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Nip/Tuck- QAF Crossover – it’s a Brian/Justin/Christian sandwich
Blame paddies and url_girl who came up with this plot bunny. It ended up a bit different than Ree’s first post about it, thanks to some refining of plot points with Gio.

You don’t really have to watch Nip/Tuck to appreciate this – it’s a B/J threesome, essentially. I hadn’t watched much N/T until I started researching for writing this, so don’t be scared. :) It's all about teh love (well, and since it's me - teh sex), so don't worry that the Nip/Tuck part makes it a non-B/J story. It doesn't.

Part 1

Brian’s POV

“You’d better make sure you have sunscreen on,” you say as you look across the room at him. He rolls his eyes softly, then smiles.

“I know.”

“There’s no way I’m not going to the party tomorrow, just because you’re sunburned. Or avoiding fucking you, because you’re too sore.”

He doesn’t listen. And you’re not going to avoid holding onto him, or pounding into him, just because he was too stupid to put enough sun block on his fair skin. Not that he’s stupid. Lazy, sometimes. And you’re really looking forward to fucking him at the party tomorrow.

Justin walks over to you, putting a hand on your face patiently. “Go get your botox, or whatever, and then come home and fuck me. Ok?”

“Well, they are among the best plastic surgeons in the US, so I figured it was worth going while we’re here.” Why do you feel like you have to explain yourself?

To center yourself, you grab his hand, pressing your lips into it before he can pull it away. His blink gets slow and fluttery. You lick his palm, and his knees give a little. He smiles at you, his eyes bright.

“Sure you don’t want me to fuck you first?” you smile back.

“I’d love you to,” he breathes. “But won’t you be late for your appointment?” He looks at the clock on the bedside table of the hotel room.

You nod. You do have to go. Too bad, though. You console yourself with thoughts of him pinned to the wall, moaning under you. You smile all the way to the elevator.


Christian’s POV

The receptionist announces your 1:00, so you finish the note you were making in Mrs. Santos’ file and straighten your jacket before heading to the consult room. You look at the file as you go. New name, someone you haven’t seen before.

When you walk into the room he’s sitting already, and you don’t realize how tall he is until he stands up. You see his green eyes assess you rather clinically first, then come back for a slower once-over. You wait while he checks you out. His stare is amused and not just a little interested when he looks back at your face. You clear your throat, looking down at his file.

“Tell me what you don’t like about yourself, Mr. Kinney.”

His eyes widen for a second before he laughs. “I’m just here for some botox, Dr. Troy.”

You nod, making a note on his file. It says that already, but it also never hurts to ask.

“You’re sure there’s nothing else?” you ask him.

He snorts. “What do you think?” He opens his arms, head tilted back. “Do you see anything wrong?”

When you look back at him, you find yourself thinking that he has the most beautiful mouth you’ve ever seen on a man. Wouldn’t touch that with a scalpel. But you’d love to have a picture of it, to show clients who want work done. You debate whether to ask.

You realize you’re staring when you finally catch yourself, and look up into his more deeply amused eyes. Amused, and a bit of something else, but you’re not quite sure what. The word that comes to mind is predatory, but you take a deep breath to steady yourself.

“Nothing at all, Mr. Kinney. Please follow me, and we’ll get that taken care of right away.”

You motion to the door with your hand, and he steps back to let you lead. You’re tempted not to go first for some reason, but you ignore that thought and head down the hall to the recovery room. It’s empty today, since you haven’t done any surgeries this morning. You can feel his stare all the way down the hall, and you straighten your shoulders and lift your chin. He can stare all he wants.


Brian’s POV

Who knew plastic surgeons in Miami were this hot? Not that it really surprises you, given how many hot people there are in this city. Especially this week, with the White Party going on. Of course, Dr. Troy is a local, so he’s not here for the party. You wonder whether he’s going. You wouldn’t mind running into him in the steam room.

But given that he’s leading you into an empty room with nicely set up beds, and even curtains for privacy, you’re not sure you need to see him later. Your cock starts to wake up at the idea.

You sit down on one of the beds, watching him prep for your injection. He looks over at you, and then looks away immediately when he realizes you’re looking at him. Is that a blush? You roll your lips into your mouth to hide your smile.

“So what do you do for fun here in Miami, Dr. Troy?”

He doesn’t look at you, just continues what he’s doing. When he turns around, he has a needle in his gloved hand.

“I do all kinds of things, Mr. Kinney.” He puts his hand under your chin, tipping your head up, as he steps in between your spread legs. Your hips shift closer to him as you put your hands on the bed behind you to brace yourself.

“Mmmm. Really.” You don’t say any more, just let your eyes close so you don’t have to see the needle going between your brows.

“Frown, please.”

“Things like what?” you ask.

His hand on your face is firm, holding you steady. You think about other places that hand could be, and try to hold the grin off your face so you don’t fuck up the injection.

“Fucking as many women as I can, generally,” he smirks.

You close your legs a bit when the needle goes in, pressing against his thighs with your knees. When he’s done, you don’t pull your legs away, and he doesn’t move either. He waits a beat before stepping back.

“All done.”


You don’t get up.

“So you’re not married, I take it.” You watch him walk to the table. He cleans up, disposing of the needle, removing his gloves.



“No. And not playing on your team, Mr. Kinney.”

You nod.

“But not monogamous, even if you were.”

He laughs a little. “No, not monogamous. Why would I be?”

You laugh back, nodding. “Couldn’t agree more, Dr. Troy. Although it’s refreshing to hear that perspective from a straight guy. I’d have expected you to have two kids and a wife, and at least to pretend that monogamy was important.”

“Why would you expect that?” He looks at you quizzically.

“That’s what most straight people do.”

“I’m not most straight people,” he grins.

No, he’s definitely not. You can’t wait to show him that.

“Since you asked earlier, could I get your professional opinion, Doctor?”

He turns around, calm medical face showing. “Certainly.”

“Do you think I should consider getting any other work done?”

He watches when you stand up, fingers moving to the buttons on your shirt. He doesn’t say anything as you open them, letting the fabric slip to the bed behind you.

“I mean, you might be right. While I’m here, I thought it would be good to see if you thought anything needing improving.” His eyes are riveted to your hands as they lower your zipper, skin showing as you open your pants since you didn’t bother with briefs today. You let your pants fall to the ground, stepping closer to him as you step out of them. You can tell that he’s trying not to look, but he does anyway.

You open your arms, palms facing him.

“What do you think?”

His eyes dart to your face, panic and desire crossing his features. You step closer.

“Do you think I need anything?”

You see the interest on his face, but there’s definitely something else there. He steps back.

“Mr. Kinney, if you want my medical opinion, I’d be glad to give it to you. But if you want something else, you’re looking in the wrong place. I don’t fuck men. Even pretty men, like you.” His voice is clipped, angry.

“That’s a shame. Ever tried it? You might like it.” You look at him patiently.

He narrows his eyes at you. “That’s none of your business.”

You raise your eyebrow. He turns away, frustrated. You can see this approach isn’t working.

“My apologies, Doctor. I didn’t mean to offend you.” You start putting your clothes back on.

He sighs, then turns back to face you. “You didn’t. Sorry. It’s just… it’s a personal topic.”

“Sex?” you ask.

He laughs. “Hell no.”

You cock an eyebrow at him, interested.

“Well, then, tell me more…” you tease.

He laughs. His shoulders have dropped, and whatever was going on before seems to have ended.

“How much time do you have?” he jokes.

“Ah, a kindred spirit, I see,” you reply. “Any chance you’d like to have a drink later?”

He looks up, frowning.

You raise your hands in front of you. “No strings, no pressure. Just thought a local like you might be able to give me some suggestions for the best places to go in South Beach. My partner and I are here for a week.”

He raises an eyebrow now. You can see him mulling over the idea.

“You’re attached, then?”

You smile. “In a manner of speaking.”

“But not monogamous.”


“I’m not interested in having sex with you, Mr. Kinney.”

“As you’ve said,” you acknowledge. “I’m only suggesting a drink. Or maybe dinner. With my partner and I,” you offer.

He considers it, then nods slowly. “I could have a drink with both of you. Although I suspect my hot spots won’t quite be to your liking, given that big tits are probably not your cup of tea.”

You laugh. “No, they’re definitely not. But you do seem like a guy who’d know where the beautiful people hang out. Of both sexes.”

He nods, laughing.

“You’d be surprised how many guys hanging out in straight bars can be rather ‘flexible’ - with the right persuasion, of course,” you grin.

He laughs. “Why doesn’t that surprise me, Mr. Kinney?”

“Brian,” you correct.

“Brian.” He turns back to the table. “How about 8:00?”

“Sounds great,” you fight to keep the smile small. This is going to be fun.



Justin’s mouth is hot and relentless, and you lose yourself faster than you thought you would. He climbs back up your body, smiling.

“How do you do that?” you ask him, running your fingers through his hair.

“Do what?” he asks, still smiling.

“Get better at that every time you do it.”

He kisses the side of your face, then slides around to your mouth. You taste yourself inside his mouth and he moans when you lick his tongue.

“It’s a gift.”

You snort. “And you’re modest, too.”

He rubs his body on top of yours, almost purring. “How can I be modest when the hottest guy in South Beach just came down my throat?”

You roll him over, pinning him beneath you. “Mmmm, indeed…” you kiss his neck and he arches it so you can trace a path to his ear.

“So tell me about this doctor we’re having drinks with. Is he hot?”

You run your hands up Justin’s back. “Hmmm. Yeah, he’s hot. Says he’s straight, but given the way he looked at me, I think that’s negotiable.”

Justin laughs. “You could convince most straight guys to cross over to the other side, I’m sure.”

You put your mouth at his ear and he shivers. “I was thinking we could both fuck him. He’s big and dark, and you’d look wickedly hot next to him.”

He presses his hips into yours. “Mmmm. Sounds like fun.”

“Although there’s something going on with him. Not sure what, but there’s an issue there somewhere.”

“I’m not interested in his issues, Brian. How’s his cock?”

You laugh. “When did you turn into me?”

He laughs back. “You’re a good influence, what can I say?” He rubs his hips in a circle under you and you want to fuck him, but you just came and your cock has other ideas.

“I don’t know. Didn’t see it. But there’s always later…” you smile at him and he kisses you. “We should go, actually.”

“Mhmm,” he agrees, letting you lift off of him. His hand lingers in yours until his step breaks the hold as he walks to the bathroom. You look back at him and wonder why you’re getting up.

Christian’s POV

You’re sitting in the bar, sipping your second Macallan, wondering what the fuck you’re doing. You look around, trying to figure out who you’re going to hit on. A good blow job would be a nice way to end the day.

“Dr. Troy.”

You turn around to see Brian and a younger-looking blond man. He’s much smaller than Brian, and has an even prettier mouth, if that’s possible. Christ.

“Brian,” you stand, smiling, extending your hand. Brian shakes it warmly, then turns to the man next to him, putting his arm around the smaller shoulders. “This is Justin.”

“Christian.” You shake Justin’s hand, and find yourself dazzled by his smile. He says hello, then he and Brian look at each other to decide where to sit.

“Should we get a table?” you offer, motioning to the other side of the bar. They nod, so you glance at the waitress and she leads you to a spot by the wall. You sit facing in, letting them have the view of the room. Hopefully they’ll find someone else to cruise and you’ll go home with the redhead you saw a few minutes ago.

You exchange pleasantries for a while, talking about what they do, where they live. Miami must be a nice change from Pittsburgh, although it sounds like they’re in New York a lot too.

“So you’re an artist?” you ask Justin.

He nods.

“He’s a brilliant artist, actually,” Brian adds. Justin smiles at him, and Brian keeps looking at him, not at you, as the two of you talk.

“Have you shown your work anywhere?”

Justin nods again. “I’ve had a few small shows, nothing major.”

Brian snorts, and Justin looks at him, blushing.

“Ok, one was a reasonable sized-show,” he concedes. He strokes Brian’s hand on the table. They look at each other and you feel for a second like you’re not there. Not something you’re used to. You have to admit you’re intrigued.

“A show in a very sought-after new gallery in New York, where he sold every single piece on opening night.” Brian is still looking at Justin when he says it, but the words are directed at you. At least you think they are. Justin drops his head and smiles.

Brian slings his arm around Justin’s shoulders, resting his hand against the younger man’s neck. You watch his fingers stroke the skin there and look at Justin’s face. He’s awfully young, but it’s not the first time you’ve seen relationships like this. Hell, you’ve fucked people substantially younger than you are, so who are you to judge? Mind you, this doesn’t look like a casual fuck. The age difference is a bit weirder given that they seem to have a long-standing relationship of some sort. You wonder how old Justin was when they first fucked, and the thought makes you a bit queasy.

“So how did you meet?” you ask, hoping the answer isn’t something trite like ‘he was my teacher’ or anything like that.

Justin blushes a darker shade of red and now you’re definitely intrigued.

“I picked him up outside a gay bar,” Brian grins at Justin, then turns to you. “Where he was much too young to be, mind you,” he looks over at Justin as he says this, and Justin rolls his eyes at him. You flinch a little.

“And then I took him home and fucked his brains out. Popped his cherry on the same night my son was born.”

You’re quite sure your eyes betray your shock, which is confirmed when Brian laughs at your expression.

“How… how old were you, Justin?” You have visions of him being closer to Brian’s kid’s age than to Brian’s. The whole kid thing is another interesting thought that you’ll have to explore in a minute.

Justin looks a bit offended, and you feel bad, but fuck. You get the appeal of a pretty blond boy with lips like that and an ass you found it hard not to notice as you walked to the table, but Brian seems like a more interesting guy than someone who needs a boy toy to feel virile.

“Not as young as you think I was,” Justin answers with a hint of coldness. “How old do you think I am now?”

You pause for a minute, then look at Brian. Who is laughing quietly, shaking his head. “Come on, Justin – don’t yank his chain. He didn’t mean to offend you.” Brian pulls Justin’s head towards him, kissing the side of his face. “Take it as a compliment that a plastic surgeon thinks you’re that young. Men would kill for your skin.”

“Women, too,” you agree, picking up your drink. You wish you could touch his face, actually, to check out his skin better, but you’re pretty sure that wouldn’t go over well with Brian.

“I’m old enough,” is all Justin will say, and you watch Brian grin wider.

“I’ll say,” Brian whispers, nuzzling his nose into Justin’s ear. Justin laughs and pulls away, swatting Brian lightly. “You wouldn’t believe the things he can do with that mouth,” Brian looks right at you as he says it, and Justin hits him again.

Brian shrugs, looking back at Justin. “What? It’s true. What about this afterno…” Brian stops when Justin shoots him a death glare.

“You ever want a blowjob like that again, and you’ll shut up.” Justin looks serious for a second, then you watch Brian’s eyes drop to his mouth and the air between them pulses with electricity so charged it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You feel it from where you’re sitting and it makes you swallow slowly.

You flag the waitress for another round, hoping to get something to cool things off a little. You try to recall how many you’ve had, but you’re not sure. Brian orders another when she comes over, and you watch her ass as she walks away, hoping to distract yourself from these two.

Justin excuses himself to go to the bathroom, but before he can walk away, Brian puts his hand on the back of Justin’s neck and pulls him down for a kiss. You watch as Brian’s mouth opens, Justin’s head lowering down as he smiles. The kiss is familiar, clearly, but hardly boring. Justin’s face is pinker when he pulls away, his breath a little fast. Brian’s eyes are dark when they look back at you, smirking.

“No worries about public displays of affection, huh?” you ask.

He laughs. “We’ve fucked in most public places, so no – no worries.”

You think about that. That’s one aspect of gay life you’re jealous of. The ability to go to a bar, fuck someone in the bar without even buying them a drink, then go home without having to deal with the morning after. Or maybe fuck more than one person, if you didn’t like the first enough to be satisfied. You sigh to yourself, your dick twitching at the thought of all that choice.

Brian’s looking at you, watching your face as he sips his scotch. One more thing you appear to have in common – an appreciation for good liquor. You watch him take another sip, following the alcohol as it moves down his throat. His mouth catches your attention again and you don’t think about what his lips would look like wrapped around your cock. He licks them as he watches you watching, and you look away.

You change the subject. “Doesn’t it ever cause you problems? I mean, it’s not like the entire world is ok with gay couples.”

His face darkens for a minute. “Yeah, it’s caused problems. But fuck ‘em. If people don’t like it, it’s their problem, not mine.”

“What’s not your problem?” Justin appears back at the table, smiling. You’re glad he’s back, it feels safer with him there. Like Brian’s less likely to convince you to let him… let him what?, you think to yourself.

“That people go after fags with baseball bats when they don’t like having gay affection shoved in their faces,” Brian mutters.

You’re taken aback by the hostility in Brian’s tone, but when you look at Justin he just looks patiently understanding. He leans down to Brian’s face and turns it toward his.

“You’re right. That is their problem. Not yours.” He follows his firm words with a slow kiss, his hands framing Brian’s face. The kiss lingers longer than the first one, Brian’s arms coming around Justin’s neck and holding him there. When they part, you can see Brian’s eyes glittering and Justin looks flushed.

When Justin sits, you watch Brian pull his chair closer, his hand sliding under the table onto Justin’s thigh. You find yourself fidgeting in your chair. Brian smiles at you when you look up.

“So you have kids, Brian?”

Justin smiles, looking at Brian as he answers. “Yeah. A son.” He looks at Justin, and you see something exchanged between them, but you aren’t sure what it is. “Gus,” Brian finishes. Justin smiles and looks down. “How about you?”

“I do. A son as well – Matt,” you answer. Sort of your son, anyway. Even if he is being raised by someone else. “Does Gus live with the two of you?”

Brian shakes his head. “No. He lives with his mommies, in Toronto.”

“Mommies?” you ask.

“I was a sperm donor for a lesbian friend. So Gus is mine, but I’m not raising him.” Justin strokes Brian’s hand again and you wonder if that’s a sore point.

“Huh,” you comment. “Me too.”

Brian looks up, one eyebrow raised incredulously. “Your kid is being raised by lesbians too, Doctor?”

You laugh. “No. But not by me. It’s a long story.”

Brian shrugs expectantly, indicating you’re welcome to go on if you want to. You don’t usually talk to people about things like this.

“He’s being raised by my partner – my professional partner,” you clarify, “and his wife.”

Brian’s eyebrow goes up a bit further. “But he’s yours?”

You nod. “Fucked her once, in med school. Apparently that was all it took.” You run your fingers through your hair, sighing.

“Sounds complicated,” Justin smiles softly at you. You nod. That’s the fucking understatement of the day. You pick up your new drink and drain half of it.

You see something exchanged in a glance between Brian and Justin, but you’re too tired to figure out what it is.

Brian sits up a bit straighter, leaning across the table. His hand lingers near yours and you stare at it. Nice hands.

“So Dr. Troy, tell us about your best recent fuck.”

You look at him for a second, laughing. Hell, it’s better than talking about your fucked-up life.

“Please call me Christian,” you say.

“Christian,” he corrects. He has a very smooth voice.

“You really want to hear about what I do to a woman? How I fuck pussy?” you challenge.

He laughs. “Only pussy?” He leans a bit further across the table, his finger brushing a drop of moisture off the surface beside your glass. He looks directly at you, smiling. “You never fuck anything else? How unfortunate for you – no adventurous women in your life?”

It’s your turn to laugh. “Adventurous? You could say that.” You think about the things you’ve done.

“I’ve fucked mother-daughters, twins, porn stars – you name it. I’ve done it.”

“Men?” he asks with a glint in his eye.

You swallow your drink and lift your head. He wants to play head games? He has no idea the games you could play with him.

“I thought we had this conversation, Mr. Kinney.”

“Not this one, no. We had one where you told me to back off, if I recall. But you never told me why you were so interested in my cock when we were at your office.”

You watch Justin run his hand over Brian’s leg and fuck, he brings his hand right onto Brian’s cock, making him shift in the chair. “Probably because you have a spectacular dick,” Justin breathes, smiling. You look at him and he’s looking straight at you. His smile makes your stomach feel warm.

Brian laughs, a little breathless. Justin hasn’t moved his hand. Actually, it appears that he is moving his hand. You blink, trying not to look. When you look up, Brian’s watching you, his mouth opening as his breath increases.

You hear his zipper and watch his eyes close. Jesus, is Justin going to jerk him off right here? Looks that way, judging by the movement of his hand. You feel it in your dick and you pick up your glass to hide your expression.

“Ever been curious, Christian?” Brian’s voice is husky. You wet your lips since your mouth seems to keep getting dry.

“Ever wondered what it would feel like?” he asks, his breath hitching as Justin’s hand keeps moving. They’re both looking at you and you feel pinned to the chair.

“Or maybe you’ve wondered why you like it so much when the woman sucking your dick puts her finger in your ass…”

You pull in a breath, and hold it.

“Wondered what my lips would feel like around your cock…”

You cough on your drink, your traitorous dick surging in your pants.

“Imagine what it’s like when the person doing it really knows what they’re doing. Knows what it feels like to get a blow job. Knows exactly how to push inside you…” he stops, a moan leaving his lips. Your attention is drawn back to Justin, who has turned his face away from you and is licking the side of Brian’s neck. Brian looks like he’s going to come. Jesus.

“Wanna watch, Dr. Troy?” Brian asks quietly, his voice hoarse. “You don’t have to do anything – consider it a demo. You can decide if you’re interested once you see what it’s like.”

You don’t know if it’s the scotch, or the fact that these beautiful men are essentially already having sex in front of you, but you feel your head nod before you can think better of it.

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