George W. Bush Sucks Cock In Hell


For susanderavish who wanted "A FIC IN WHICH JUSTIN IS BEAUTIFUL AND BRIAN IS V.V. HORNY AND THEN THEY HAVE THE GAY SEX." Notice she did not request a plot, so just keep that in mind.

Notes: This has not been beta'd, but susanderavish insisted that you all need porn to help recover from the past 24 hours. She also came up with the title, so please be sure to tell her how much you like it!



Justin came home one night after spending most of the day in the studio at school working on a painting. It was a Saturday and Justin figured Brian would be out, but as he passed into the bedroom he heard the shower running. He stripped down to his briefs and collapsed into bed on his back, not bothering to pull down the covers. His day had started with an early shift at the diner, and between bussing tables and painting, he was physically and mentally exhausted.

Brian emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, his hair wet from the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Hey,” Justin croaked out.

Brian stood at the foot of the bed staring at him with a familiar look on his face. “Hey. Why aren’t you naked?”

“Because Brian, I have been painting for almost ten hours and I really need to get some sleep. I’m exhausted.” Justin tried to keep his voice firm because he really was tired and Brian could be very convincing.

Brian grinned at him his eyes heavy and dark. “You look hot when you’re tired.” He started to rub himself over his towel.

Justin laughed and tried to ignore the twitching in his own cock. “You always think I look hot.”

“Yeah well, why do you think I keep you around?”

Brian pulled at the towel and let it drop to the floor, revealing his half hard dick.

Justin wanted to cover his eyes or look away, but he couldn’t. “I really need to rest. Just give me an hour or two and then you can wake me up.”

Brian said nothing; he just wrapped one hand around his dick and started to stroke. Justin’s breath caught in his throat and he felt his own cock stiffen in response. Watching Brian touch himself made Justin crazy and Brian knew it. Justin watched as Brian stroked himself long and slow, and when he brushed his thumb over the head and exhaled sharply, Justin let out a soft moan.

“Brian, I said I need to sleep,” Justin said weakly, but he knew it was useless -- his words didn’t sound the least bit convincing.

“That’s not what your dick says.” Brian pointedly eyed Justin’s now fully hard cock.

Justin groaned in frustration but rolled onto his stomach, conceding defeat. Brian immediately spread out on top of him, rubbing his cock on Justin’s ass.

“You can sleep later.” Brian murmured in his ear as he grabbed the waistband of his briefs, and Justin lifted his hips so Brian could slip them off.

Brian pressed his whole body onto Justin’s, his hands on his shoulders, his cock nestled in the crack of his ass and he thrust slowly against him. Brian’s damp hair tickled Justin’s neck and his breath was heavy in his ear. As Justin’s dick rubbed along the sheets and Brian sucked on his neck, he decided sleep was overrated anyway.

Brian’s hands slid down his sides and came to rest on his hips, and he leaned back pulling Justin up onto his knees. Brian knelt behind him, pushing Justin’s legs apart with his own. Justin glanced over his shoulder and saw Brian lean across to grab the lube and a condom from the bedside table.

“Hurry Brian,” he moaned.

Brian just chuckled. “Relax Sunshine,” he said his voice warm and smooth, “I promise I’m going to fuck you.”

Justin sighed and lowered his head. He heard the squirt from the bottle of lube and then Brian’s hand was on him, rubbing gently up and down his crack. Justin groaned into the pillow, lifted his ass a little higher and spread his legs a little wider.

Brian’s fingers slid up and down and Justin gasped each time they brushed past his hole. His hips were moving with Brian’s hand, pushing back, desperate to feel Brian inside of him.

Finally Brian slipped one finger in and Justin sighed with relief. As Brian slid his finger in and out of Justin’s ass, he ran his other hand up along his back, around to his belly and brushed gently over his dick and balls. Justin hissed at the contact and arched back against Brian’s hand, driving him in deeper.

“More,” Justin breathed and Brian obliged adding a second and then a third finger. Justin moaned and drove his ass back against Brian, whose other hand was on his back, holding him steady as Justin fucked himself on Brian’s fingers.

When Brian brushed against his prostate, Justin squeezed his eyes shut and decided he needed Brian’s dick in his ass right now.

“Brian, I need…”

Brian suddenly leaned across his back and pressed his face into Justin's neck, his fingers still fucking his ass.

“What do you need?” Brian whispered seductively.

“I need you to fuck me.” Justin knew his voice sounded desperate, and he didn’t care that ten minutes ago he was pleading for Brian to leave him alone.

“You sure you’re not too sleepy?” Brian’s hot breath was on his neck, and when Justin turned his head slightly to look at him, Brian kissed as much of his mouth as he could reach, sucking on Justin’s tongue and biting down gently on his lower lip.

“Please fuck me,” he begged when their lips parted, not caring how much shit Brian would give him later for being so easy.

Brian’s fingers slipped out of his ass and Justin buried his face in the pillow, spreading his knees in anticipation. He heard the rip of the condom wrapper and then Brian pushed inside with one smooth easy stroke.

Brian fucked him hard, one hand clutching Justin’s hip, the other holding tight to his shoulder. Over and over he pulled his cock almost all the way out before plunging back into Justin’s ass. Justin’s face was pushed into the bed and he opened his mouth to tell Brian how fantastic it felt and to beg him to never stop, but all he managed to get out was a small gasping noise. Justin tried to reach for his own dick, but found he needed both hands to brace himself against Brian’s frantic thrusting. Finally Brian’s hand left his hip and reached around to circle Justin’s cock. Brian jerked him off hard and fast, and after just a few strokes Justin came onto Brian’s hand; Brian followed almost immediately, his groan muffled against Justin’s back.

After Brian pulled out, Justin stretched out on his back and let the fuzzy glow from his orgasm mix with his drowsiness. He was satisfied and pleasantly warm, and he started to drift off when suddenly Brian rolled up onto his side and rubbed against Justin, startling him awake. He felt Brian’s dick, already hard again, pressing into his thigh as his hands started to tease Justin’s nipples.

“Brian,” he protested, “I have to sleep now.”

But Brian ignored him and kissed his neck as his hand skimmed down his chest to his belly.

“I’m serious. You are not going to make me beg again.”

But Brian just chuckled into his neck as his hand wrapped tightly around Justin’s dick.

“That’s what you think.”