Rating: R
Summary: Hunter turns eighteen. And again, it's all about Brian.
Disclaimer: The boys of QAF do not belong to me. Everyone else does.
Note: I have no idea where this came from, only that I got the idea not too long after I posted my story last night. And thanks for the people who helped me with songs. They helped. And yes, When Doves Cry is my favorite Prince song ever also. You'll understand when you get there.


Hunter turns eighteen four months after Justin moves to New York.

Michael, of course, wants to throw a party, but Brian absolutely refuses to get involved. While it's true Hunter's seventeenth birthday party went off without a hitch (if you discount the boy and girl making out on his bed and Swim Boy trying to get into Justin's pants) and was actually a little fun, Justin was at the last party. Since Justin automatically increases the level of any event from "waste of time" to "surprisingly good", the fact that he's not there will only make Hunter's lame ass, Mikey-planned party a certifiable bust.

But when Hunter shows up on his doorstep at eight-thirty on a Saturday morning, practically begging him to make his eighteenth birthday party a memorable one, for the right reasons (because it's actually, you know, fun) and not the wrong ones (because Michael brings photo albums filled with pictures from Hunter's last party to show to family, friends, and random strangers off the street), Brian caves.

Since it's his job to host the party, Brian figures he can hold the damn thing anywhere he fucking wants, which is how he, Hunter, Mikey, Ben, Emmett, and five of Hunter's closest friends end up in a limo traveling to New York.

It's the longest, most annoying trip he's ever taken. Half of Hunter's friends are girls and Emmett bonds with them over makeup and fashion, the four of them chatting away like they're knee deep in a slumber party. Swim Boy is back and he obviously remembers Justin fondly because once every ten minutes he asks Hunter about the hot blond with the killer ass. Hunter's other male friend looks like he hasn't ever seen a drug he hadn't smoked, swallowed, or snorted and spent the majority of the trip asking the driver to stop at a gas station so he could buy Doritos.

By the time they got to New York, Brian seriously considers telling them to fuck the party and go the fuck back home, but then they were standing in Justin's apartment and he and Justin were making out in the bathroom and things in his world were starting to look up.

Justin drags them all to some dive in the Village where everyone gets served watered down drinks (except him and Justin because Justin fucked the bartender a week after he got into town, something that, to this day, makes the bartender smile) and Hunter and his friends eagerly bounce in their seats as they wait their turn at the karaoke machine.

Brian's a mile and a half past drunk, bored out of his mind, and feeling more than a little agreeable when Justin drags him on stage. They argue a bit about what to sing, he may be drunk but he's not drunk enough to sing sappy love songs. They end up doing an extremely amusing rendition of Little Red Corvette because as soon as Justin sees Prince listed in the song book be gets giddy like a high school girl.

Justin's a pretty good singer, him a little less so, so when Justin insists on doing another song, Brian opts out and goes to sit in the crowd. He's waiting for When Doves Cry to cue up, which is Justin's favorite Prince song ever, but instead he watches Justin do Nine Inch Nail's cover of Get Down, Make Love. It's probably the sexiest thing that stage has ever seen, there isn't a soft dick in the entire bar, and as soon as Justin's done singing the last note, Brian's grabbing his arm and dragging him to the restroom.

When they come back looking extremely well fucked half an hour later, Emmett and the girls are on stage singing a rendition of Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun that Brian is pretty sure would make Cyndi Lauper wish she'd never recorded that song. When Mikey and Ben start trying to decide what to sing, Brian rounds them all up and gets them the hell out of there.

It's well past two in the morning and the thought of riding back to Pittsburgh with a bunch of teeangers drunk off watered down Coke makes him want to kill himself. So, he finds a ridiculously expensive hotel, puts Emmett and the girls in one room, Mikey, Ben, Hunter and his friends in another. He and Justin stay just long enough to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy and share a slice of the cake Brian managed to produce out of thin air, before he and Justin head up to their suite four floors away from everyone else.

He's been in town for six hours and he's only fucked Justin once, so they set about correcting that oversight immediately. Another few hours later, they're way too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

Late the next morning, Mikey shows up and tells him they're taking the kids and the limo back to the Pitts. He really should go with them. It's Sunday and he has a presentation on Monday he has to prepare for and a staff meeting he has to think up stuff to bitch about at, but Justin looks really good curled up in bed, covers low on his hips, and he's missed him more than words can really express. When he turns back to tell Michael he's not coming with them, Mikey's already halfway down the hall, yelling back at him to have a great time.

When he slips back into bed beside Justin, curling himself around him and holding him close, he wonders what he can plan for Hunter's nineteenth birthday.