock.

Justin has sucked Brianís dick too many times to count, so he tries to do to Brian what Brian does to him: he runs his fingers through his hair as he pushes Brianís head up and down on his cock, then he holds his head still and fucks Brian's mouth. When Brianís hand comes up to pull on Justinís balls and he slides one finger behind them and presses into that soft, sensitive spot, Justin is too far gone to stop and he comes in Brianís mouth, his fingers twisting in Brianís hair.

After he has caught his breath enough to open his eyes, Justin sees Brian still sitting on the couch, his lips red and swollen, his cock hard with a clear drop of fluid resting in the slit, and Justin wants to push Brian down and kiss him and taste him and suck him, but he hesitates. Suddenly he feels like heís 17 again, unsure of how to proceed and scared of doing the wrong thing with Brian. Itís ridiculous because he hasnít felt this way in a year, but this is different and so he watches Brian and waits.

Brian pulls a condom from the pocket of his discarded jeans and Justin thinks that this is the moment when it ends-- they played their little game and now Brian is going to bend him over and fuck his brains out, but Brian grabs Justinís dick and strokes, and it is less than a minute before he is hard again. The condom wrapper crinkles loudly in the silence between them and every nerve in Justinís dick comes alive when Brian rolls it onto him.

Brianís hand lingers on Justinís when he passes him the lube and their gazes meet, and in that moment some of Justinís nervousness disappears. Then Brian stretches out on the couch, and Justin doesnít think anything in the whole world is as hot as Brian on his knees, ass in the air, ready for Justin to fuck him. Justin snaps open the lube and coats his shaking fingers, willing himself to calm down. There is no way that Brian will ever let him do this again if he does something wrong, and despite the fact that he hasnít even started yet, Justin thinks that fucking Brian is something he is going to like a whole lot. Again he wonders, what would Brian do? Justin spreads Brianís legs a little and steels himself as he stares at the open ass in front of him. The answer is simple: Brian wouldnít waste time thinking; Brian would fuck him.

He wants to take his time with Brian, open him up, savor the sight and the feel of his fingers in his ass, but this is a game and Brian doesnít gently prepare tricks, so Justin thrusts two slick fingers into Brianís ass all at once. When Brian jerks beneath him, hissing sharply, Justin thinks itís probably genuine because Brian is so tight, and Justin is barely able to suppress a moan when he imagines what itís going to feel like when his cock is in there. There is no way he can wait any longer, so he steadies himself with one hand on Brianís hip and uses the other to line his cock up with Brianís hole.

Justin has fucked plenty of guys, but he has never felt anything quite like what he feels as he slowly slides into Brian. When Brianís ass gently contracts on his cock as he relaxes around him, Justin is grateful that he already came, and when he is all the way in Justin pauses and tries to memorize this moment: the tensely clenched muscles in Brianís back below him, the unbelievably tight, hot heat of Brianís ass, the realization that this is Brian and Justin is about to fuck him. Then Brian pushes back slightly and Justin doesnít care anymore if itís part of the game or not; he only knows that he canít stop now.

He pulls out slowly, almost all the way, and then pushes back hard and Brian lets out a barely audible gasp, so Justin does it again. Leaning back slightly, Justin tries not to fall to pieces as he watches his cock slide in and out of Brianís hole.

Aside from heavy breaths Brian is silent, and Justin knows this is the one part of the game that is not authentic-- Justin has seen Brian fuck too many tricks and heard them all beg and moan under Brianís expertise, but Justin doesnít think for one second that Brian will go that far.

Justin wants to make Brian feel good; he wants to angle his movements perfectly so that he hits Brian in just the right spot to send jolts of electricity down his spine, just like Brian does for him every single time, but he is so overwhelmed that all he can do is hold tightly on to Brianís hips and thrust over and over.

Below him, Brian balances himself on one hand as the other fists his own cock and Justin desperately wants to see Brian in this moment-- watch him touch himself, see what his face looks like as Justin fucks him hard, and just the thought of it is enough to send him to the edge, but he canít come first. Brian never comes first.

Soon Brian lets out a low moan that Justin recognizes, and he knows Brian is close-- heís not sure he can hold off any longer when finally Brian comes, and Justin has never felt anything as delicious as Brian shuddering beneath him, his ass squeezing tightly around Justinís cock. There is no way Justin can resist that so he lowers his head to Brianís slick, sweaty back, unable to do anything except hold on and ride the waves of his own orgasm.

Brian drops onto the couch and Justin collapses on top of him. Before Justin even has a chance to process what just happened, Brian breaks the silence. ďThis is the part where I say, ĎOh Brian, itís true what they say. You really are the hottest fuck ever!í And then you say, ĎI know. Now get the fuck out.íĒ

Justin pulls out of Brian and when Brian turns slightly to look up at him, there is a familiar smirk on his face. Somehow he is not surprised that even after getting fucked, Brian can think only of his own sexual prowess.

Justin rolls his eyes. ďThey donít all say that, Brian. And besides, no names, remember?Ē

ďThe name rule really only applies to them because everybody already knows who I am. And are you saying Iím not the best fuck ever?Ē

Justin grins at him. ďI think I am.Ē

Brian raises an eyebrow. ďIs that what you think, Sunshine?Ē

Brianís arms are tightening their grip around Justinís waist; Justin laughs and tries to squirm away, but Brian holds him tight. In a matter of seconds he has flipped them over so Justin is beneath him, and he pins his arms above his head.

ďLet me go Brian!Ē

ďNo.Ē Brian smiles wickedly down at him.

ďTell my why I should say youíre the best fuck ever,Ē Justin challenges, still laughing.

Brian lowers his head to Justinís neck and his laughter is replaced by a moan.

ďWhy donít I just show you?Ē