Elemental Drifts


Inspired by paddies FoMD post.

Once again, completely un-Betaed.

This takes place early in season one.

With thanks to Walt Whitman for the title.


Justin wasn’t stupid. Anytime he let himself think about the situation rationally for more than 10 seconds he realized it was kind of ridiculous. Brian was almost 30 years old – why would he be interested in some 17 year old kid? That wasn’t going to stop him from trying of course. He had fallen hard for Brian Kinney and dammit, he was going to figure out what it took for Brian to want him back.

Before that fateful night when he strolled down Liberty Avenue with as much fake bravado as he could muster, he didn’t really know what to imagine with another man. When he jerked off fast and furious, his mind was full of hazy, soft focus images, flashing by in rapid succession. Strong hands on his dick, a hot mouth on his neck, a hard cock pressed upon against his thigh.

After that first night with Brian, everything had changed. Now his fantasies were filled with crisp, clean images of what he wanted – what he wanted to do and what he wanted done to him. Some of his fantasies were of things he didn’t even know about a short time ago.

Like Rimming.

Before their first night together, Justin had never imagined someone’s tongue in his ass. But when Brian licked slowly down his back, parted his cheeks and found his hole, Justin wondered how he had ever survived this long without it. He thought about it a lot since then – imagined Brian licking slowly down his crack while he jerked off in the shower. He wondered what it would be like to rim Brian. As much as the thought turned him on, there was a quiet part of him that thought maybe the whole thing was kind of gross.

It had been a few weeks since Brian had so spectacularly deflowered him. Justin spent night after night at Woody's or Babylon, hoping for the right combination of alcohol and horniness and a lack of other fuckable guys around, so that Brian would take him home. He was determined to break the code, or at least be there when opportunity presented itself.

One night at Woody’s, Justin was there with the guys – Brian, Michael, Emmett and Ted. Brian mostly ignored him, and when he did talk to him, it was to tease him again about being his stalker. He was sure Brian was going to leave without him – Justin had watched him eye up some tall dark-haired stud who looked a lot like Brian himself – but after a few games of pool Brian had surprised him by grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him out the door.

Justin never questioned it, and he tried not to look too eager either. He didn’t want to do anything to break the spell. As they drove to Brian’s loft, he found himself anticipating things to come with perfect clarity. He was looking forward to falling on his knees in front of Brian and sucking his beautiful cock. After a few sloppy halting starts, he had gotten quite good at giving head. Brian was an incredible teacher. He used a combination of low murmured instruction and demonstration on Justin's own dick to teach him exactly how to give a fantastic blow job. Justin was a fast learner and he loved doing it. He never could have imagined just how much sucking cock could turn him on.

Back at the loft, he was finally where he wanted to be. They had made it to the bedroom, but not quite as far as the bed. Justin was on his knees in front of Brian, who watched him though heavy lidded eyes. Brian helped him unbutton his pants and Justin pushed them down to his ankles.

“You love this don’t you? You love sucking my cock.” Brian taunted him, but his teasing stopped when Justin took him deep in his mouth. Justin was observant enough to notice that lately Brian didn’t murmur instructions anymore. He thought that was a good sign.

He sucked on Brian leisurely, enjoying the smell of him, and the way Brian’s hands ran through his hair. After a few minutes he slowly pushed him backwards towards the bed. Brian paused, and Justin looked up at him with a pleading expression. Brian was always in charge when it came to sex, and he seemed reluctant to allow anything that he hadn’t scripted himself.

“I just thought the bed would be more comfortable,” he said nervously. Fuck – why did he always have to sound like a little kid when it came to stuff like this?

But Brian gave in this time. He allowed Justin to guide him to the bed, but as he came up off his knees, Brian took over again. He peeled Justin’s clothes off, and kicked his own pants away from around his ankles. When they were both naked, he pulled Justin towards him for a kiss.

Justin kissed him back, before Brian stretched out on his back and he crawled in between his bent legs to resume his slow sucking. After a few minutes he let Brian slip out of his mouth and licked his lips as he admired his now shining cock. Brian let out what sounded like an exasperated sigh, so Justin got back to work.

He lowered his head, but this time buried his face in Brian’s balls. He inhaled his scent deeply. He darted his tongue out to lick at his sac. Brian’s breath deepened just a bit. Justin licked his sac again and again, feeling his own balls tighten in response.

“What do you think you’re doing down there, little boy?” Brian asked, his voice full of sarcasm, but Justin couldn’t help but notice that he spread his legs a little wider.

He traced his tongue down back behind his balls until he hit that soft smooth spot. He heard a small sigh from above, this one full of pleasure, and Brian spread his legs wider still. Justin pulled back once again and was rewarded with the sight of Brian’s tight pucker in front of him. Any apprehension that was left slid away, and he leaned in.

He started with a quick stroke of his tongue over his hole and up to the base of his balls. Brian seemed to like that so he did it again, this time slowing down a bit as his tongue slid over his hole. Justin began to lick slow wide circles around Brian’s hole. His circles got smaller, and his tongue moved faster until he was swirling it right on his tight pucker. He was surprised by how soft he was, though he couldn’t say for sure what he was expecting.

Brian’s breathing had deepened even more, and Justin wanted nothing more at that moment than to be inside Brian. He pushed against the tightly puckered flesh and was met with resistance. His tongue folded back on itself, so he tried again. This time he stuck it out straight and strong before probing again at Brian’s entrance. He felt resistance again, but just for a moment. Then Brian opened up for him and his tongue slid in. Brian tasted sharp and heady and magnificent.

Oh God – he loved this. Brian’s ass was impossibly tight, trying to push him out, but Justin fought back. His tongue darted in and out, and soon Justin noticed that there was little resistance on the in-stroke. He pulled his tongue almost all the way out and swirled it around right at his opening, before plunging it back deep inside. He heard a hiss and saw Brian clutching at the sheets out of the corner of his eye. Justin smiled around his outstretched tongue. Looks like I’m good at this too, he thought giddily as his tongue probed deeper.

He tongue fucked him for a bit, nose pushed into his balls, hands clutching at Brian’s thighs. He felt drunk on Brian’s taste and smell. When he reached up to grab Brian’s dick, he felt a hand on his wrist. Brian hauled him up from between his legs and flipped him onto his front. He knelt behind him and pulled him up into the now familiar position. Justin couldn’t help but smile at the way Brian fumbled with a condom and the lube. Brian was always the picture of composure even when fucking, and this was the first time Justin had seen a crack in that perfect facade.

As his slid inside, Justin arched beneath him and sighed with pleasure. He could have rimmed Brian all day, but he would never tire of Brian’s dick in his ass.

Justin was close – rimming Brian had turned him on as much as sucking his dick did, and when Brian leaned around and grabbed his leaking cock while simultaneously pulling his hair back to suck on his neck, Justin came, shooting all over the sheets. Brian followed moments later.

“Fuck, I'm a good teacher.” Brian said, reaching for a cigarette after mopping them both off.

“What, I don’t get any credit?” Justin grumbled, trying not to sound too petulant.

“Yes of course,” he sneered mockingly. “You’re such a good student. Keep up the good work, Sonny Boy.”

Brian inhaled deeply on his cigarette before snuffing it out in the ashtray. He got up and headed for the bathroom, ruffling Justin’s hair as he passed.

Justin stretched out languidly on the bed, the smile still on his face even as the fuzzy glow from his orgasm faded.

Brian put on a good act, but he had seen a flash of something, just for a moment, in his eyes and the way his hand lingered in his hair – something he would describe as sincerity or even affection.

Fuck what Michael says, he thought, Brian was easy. A willingness to learn, some really hot rim jobs and a little persistence? Is that all it would take? Yeah, he could do that.