Let's hear it for the boy!


I belong to those people who are not sure if 214 was the first time Justin topped Brian. Imho, Brian acted too much like what, is it that time of the year again, no? So, if 214 wasn't the first time, what could've been the most likely scenario instead? I perved a bit I gave it some thought and came up with an alternative setting. Well, it works for me, at least. :P

Summary: During the last few days, I had seriously considered the possibility of letting Justin top me.
Rating/Warnings/etc: NC-17. S1 timeline, post 120, Brian POV. Features some of my favourite fetishes, possessive!Brian, toppy!Justin, rimming, and the like.
Beta: zoisite84, I owe you yet another pair of panties? And a yoga course? I'll give you a big shoutout instead, okay: You Rule! :D
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A/N: Matches at least one, maybe two criteria for paddies's first time challenge-thingie. And thanks to rosi_smaabu for making sure my Brian 'behaved' when I gave into this sudden 'late night urge to write porn'.


I have an image stuck in my head I canít get rid of. Itís been haunting me for some days now. Every time I allow my mind to wander away from other things itís preoccupied with, my thoughts go back there. To this image. It wonít go away, wonít leave me alone.

Itís Justin fucking this trick after he won the King of Babylon contest.

I canít even remember this guyís name, the guy he stole away from me and fucked against that wall. I hardly remember what he looked like. But what I remember, what comes back again and again, no matter how hard I try to fight it, is what Justin looked like, thrusting in and out of him. I canít stop thinking about it. And I think about why I think about it. Itís a vicious circle I canít seem to break out of.

First, I was surprised, shocked almost. I donít know why. Itís not that I never thought about Justin as a top before Ė okay, so maybe I havenít, not really. I just always assumed that heís a complete bottom boy Ė just look at that ass, who wouldnít want to fuck it? Also, we never really talked about it. Because, like I just said, I havenít even thought about it before.

Then I was annoyed. Justin was mine, I had taught him everything he knew, everything he could do; so what gave some random trick the right to know some of Justinís sexual behaviour better than I do? It just seemed wrong. I felt like I had to be the one to know Justin inside out, know all of his skills, his acts, his techniques.

Which, of course, led me directly to the next stage: the wondering. Justin had always been a fast and most enthusiastic learner, and I began to wonder what he would be like. Would he copy me? Would he fuck like Brian Kinney? Does something like a Brian Kinney fucking-scheme even exist? If I let Justin top me, would I fuck myself?

There, I admitted it. During the last few days, I had seriously considered the possibility of letting Justin top me.

Itís not that I was born a top, you know. Everybody has to start somewhere. But stud status is something you have to work for hard enough to get it and even harder to maintain it. In other words: itís been a while. And thatís not only because I was afraid of losing a reputation; itís also because I couldnít really be bothered before. I just love to fuck, to be the one on top, thatís basically it. And I never gave it a momentís thought about what my tricks might be like when topping.

But now thereís Justin, who just runs around with his perfectly shaped ass and his Sunshine-smile; Justin, who refused to leave from day one and who I somehow just got stuck with; Justin, who makes me break some of my most important rules with a wink and a shake of that ass; Justin, who fucks with my mind in a way I donít want to explore any further. And all of a sudden, I glance down at him while he blows me, wonder if heíd enter me with deep or shallow thrusts; wonder what kind of pace heíd set, wonder how long he could actually stand fucking me of all people. If he could stand it at all. Knowing Justin, he might just come from the thought alone.

So I wonder and wonder and finally decide that I need to find out before I go completely insane. Just once, I promise myself, just this once because I need to know. I have a right to know.

Thereís a problem, of course. Just like I never thought about Justin as a top, he probably never thought about me as a bottom. And asking him directly to top me is completely out of the question, of course. I can just too well imagine the smug grin heíd be wearing for days, if not weeks. Thatís never going to happen, Sunshine.

But I wouldnít be Brian Kinney if I wasnít able to come up with a master plan. Or, rather, a plan I hope will work. Iíve had time enough to think about it and decided that I have to push him a bit further than I ever did before, place a bet on his curiosity and cheekiness Ė and see where we go from there.

So here we are now, on my bed, making out. As usual, I look down at Justin while heís busy swallowing my cock whole. And as hot as it is, my mindís elsewhere. What does he fuck like? The time to find out has come. If Justinís clever enough to get the hints I plan to drop. If not Ė well, maybe heís not worth it to begin with.

I fondle his hair, forcing him to stop deep throating me for a moment and look up to me. Heís slightly confused. Well, listen up now.

ďDo you like to rim?Ē I ask, and hope for his sake that he knows what Iím referring to.

The confusion on his face disappears, and he shows a sly smile instead.

ďSure,Ē he says, ďI love it.Ē

I mirror his grin with one of my own. ďGreat. Go to it.Ē

He licks his lips in anticipation and bows his head back down. I feel his mouth on me again, but itís not caressing my dick anymore. Instead, Justinís tongue leaves a wet trail from the root of my cock, further down, until heís arrived at my balls. Ah. Heís carefully sucking on them. Good boy. He kisses me some more down there before he continues his exploration. Justin rimming me is a first time for us, too, and Iím curious to see how heíll handle it.

He snorts softly and pushes my legs further apart. Seconds later, I can feel his breath hitting my perineum. It tickles a bit, but itís okay; now Iím the one licking his lips in anticipation. Just go to it, Justin.

His tongue darts out and finally makes contact with my skin, drawing lazy circles around my hole. I feel myself tensing, because of impatience or uneasiness, I donít know. And then he really goes to it, the tip of his tongue is trying to make its way into my body, and fuck. I tense some more and he pauses, just in the right moment.

Thatís when it hits me: maybe this isnít the first time heís doing this? IímÖ I donít know. Not happy. Who did Justin rim before me? If heíd sunk his virgin tongue into an ass, it shouldíve been mine. Itís a lesson he needs to learn.

I lift my body slightly and push back on him as much as possible. Justin wasnít expecting this sudden movement, he inhales sharply and withdraws. And there it is again, the confused look. Jesus.

ďI said: go to it,Ē I snap and lie back down.

As soon as my head hits the mattress, Justinís tongue is back Ė and I think my point came across. He practically stabs me and doesnít stop when I tense again. Fuckfuckfuck. Thatís almost too much. But I canít and wonít back down now, no chance. Besides, itís getting better already, oh yes.

Heís good at it, of course. He learned from the master. He darts in and out of my ass, fucking me with his tongue, as if itís something we do every other day. I make some kind of noise, a mix of a low moan and a deep rumble, to show him heís on the right track. I know how hungry he his for my approval, so why not reward him. This way, heíll just be himself, curious and cheeky, and probably try to see with how much heíll get away with. Little does he know that the door, or rather, my ass, is wide open for him tonight.

God, he enters me deep and heís working soÖ wet. He leaves his spit almost everywhere. I wouldnít be surprised if itís dripping out of my ass already. What an image. I have to stop myself from starting to squirm or do something equally ridiculous.

Justinís movements become faster, almost erratic, and heís moaning, god, hearing him being so turned on by rimming me turns me on, too, and I make my weird noise again. I canít help myself. Besides, Justin seems to need a bit more encouragement to work the way I want him to.

And then I think heís made up his mind to try me. One of his hands, which are both holding onto my thighs, starts moving. His fingers wander across my cheeks, getting closer. And closer. And then his tongue leaves me Ė and I feel his index finger pushing against my entrance.

I know without opening my eyes what Justinís doing now. Heís looking at me, waiting for me to back off, to scold him, to end this little show. Heís looking for some kind of warning sign from me, but it wonít come. Not tonight, Sunshine. This is your big chance, donít fuck it up.

His finger pushes inside. And he doesnít pause anymore, I bet heís too scared to give me any chance of ending this sooner than heíd like it. But itís okay anyway. It doesnít hurt, itís just a bit weird, but I know Iíll get used to it.

His breath hitches when he realizes Iím allowing him to finger fuck me, and I think thatís the moment when he decides to take what he can get and run with it.

Because I said I came up with the master plan, I made sure the lube and a condom is placed conveniently on the bed, and soon enough, I hear a familiar noise: Justin is opening the tube. Heís just acting without caring about the consequences now, just as Iíd planned it. Heís so easy.

A second finger joins the first, itís lubed and fits into my by now properly opened ass. He must know Iím already prepared enough. I wonder if heís trying to stretch this whole foreplay thing because deep inside, heís still sure Iíll back off any second. Timing is of utmost importance now.

And then the point of no return has arrived. Justin pushes his fingers inside me once more and then theyíre gone. I feel a strange kind of loss, but I canít dwell on it, I have to act, fast, before Justin freaks or I lose my face or whatever.

I lift my leg, move it over him and roll onto my stomach. I donít open my eyes. I canít look at him. I wonít allow myself to see the shock, surprise, maybe fear on his face that might make me reconsider. Iíve come so far, Iím almost there. I just hope he wonít say anything, for that would surely destroy the mood Iím in. Maybe forever. Itís now or never.

Itís now. I inwardly praise Justin for his courage Ė I donít know if I had the stamina to fuck somebody like me at his age and experience. But Justinís Justin: I hear him opening the wrapper, hear the noise of a condom being rolled down and finally, I feel him positioning himself above me.

When I said I never thought of Justin as a top before, I maybe fooled myself. Sure, heís got a great ass, but his cock isnít to be scoffed at, either. Itís not as long, but definitely as thick as mine Ė and itís entering my body this very moment.

Breathe, Kinney, breathe.

Getting fucked with a tongue or fingers is one thing Ė having a nine inch dick screwing your ass is a whole different story.

I try to relax by thinking of something else, and my mind goes back to praising Justin once again for really going through with it. Heís doing good so far, taking it slow, giving me time to adjust. And then, itís okay, Iím good to take more of him, and as if on cue, he picks up the pace. Hm. Heís really doing a good job, canít argue with that.

He rocks me for some time, and eventually, I begin to get the feel for it. My memory comes back to me, I remember the joys of bottoming, for there are some, even if they canít outdo the joys of topping in my opinion. But being fucked is good if youíve got a good top, and my, I really taught Justin well. Iíd pat myself on the shoulder if I could.

Things get even better when Justinís selfĖconfidence comes back with a vengeance. I said heís rocking me? Forget it. He shifts, changes his angle and thrusts really deep all of a sudden and fuck, I have to bite on my lip to swallow the moan that was about to make its way out of my mouth. Heís hitting my prostate now, the little fuck.

I should seriously consider giving classes in sexual education.

Heís fucking me, and itís good, and I even begin to push back on him, because, damn. And while my hips are moving, Justin uses the opportunity and sneaks one hand between my body and the mattress, reaches for my hard cock and closes his fingers around it, squeezing it. Hard. Just like heís fucking me. Just like I fuck him, I guess.

Iím not very surprised, but a bit worried when I notice Iím about to come. Can I come before Justin? But isnít that the way I taught him? That a good top lets the bottom come first?

Iím slightly confused for a few moments, and then, I just stop caring and allow myself to just feel this unique experience. No regrets, remember?

He jerks me fast, he fucks me hard and he sucks my neck and Iím done, I buckle a bit, raise my hips one last time and come, probably making that noise again, Iím not sure anymore. And Justin, who I thought would orgasm seconds after entering me, manages a handful of more thrusts before he climaxes, too. Heís moaning out loud, of course, for he doesnít have an image to hold onto, and for a split second, I envy him. But then, the momentís gone, Justin collapses on top of me, and our ragged breathing fills the room.

I give him a few minutes before I stretch my body, signalling him to roll off me. He gets the clue and dismounts my sweaty body. As soon as heís gone, I feel a bit cold and fumble for the duvet. Itís lying next to me. I reach for it and pull it over my body, without opening my eyes. I still donít want to look at him. Or talk to him. I just want to sleep.

The mattress shifts as Justin leaves the bed, I guess heís using the bathroom. Heís giving me the distance I need now. After all, itís not that bad having him around.

Justin returns a bit later, I hear him and feel the bed shifting again. He crawls under the duvet and lies down beside me.

I think things will be okay. Weíll sleep, wake up tomorrow and not talk about it. Justinís a clever boy. Just as Iím about to doze off, heís shifting again.

ďYou know,Ē he whispers suddenly, ďif thatís whatís been eating you the past few days, all you needed to do was ask.Ē

I donít answer but choose the cowardís way out instead: I pretend Iím asleep already.

That little fuck.