Mistletoe and Ho Ho Ho


Merry Christmas burnitbackwards! Because you are fab and amazing and I love you so much (WHICH I ALREADY SAID LIKE A MILLION TIMES OMG), I have written Christmas smut just for you!

Thanks to soundczech and mojokitten for quick and helpful betas. I will get the commas right someday.

Many, many thanks to susanderavish. She was there when I got stuck and offered grammar advice, suggestions and lots and lots of encouragement, and she didn't let me stop until I made it better even when I didn't think I could.

Extra special thanks to f1renze for being just about the best cheerleader a girl could ask for. I could not have done this without her =D> and :X and >:D< and =P~ along the way. Also, many of the ideas are hers, so she deserves a lot of credit.

One million kisses to url_girl for making CUSTOM ICONS FOR MY FIC :X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X, and also for saying many good things about this that made me blush.


Rated NC-17


“How long do we have to stay?” Brian asked as they pulled up in front of Debbie and Carl’s house on Christmas Eve.

“Why, you got something better to do?” Justin unloaded several shopping bags full of presents and handed them to Brian.

“I’m sure I could think of something.” Brian pushed Justin up against the car, thrusting his crotch into Justin’s, dropping the presents on the driveway.

Justin pushed him off and admonished, “Brian! Be careful! Some of those are breakable.”

“Okay, okay,” Brian sighed, and picked up the bags again.

“We just have to wait until after dinner and presents and then I’m all yours, and I promise I’ll make it up to you.” Justin pressed up against him at the front door and kissed Brian’s neck softly. As Brian’s expression softened and he nodded, Justin smiled and wondered for the hundredth time if Brian knew just how easy he was.

After about an hour, Brian started to get that familiar look in his eyes, and by the time they all sat down to dinner, Justin knew Brian was itching to get out of there.

When halfway through the meal Deb started up with “Remember the Christmas…,” Brian pushed his chair back and walked out of the kitchen to the living room. Justin followed several minutes later just as Brian was coming back in the front door, smelling of cigarettes and cold air.

“Are you ready to go yet?” Brian looked as though he knew damn well that Justin was not ready, so Justin wasn’t sure why he even bothered.

“No, but if you want I’ll make out with you under that mistletoe.” Justin gestured to the tacky green plastic decoration hanging from the doorway.

Brian pulled Justin in for a kiss and ground his hips into him as he whispered against his mouth, “How about I fuck you under the mistletoe instead?”

Justin laughed and pushed him away in spite of his hardening dick.

“After presents. I told you that already.”

Brian sank down onto the couch and rolled his eyes, and Justin sat beside him and started rubbing his back.

“You better have something amazing planned or you’re dead,” Brian huffed.

Justin pulled Brian’s shirt out of the waistband of his pants and started to rub his back underneath.

Brian leaned forward slightly, granting Justin access to his whole back.

“Does that feel good?” Justin whispered.

“You’re gonna have to do better than that for subjecting me to this,” Brian grumbled.

Justin’s hand came around to the front of Brian’s pants and undid his buckle, but instead of reaching for his cock like he knew Brian expected, he resumed stroking his back.

He ran his fingers lightly up to the nape of Brian’s neck, causing the hairs there to stand on end, and as he ran his hand back down again, he dipped below the waistband of Brian’s pants.

Justin rubbed the part of Brian’s ass he could reach before bringing his hand out of his pants and putting his fingers in front of Brian’s mouth.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Brian tone was sharp, but Justin could see the flush in his cheeks and the bulge in his pants so he leaned his mouth next to Brian’s ear and whispered as seductively as he could, “You know you want it.”

Justin watched Brian’s cock twitch in his pants in response to his words and he bit back a smile. Brian raised an eyebrow but opened his mouth and sucked on Justin’s fingers, licking his tongue up and down and Justin hissed, feeling it in his own dick.

Justin brought his hand back into Brian’s pants and stroked the top of his crack gently before working his hand lower. Brian sighed and leaned forward even further until he was at the edge of the couch. He lifted his hips slightly and Justin slipped one finger between his cheeks and rested it on his hole. Brian slowly lowered his hips back down and Justin’s finger slid into his ass.

He lifted up slightly again, and Justin brought his other finger to rest beside the first. Again Brian lowered himself onto it, until he was sitting back down and two of Justin’s fingers were buried in his ass.

Brian bent his waist giving Justin room to move his hand and he started to slowly slide his fingers in and out of Brian’s ass.

Justin was startled by the clang of dishes in the sink and he jerked his fingers deeper into Brian’s ass causing Brian to groan and push back on Justin’s hand.

“They’ll be coming out here in a few minutes,” Justin said softly and started to pull his hand away, but Brian grabbed his wrist behind him.

“There’s still dessert.”

Justin laughed and resumed slowly fucking Brian’s ass with his fingers.

But then Justin heard Debbie’s shrill voice rise above the others.

“Let’s open presents before we have dessert!”

Moments later, they all came into the living room. Justin went to jerk his hand away, but Brian slid back on the couch, pinning Justin’s arm behind him, his fingers still in Brian’s ass.

Michael sat down next to Justin, took one look at the two of them and snickered.

“Here we go again.”

Justin put on his most innocent look and said nothing until Michael turned away to talk to Ben.

Everyone was soon caught up in the flurry of exchanging gifts, and they ignored Brian and Justin for the time being.

Justin focused all his attention on Brian. He couldn’t move his fingers much with his arm pushed up against the back of the couch, so Brian had begun to slowly rock his hips on Justin’s hand, driving his fingers deeper.

Justin’s own cock throbbed in response to Brian fucking himself on his hand, and he was about two seconds away from dragging him upstairs when Deb was suddenly pushing a brightly wrapped package into Brian’s lap.

“Merry Christmas, Brian!”

Brian just looked at her blankly for a moment until Justin nudged him. “Open it.”

Brian took a deep breath as picked up the present, and Debbie smiled expectantly as he tore the paper away.

Justin’s wrist was facing the wrong direction for him to have much control of his fingers, so he pushed them in as far as he could, bending them slightly, aiming for Brian’s prostate with his knuckles.

Brian gasped in surprise as he opened the box, Justin’s knuckles finding their mark. Inside was a balloon-making kit for making animal shaped balloon sculptures.

“Oh wow!” Brian let out a sharp breath.

“You really like it?” Deb seemed a little incredulous.

“Yeah, it’s great,” he gasped.

“I thought you could make animals for Gus! And maybe for the other kids too at his next birthday party!”

Justin grinned. “That’s pretty cool, Brian. Just think of all the… interesting shapes you could make with those long balloons.” He pulled his fingers apart slightly and pushed them in roughly.

“Oh yeah,” Brian practically groaned as Justin used his knuckles to rub Brian’s prostate again.

“Well shit, I never saw you get that excited over a present before!” She beamed, obviously pleased by his reaction.

When Deb turned away to get another present from under the tree, Brian hissed in Justin’s ear, “You’re gonna pay for that one, Sunshine.”

Justin just laughed and twisted his fingers, watching Brian’s eyelids flutter in response.

“You love it,” Justin whispered back.

Just then, Deb returned from the tree with another package that she handed to Justin.

“This one’s for Sunshine!” she exclaimed with a wide grin.

She placed the package in his lap and Justin wondered briefly how he was going to open it with one hand when Emmett suddenly exclaimed loudly from the other side of the room.

“Oh, Deb! You have to see what Michael and Ben gave me!”

Deb hurried off and Justin let the present slide off his lap onto the couch beside him.

“What exactly is your plan here?” Justin knew Brian’s words were meant to be sarcastic, but his moving hips and glazed eyes gave him away.

“I’m gonna finger your ass till you come in your pants.” Justin licked his lips and grinned at Brian.

Brian chuckled. “You think you can make me come like this?”

“Yes,” Justin breathed in his ear. “Don’t you remember the last time I fucked you? You came without either one of us touching your cock. Just the feeling of my dick sliding in and out of your ass was enough to make you shoot all over the sheets.”

Brian exhaled sharply and closed his eyes, his hips steadily rocking on Justin’s hand. Justin’s own dick strained against his pants as he watched Brian’s face go completely slack.

Justin squeezed a third finger down Brian’s crack. His wrist was cramped and he knew he couldn’t hold the position much longer, but if Brian’s jagged breath and jerky movements were any indication, he wouldn’t have to.

Brian gasped out loud when Justin pushed the third finger in beside the other two, but no one paid them any attention over the laughter and rustle of wrapping paper.

Justin licked along the edge of Brian’s ear, slid his fingers in as far as he could reach, bumping his knuckles on his prostate again as he murmured in his ear, “Isn’t this better than fucking under the mistletoe?”

Brian’s eyes squeezed shut and his body froze for a moment before he jerked sharply on Justin’s hand, his ass clenching around his fingers.

Justin chuckled softly as he pulled his fingers out of Brian’s ass, but it was Brian’s turn to laugh when Justin realized he had to pass out all the presents while trying to hide his hard-on.

They finally left a few hours later, laden with presents, leftover lasagna, and a Santa hat that Deb insisted Justin wear.

Brian grabbed Justin as soon as they entered the loft, his hands fumbling with Justin’s zipper, but Justin pulled away.

“Let me put the leftovers in the fridge first.”

Brian protested but released him and unbuttoned his own shirt. He reached out and flicked the pompom on Justin’s hat, causing the little bell to jingle.

“You don’t make a very convincing Santa.”

Justin pulled off the hat and reached up and put it onto Brian’s head, stepping back to eye him critically.

“Neither do you. No beard, no rosy cheeks – although you do have a little round belly,” he teased, running his hand over Brian’s flat stomach.

Brian slapped him away.

“Fuck you.” He grabbed a bottle of whiskey and headed for the couch while Justin finished putting everything away.

“Should we leave milk and cookies for Santa?” Justin asked.

“As long as he doesn’t touch my liquor.” Brian took a long swig from the bottle and stretched out on the couch.

Justin walked over to stand in front of Brian, enjoying the sight of his long legs and smooth chest.

“What?” Brian asked.

“If the Santa at the mall had been this hot, I think I would still be going to sit on his lap.”

Brian grinned and put the bottle down on the floor. “Well why don’t you come tell me what you want?”

Justin laughed, but crossed the distance between them and sat down on Brian’s lap. Brian lifted Justin’s shirt up and over his head and wrapped his arms around Justin’s waist. Brian’s chest was hot against Justin’s back and his breath was soft in his ear.

Justin let his head fall back on Brian’s shoulder as he rubbed his ass on Brian’s lap, grinding against his hard cock which he could feel poking him through both pairs of pants.

Brian licked up the side of Justin’s neck and rubbed his crotch. Justin had been hard since he had his fingers in Brian’s ass, and he thought if Brian kept this up, he’d come in his pants too.

“Brian…” he whispered.

Brian pushed Justin up off his lap and helped free him of his pants before shedding his own, pulling condoms and lube out of his pocket and tossing them on the couch beside them. Justin climbed back into Brian’s lap, facing him this time, spreading his legs across Brian’s thighs and rubbing their dicks together.

“Tell me what you want for Christmas, little boy,” Brian whispered as he slicked his fingers.

“I want, uh, for you to fuck me.” Justin gasped, starting to get desperate.

Brian urged Justin up onto his knees. “Are you sure you don’t want me to blow up a nice big balloon cock for you?”

Justin laughed, but his laughter turned into a moan when two of Brian’s fingers slid between his legs and into his ass.

Brian’s free hand wrapped around Justin’s neck and brought him in for a kiss. Brian tasted like whiskey and cigarettes and Justin sucked his tongue into his mouth trying to get as much of him as he could. Justin moaned into Brian’s mouth as he twisted his fingers in Brian’s hair and rocked himself on his hand.

Brian’s fingers felt so good, but Justin wanted more and so he pulled his mouth away and rolled a condom down Brian’s dick as Brian let his fingers slip out of Justin’s ass. Brian held his cock steady as Justin slowly lowered himself onto it, and Justin sighed with relief at the familiar burn and stretch. Soon he was fucking himself hard on Brian and groaning into his mouth. Brian’s hands came around to squeeze Justin’s hips, slowing his frantic movements.

“Easy,” he choked out.

Justin grabbed Brian’s arms and tried to break free of his grip.

“It’s my present, Brian.”

“But Santa gets to be in charge.” Brian’s eyes flashed in the semi-darkness as held Justin still until he stopped struggling. Justin sighed in frustration as Brian carefully turned them both to the side. He pushed Justin down onto his back and lay on top of him, their bodies never losing contact.

Brian started to fuck Justin agonizingly slowly, pushing Justin’s knees into his chest.

“Harder,” Justin begged.

Brian’s cheek was pressed against Justin’s and his breath was ragged in his ear, “Have you been good this year?”

“Yes,” Justin hissed and grabbed Brian by the ass, pulling him in deeper.

And with that, Brian gripped Justin’s shoulders and sped up until they were both gasping for breath, the little bell on Brian’s hat jingling with every thrust. Brian brought his face down to Justin’s and their lips met in a frantic clashing of teeth and tongues. Justin wrapped his arms around Brian’s back and his legs around his waist as he sucked on his tongue, trying to draw him in closer on every stroke.

Justin soon felt his balls tighten and a tingle spread through his body, and he came with a loud groan, Brian following seconds later.

Later, after a long shower, Justin and Brian were getting into bed when something outside caught Justin’s eye. He stood up on the bed to get a better look out the window and saw snowflakes swirling in the light of the streetlamps.

“It’s snowing.”

“Great, now my shoes will get wet and I’ll have to clean off my car, and everybody in Pittsburgh will be driving like an idiot.”

Justin turned to look down at Brian, unable to suppress a smile.

“I love how snow on Christmas makes everything pretty.”

“Not even snow can make this shitty town look good,” Brian said sarcastically, but he reached out and rubbed Justin’s calf.

“Now get to bed or Santa won’t come.”

Justin laughed. “Santa already came on the couch. And then again in the shower, remember?”

Brian smacked his ass and pulled Justin down onto the bed where Justin curled up on his side with Brian spooned up against him, his face buried in Justin’s neck and his arm wrapped around his chest.

Justin relaxed for a moment, but his mind was still on the snow outside.

“Brian, I think I’m gonna draw.”

“Now?” Brian huffed and tightened his grip on Justin.

“Yeah, I want to do it now while the snow is still all clean and fresh.”

“What are you gonna draw?” Brian’s voice was sleepy and muffled in Justin’s neck.

A thousand images flooded Justin’s mind as he imagined the streets outside.

“Let’s see, the old building across the street –- the snow always makes that look all quaint and rustic instead of a rundown pile of bricks. And I want to draw the streets before they turn gray and slushy. I like how before the plows come through you can’t tell where the street stops and the sidewalk begins. The snow makes everything look different, you know? Like you almost don’t recognize it cause it’s the wrong color, and everything’s bigger when it’s covered in snow. And the light –- I love the way the sky is so bright that it’s almost like daytime, and the streetlamps light up the snow and make everything glow. I want to draw that.”

“Okay Picasso, go draw your winter wonderland,” Brian said and released his grip on Justin.

Justin rolled over in Brian’s arms and looked into his face. As usual, the sarcasm in Brian’s voice was not reflected in his expression, and he gazed at Justin with warm and sleepy eyes, a small smile on his lips.

“I think I’ll wait till tomorrow,” Justin whispered.

Brian pulled him in and kissed him softly, winding his tongue with Justin’s as he ran his fingers through his hair. Justin curled back into Brian’s arms and smiled when Brian squeezed him tightly to his chest once again.

Justin felt giddy and excited and was sure he wouldn’t be able to sleep, just like when he was a little boy. He knew he wouldn’t wake up to presents under a tree; instead he’d get sleepy kisses, warm hands on his body, and a leisurely morning fuck. There would be coffee and blowjobs and snow outside and Brian inside.

He couldn’t wait.