I Sing The Body Electric


Thanks to everyone's positive feedback, I was inspired to write more smut. This is another one from paddies' FoMD post.

Extra special thanks to burnitbackwards for an excellent beta and many complimentary and encouraging comments.

Notes: This is set early in season 1, after Elemental Drifts. Rated NC-17. Once again, thanks to Walt Whitman for the title.


The music pulsed through Justin’s body as he danced, half-drunk, against Brian's grinding hips. He loved dancing with Brian – the way the sheen of sweat glistened on his face in the flashing lights, the feel of his warm body pressed against his own. He especially loved being the center of Brian’s attention.

Despite the crowd of sweaty bodies around them, dancing with Brian always felt intimate. The dance floor was where Brian gave Justin some of his most secret smiles and soft touches; it was also where he thrust himself sharply against Justin and gazed at him with hungry, wanting eyes.

Justin liked the way everyone watched them rubbing against each other, sharing a private moment together. He had come to expect the attention Brian got wherever he went, but the idea of other men turned on by the sight of them still sent a shiver of pride and pleasure right down to his dick every time.

Brian grabbed his hips and pulled him in closer, jutting his erection against Justin’s own hard cock. Justin gasped and held Brian tight against him.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked with a wicked grin, as he thrust roughly against Justin.

“Yes,” Justin answered, hearing the desperation in his own voice.

When Brian suddenly led him off the dance floor, Justin automatically assumed they were going back to the loft, but Brian headed in the opposite direction of the exit.

Justin’s breath caught in his throat when they entered the back room. He knew it was here and he knew what went on, but seeing it firsthand was a little shocking.

The room -- which wasn't really a room at all, but a labyrinthine series of hallways and dividers -- was bathed in red light and smelled strongly of sweat and fuck. Men in various stages of undress filled the space, on their knees or against the walls, cocks in their mouths, hands, asses. Justin -- turned on, half-drunk and wide eyed -- felt like he was in a dream.

Brian ignored the faces that stopped to watch them walk by as he steered Justin to an area that was not too crowded, pushing him face first against the wall. Justin let out a moan when Brian leaned in to rub against his ass and work at his belt. His dick had been hard for what felt like forever and he was dying for release, but when Brian started to push his pants down, Justin froze.

Horny gazes on the dance floor were one thing, but getting fucked in front of an audience in the back room was something else. He tried to relax. Brian always pushed the boundaries just a little bit, and in the beginning, Justin had felt apprehensive at some of the things Brian had wanted to try. But as time went on, Justin learned that Brian was never wrong; he seemed to be able to read Justin’s mind, and he did things to him that Justin never even knew he wanted. Despite all claims to the contrary, Justin felt pretty sure Brian had a soft spot for him, small as it may be, and so he trusted him.

But now Justin felt nervous. He twisted his head back to look over his shoulder, and Brian leaned in and kissed him briefly but gently. “Close your eyes Justin,” he whispered in his ear.

Hearing Brian say his name like that never failed to send a shiver of warmth and desire down his spine, and some of the nervousness left him. Justin swallowed hard and nodded.

He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall while Brian finished pushing his pants down below his ass. Justin felt Brian press up against him, rubbing his still-clothed cock against his naked crack.

Justin kept his eyes closed as Brian pulled away just a little to unzip his own pants. He heard the tear of a condom wrapper, the squirt from the tiny bottle of lube Brian kept in his pants, and then he felt a slick finger against his hole.

Brian pushed against him, but Justin’s whole body was clenched tight with apprehension. Brian slid his other hand up under his shirt and across his chest as he murmured softly, “Relax Justin.” And there it was - his name again. As Brian’s cheek pressed against his, warm and damp from dancing the remaining tension drained from his body and he concentrated on Brian’s hands - one rubbing his chest, the other at his ass.

“That’s it,” Brian breathed, as he slid his finger inside, and oh God, it was so sexy when he whispered in his ear like that.

Justin kept his eyes closed as Brian finger fucked him. When he added a second finger and his other hand brushed across his nipples, Justin sighed and let himself feel. He didn’t know if it was the new location or the fact that his eyes were closed, but his other senses were heightened, and he felt the fingers in his ass and the pinch of his nipples crackle through his body like electricity.

Brian’s knee nudged Justin’s legs apart as his fingers slipped out. Then his dick was pressing against him and Justin relaxed around it as the back room seemed to fall away, and it was just him and Brian together. His dick slid easily into Justin’s ass, and Brian started a slow and steady rhythm.

Justin leaned against the wall as he felt the tingle spread from his stretched hole to the rest of his body. His dick was hard and needy between his legs, but Justin just wanted to let Brian fuck him for awhile.

He used to think the point of sex was getting off as quick as possible, but the value of restraint was one of the many lessons he had learned from Brian, and so he knew that holding off a little now could pay off later. He focused on the thumbs pressing into his hips, the long fingers gripping his thighs, the soft slap of Brian’s balls against his own on every stroke.

When Justin arched his neck and leaned back against Brian’s shoulder, one hand left his hip and slowly turned his head to the side. He heard Brian’s voice in his ear again, soft but firm: “Open your eyes.”

Justin opened his eyes and felt a jolt right in his gut as he saw nearly every guy in the backroom watching them with a mixture of awe and desire. The fire spread from his belly to his fingertips, his face, his cock. He watched them watch him and let out a moan he hadn’t realized he was holding in.

“Oh God, Brian!” he groaned. Brian’s hands clutched him tightly as he sped up, his breath jagged in his ear. Justin didn’t think he could hold out any longer, and as soon as he grabbed his own dick and gave one firm stroke, he was coming on the wall in front of him. He felt Brian thrust up hard against him, and then he was coming too, his face buried in Justin’s neck.

Justin’s knees sagged, but Brian’s strong arms wrapped around his waist, holding him up. They stayed like that for a moment – Brian’s dick still inside of him, Justin barely able to stand.

As Brian pulled out and reached for the box of tissues nearby, Justin turned around and was suddenly very conscious of the eyes still watching him. Brian must have realized this because he stepped in close, giving Justin a bit of privacy as he wiped himself off. Justin kept his eyes down as he cleaned up, and his hands trembled a little with the tissues.

“Hey,” Brian said softly, tilting Justin’s chin up. Justin looked up and saw a small smile on his lips before Brian leaned forward to touch his forehead briefly against his. “We’re hot together.”

A wide grin spread across Justin’s face, and despite the fact that his cheeks were still hot from the fuck, he felt them flush a little more.

Brian pulled back and zipped himself up.

“C’mon,” he said, grabbing Justin by the hand and leading him out. “Let’s go dance.”

Justin knees still felt weak and he didn’t think he could dance after that, but Brian must have sensed his reluctance in the way he stumbled behind him.

“You’ll be fine,” Brian assured him, reading his mind again, pulling him onto the dance floor. He wrapped his arms around Justin’s waist, rubbing against him softly this time, and flashed him a rare wide smile.

Justin believed him because Brian was never, ever wrong. -end-