Timeline: future fic
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Can Brian live without fucking Justin for two weeks?


“Are you really doing this? Is he really doing this? For real?”

Justin smiled at Daphne's disbelief. “I know, hard to imagine.”

But then again, not really. Not when he saw the way Brian looked at him, the way Brian touched him. The way Brian had barely fucked anyone else for the last year anyway.

He'd only done it when things went really badly, when they had a particularly nasty fight. Then he needed to go out and prove something, show everyone that he was still a free man, still had options.

But over the last few months he'd left, but come home smelling remarkably free of other men. Sometimes smelling of whiskey and pot, but not so much of sex anymore.

Justin picked up his glass and lifted his eyes to Daphne's. “I guess my blowjobs have finally convinced him he doesn't need to go anywhere else.”

Daphne laughed, throwing a couch pillow at him. “I should hope so. He’s had twelve years of them.”


“Oh, fuck.”

“Mmmm,” Brian teased. “And who says romance is dead?”

“Shut up... oh... fuck.” Justin turned his head into the pillow, his hands clenching in the sheets. “God, Brian,” he breathed. “Fuck me. Now.”

“You're such a bossy bottom.” Brian's fingers kept moving, pushing deeper inside Justin. “A bossy bottom with a hot ass.” Brian's voice faded as he pressed his lips to Justin's lower back.

“So warm... so wet.” Brian's fingers pushed up, then angled down, making Justin's hips leave the bed completely.

“Oh...” Justin tried for coherence, but it was difficult under the circumstances. “God, I can't wait.”

Brian said nothing, but Justin heard the change in his breathing.

Justin continued, ignoring the sharp breath Brian had drawn. “God, Brian – just the thought of it. The idea of you, inside me. Wet, and hot. So wet…”

He gasped when Brian's other hand came down hard on his ass, a red handprint blooming on his skin. “Shhh.”

“Can you imagine it, Brian?” Justin moaned. “Oh god...”

“Shhh.” Brian demanded, moving his fingers harder, rougher. “We're not going to talk about it. Remember?”

“I know, but...”

“But nothing. Stop, Justin.”

Despite the absurd level of arousal coursing through his body, Justin stilled at the harshness in Brian's tone.

“I can't...” Brian pulled away. “After all I've given up, we still have to... I hate these fucking things.” Brian caught himself, trying to bite off the words.

Justin held his breath, listening. Waiting for it. For the uncertainty to come through, the worry. Then maybe the excuses. He felt his heart clench.

“We just have to wait, Justin.” Brian’s voice became softer again, in control now. Didn’t sound like denial, like he was backing away, but there was something there. Something that left a lump in Justin’s throat. He swallowed around it, determined not to worry. Brian’s voice caught his attention again.

“It won't be long. We can do it.”

Justin snorted, the sound leaving his nose before he could stop it.


Justin pushed his head further into the pillow, not wanting to antagonize. Not wanting to get into this.


“Nothing,” came the muffled reply.

“Don't fucking 'nothing' me.” Brian's voice was low. Low enough that Justin's cock kicked, despite himself. When Brian's fingers stroked across his prostate, Justin gasped, curling into the pleasure.

“What?” Brian's mouth was right at his ear, smoother now, his fingers continuing their steady movement.

“Think I can't do it?” Brian's voice should have been enough warning. “Think I can't wait?”

Justin pulled in a breath, trying for sanity. “You don't have to wait, Brian. We can just use condoms until we're both tested again.”

“I don't want to use a fucking condom.” Justin's head craned around at Brian's words. “It's about time we got rid of them.”

We are getting rid of them, Justin thought, but he kept his mouth shut. “It's only two more weeks,” he said.

“So?” Brian's eyes had that look in them. That look that really wasn’t good, at least not for the next two weeks.

“We can last two weeks. Or at least, I can. Can you?” Brian's eyebrow went up in challenge.

Which Justin had to admit felt like a welcome distraction from his fears a few moments ago.

He snorted again, staring back at Brian. Brian’s eyebrow went up further. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Brian’s lips moved back to Justin’s ear, his breath warm and hypnotic. “That means two weeks, no condoms. Nothing requiring a condom. I dare you to try it – you’ll never last. You’ll be begging me to fuck you within days. No way you can last two weeks.” Brian sat back on his heels, a smug smile on his face, wiping his fingers on his leg.

Justin twisted around, sitting up so he was facing Brian on the bed. “Oh, I can definitely last two weeks, Brian.” He smiled slowly, letting his eyes fall to Brian’s erect cock.

“Because, see, I can still have what I’m used to.” He watched Brian’s eyebrow go up again and his mouth open to speak. Justin cut him off.

“There are lots of things that can go in my ass, other than your dick," he said. “But your dick can’t really go anywhere else, can it? At least, not anywhere near as good…”

Brian’s face registered the barest flicker of emotion before he masked it. Justin laughed quietly, leaning forward to brush his lips against Brian’s. “Can’t have my ass, can’t have anyone else’s. You sure you want to do this?”

Brian leaned into the kiss, breath warm and lips demanding. Justin briefly hoped he'd call the whole thing off, make a joke and then fuck him senseless, condom and all.

“Oh, I’m sure,” was all Brian said, a sly smile on his face. Justin’s warning bells started to flash, but before he could say anything, Brian pushed him down on the bed and straddled his ribs, his cock bobbing over Justin’s face.

“Very sure,” he breathed, pushing his cock into Justin’s open mouth.


Justin sat at the table in Woody’s, watching Brian play pool. Watching Brian and trying to find a comfortable way to sit without his dick rubbing against his pants the wrong way. Brian had conveniently neglected to return the favour after the particularly spectacular blowjob Justin had given him.

Justin pushed the thought of Brian's naked body towering over him out of his head and turned back to the table. Nope, not thinking about the firm slide of Brian’s cock in his mouth, Brian’s hands holding his head as he thrust fast and deep, the sound of his strangled cry as he came…

“So how long are you guys in town for?” Emmett asked, waiving his drink towards Brian.

“Hmm?” Justin looked up. “Sorry?”

Emmett repeated his question slowly, watching Justin’s face.

“Oh, uh – just a week.” Justin swallowed the rest of his beer and started to get up, then thought better of it, given the state of his cock.

Emmett nodded. “Well, it’s great to see you. Both of you, actually, but don’t tell him that,” he smiled conspiratorially. Justin nodded back, focusing his attention on Emmett, trying to generate some interest in the story of a recent party fiasco.

Which meant he didn’t notice when Brian came over, pool cue in hand, his body pressing against Justin’s back as he leaned over the table to swipe a sip of Ted’s beer. Hard, lean body, pressing into him in just the right way. Justin swallowed slowly.

“So what is Kinnetik New York up to these days, Brian?” Emmett asked as Michael and Ted sat down. “Of course, I hear all about it from Teddy, but that isn’t the same as hearing it from you. Tell me all about your latest conquests,” he grinned, looking at Justin.

“Like I’m going to spend the night talking about work on my first week off in months.” Brian kept his body pressed against Justin’s, making no move to sit down just yet.

“My god, you guys have gotten boring in your old age! Couldn’t you at least tell me about your recent hot fucks?” Emmett pouted, looking between Justin and Brian.

“Don’t you wish?” Brian smirked at him, finally moving away and sitting down, much to Justin’s relief. “I’m not feeding your Justin fetish – it doesn’t need any help.” Brian cocked his eyebrow at Emmett, laughing when Emmett had the good grace to blush.

No one commented on the exclusive mention of Justin, and the absence of any mention of tricks. Michael picked up his beer and changed the subject.


“God, Brian, we haven’t been here in ages,” Justin grinned at him, buzzing lightly from the last two shots of vodka.

“Mmm, true.” Brian wrapped an arm around his waist, lining their hips up as Justin continued to move with the music. “But it really isn’t the same since I sold it.”

“Yeah, especially since there’s no VIP backroom anymore,” Justin murmured, running his hands up Brian’s sides.

Brian laughed. “Too true.” He leaned his head into Justin’s, pressing warm lips to Justin’s ear. “Guess we’ll have to fuck in the regular old backroom. Unless you’d like to wait till we get back to the hotel?”

“Fuck no,” Justin breathed, hooking his fingers into the belt loops on Brian’s jeans. “You owe me a blowjob, Kinney,” he glared, pulling Brian behind him across the dance floor.

Brian laughed, letting Justin lead him into the backroom, eyes smiling as Justin leaned against the wall. Brian leaned in, bracing his arms on either side of Justin’s head.

“I don’t give blowjobs in the backroom, Justin,” he smirked. He moved his head closer, letting his lips rest over top of Justin’s. “I’d be happy to fuck you in here, as long as you’re willing to admit you couldn’t hack it.”

Justin snorted under him, his head shaking. “Oh no you don’t. I’m not giving in that easily. It’s only been a few days.” Justin pushed Brian back by the shoulders. “And you do so give blowjobs in the backroom. If you can do it in New York, you can do it here.”

He let his mouth press against Brian’s, silencing any protest with a slow, lingering kiss. He was still licking the inside of Brian’s mouth when he slid his hand into Brian’s jeans. Hard and wet, just the way he liked it. He swallowed Brian’s gasp, working his cock with practiced ease.

“Come on,” he whispered as he pulled back a fraction, reaching to push Brian’s hand inside his own pants. Brian’s fingers closed around him loosely, making his hips jerk.

“You want to make me come, don’t you?” he coaxed, letting his mouth move to Brian’s ear, pulling the bottom of his earlobe between his lips and sucking softly.

“Hear me moan your name,” he whispered. “Show all these queens back here how it’s done. I’m so hard, Brian. Want your mouth on me so…” he stopped talking when Brian dropped to his knees, hands pulling Justin’s fly open.

Justin’s smirk didn’t leave his face until he came, gasping Brian’s name.


“It won’t work.”

Justin turned around on his way to the bathroom, raising his eyebrows in question at Brian.

“Nice try, but flashing your ass at me all morning won’t work. I’m not that easy.”

Justin bit back his response, but couldn’t stop the grin. He covered it quickly, then stared at Brian blankly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Brian.”

“I’m talking,” Brian pulled back the sheet, making Justin’s eyes drop to his clearly-in-need-of-attention dick as he stood up, “about this...”

Brian covered the distance between them in two steps and had Justin’s bare ass in his hands before Justin could even move.

Justin closed his eyes as Brian kneaded his ass firmly, hands spreading him as Brian lined up against his back. Brian’s stance widened enough to lower his height to match Justin’s, his cock resting in the cleft of Justin’s ass.

“This ass,” he breathed into Justin’s ear, his hips rocking gently, “that you’ve been shoving in my face all morning.”

Justin held his breath as Brian moved his hand from Justin’s ass to his own dick, rubbing the head over Justin’s skin. “Did you really think I’d believe that you had to walk across the room that many times?” Brian’s whisper was right at his ear, his cock rubbing lower, pressing harder. “To bend over that many times?”

Justin had no response, could only reach back to support himself on Brian’s forearms as a line of liquid painted his crack, the wide head nudging past the half-way mark, starting on the downward curve of his ass. “This ass that’s warm and firm and…”

Justin almost lost his balance as Brian stepped away abruptly. He would have smiled triumphantly at the look of raw need on Brian’s face if he wasn’t struggling so hard to regain his own composure.

“Fuck,” Brian swore, shaking his head as he stepped backwards and sat down on the bed.

It was quiet for a long minute, then Brian looked up at him, smiling softly. “Come here.”

Justin’s feet carried him over to the bed, even as he debated whether it was safe or not.

“Lie down.”

Justin did, watching Brian as he lined himself up so they were facing each other.

“Closer,” Brian urged, reaching over to the night table where he’d left the lube.

Justin’s back arched when Brian’s wet hand found his cock. He moaned out loud when a second hand joined the first, trapping both of their cocks in Brian's grip.

“Jesus,” Brian muttered, his hips rocking into the movement of his hands. Justin held off for a few more seconds, then started to rock his hips too.

“Oh god, Brian,” he whispered, his hand holding on to Brian’s arm. The wet slide of skin on skin was so fucking good. Brian adjusted his hands and Justin smiled when he heard him moan.

The skin of Brian’s cock was stretched thin, the head hard against Justin's. Justin wasn’t surprised, considering he’d conveniently forgotten to get Brian off last night at Babylon, or Fly, or whatever the hell it was called now. If Brian could leave him wanting, he could return the favour. He grinned as he recalled the look on Brian’s face when he zipped up and walked out of the backroom.

His attention was jolted back to the present as he heard Brian’s breathing falter. Falter in that way that meant…

“Fuck…” Brian groaned, wet heat covering Justin’s cock as Brian came. Justin shuddered, the intense sensation combined with the thought of Brian’s come all over him. Oh god. Oh…

“Fuck!” Justin cried. “Brian, no…”

Justin opened his eyes to see Brian’s sweat-damp face next to his, a wicked grin splitting his face as he tried to catch his breath.

“What…” he looked at Brian’s face again, then down at his now neglected cock. Covered in Brian’s come. Oh god.

“Brian,” he warned, his eyes flicking back to meet Brian’s.

“We’ve gotta be at Deb’s in half an hour,” Brian replied cheerily, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed.

“Can’t keep her waiting, Sunshine,” Brian grinned as he walked into the bathroom.


Justin was determined not to let the events of the morning throw him off his game. Of course, jerking off in the bathroom before they left the hotel had helped tremendously. Sliding the still-wet residue of Brian’s come around his cock…

Justin cleared his throat, picking up a plate from the table as he headed into the kitchen.

“Sunshine, how many times do I have to tell you not to buss in my house?” Debbie sighed, mock-exasperated. Justin took the plates to the sink, starting the water so he could wash up. He refused to notice how much older Debbie looked, how tired. Between the AIDS hospice work she’d started when Ben was sick and the diner, she was clearly burning the candle at both ends.

They spent a pleasant evening with the old gang, spending far too much time listening to Deb tell them what a genius Jenny Rebecca was at school, before they made their excuses and headed back to the hotel.

And now Brian was walking slowly from the bathroom into the dimly lit bedroom. Justin had to admit that he appreciated the things money could buy. Like nice hotel rooms, with sleek furniture and expensive sheets and a still-incredibly hot Brian stalking across the room towards him.

“Shall we pick up where we left off this morning?” Brian smiled at him in a way that made Justin’s heart flip and his dick jump. “I think I owe you something.”

Justin smiled back, watching as Brian slowly crawled across the bed to reach him. God, he could watch that all day.

“Mmmm, sure,” Justin grinned, leaning back.

He caught his breath as Brian’s lips found the inside of his ankle, brushing softly up the inside of his calf. Brian lifted his leg and kissed the back of his knee with a feather-light touch.

“Oh…” he murmured as Brian’s mouth moved down away from his knee, slipping lower on his raised leg. He wasn’t as flexible as he used to be, but he could keep one leg up that high, especially as long as Brian was doing…

“Ah! Brian…” Justin’s head fell back on the bed as Brian’s tongue reached the juncture where his leg joined his body, the fold of skin stretched as Brian pushed his leg forward.

“Oh, fuck,” Justin’s fingers twisted in the sheets as Brian’s mouth sucked his skin hard, lips pulling and tongue pressing, licking repeatedly. “Oh…”

Justin could feel Brian’s breath on his skin, could almost feel his mouth where he wanted it. He shifted his hips, trying to coax Brian’s lips away from the spot they’d been working for the last few minutes.

“Brian, please…” Justin reached down, reaching for Brian’s head, trying to guide it where he wanted it. His ass hadn’t been this neglected for years, for god’s sake.

“Want me to move, Justin?” Brian’s voice was smoky velvet, dripping over Justin and leaving him aching. “Move my mouth somewhere?”

Justin didn’t respond, but then realized Brian wanted him to answer. He nodded his head, unable to form any coherent words.

“Mmmm, ok.” Brian’s mouth moved a little closer, licking slowly. Justin let out the breath he’d been holding. “Just tell me where.”

Justin’s hands clenched the sheets into balls at his sides. Brian knew it made him crazy to have to ask for it, to tell Brian what to do. Especially because he knew Brian would do exactly what he said, no questions asked. As long as Justin could bring himself to ask for it.

“Please,” Justin started, gathering his strength. “Please, Brian. Move your mouth. Yes… there.” Justin’s hands guided Brian’s head, but he wasn’t moving until Justin kept talking. “Nuh, no… oh. Fuck. Yeah. There.” Justin groaned the rest, arching impossibly as Brian’s tongue made contact with his hole.

“Here?” Brian’s voice was thick now, heavy. Justin moaned as he pictured Brian's cock in exactly the same state. Then pictured it in exactly the same place.

“Fuck. Yes, there.” Justin writhed under him, lifting his hips to get more contact, but the way Brian was holding him made it hard to get enough leverage.

“What do you want me to do?” Brian's voice slid over him, taking a minute to register in his taxed mental state.

“Oh god. Brian, please.” Justin couldn't figure out what he was supposed to do, but knew he needed more. Something in the back of his mind was telling him this wasn't a good idea, but he couldn't for the life of him remember why.

The silence hung heavy in the air, Brian's breathing tickling Justin's skin.

Right. Directions.

“Lick me,” Justin's voice was hoarse. “Inside. Please, Brian...”

His words caught in his throat as Brian's mouth came down on him, palms flat against his cheeks and pulling him wide. His leg rested against Brian's shoulder as Brian's tongue moved slowly, teasing him, dragging over the wrinkled skin before burrowing slowly inside, opening him softly.

“Oh god,” Justin sighed, pushing his hips to meet Brian’s mouth.

Brian teased him further, licking slow and long, just wiggling his tongue but not pushing, then kissing softly, lower lip dragging over swollen skin.

Justin felt Brian’s hands push harder on his ass, spreading him wider, heard Brian move around on the bed to get more comfortable. He threaded his fingers through Brian’s hair, pushing gently, urging more.

He cried out when Brian started to rim him hard, tongue circling relentlessly, pushing inside him with speed and force. Justin hooked both legs over Brian’s back, heels digging in as he lifted his ass to meet each thrust of Brian’s tongue.

He could hear the small noises Brian was making, but only barely over his own moans. He spread his legs wider, knees falling out to his sides as he rocked into Brian’s mouth.

“Oh god,” Justin moaned, his head angled back. “Brian, please… Fuck m...”

He gasped as Brian stopped, head lifting. Justin’s hands pushed him back, a moan of complaint leaving his lips. Then he opened his eyes, realization dawning on him like cold dread. “I didn’t mean…” Justin scrambled to sit up, grimacing. Shit.

Brian smiled slowly, leaning forward, pushing Justin back to the bed. “You sure?”

Justin gasped as Brian’s fingers slid between his legs, pressing against his wet opening. “Sure you don’t want me to?” Brian’s mouth moved to Justin’s ear, his body pressing Justin’s down as his fingers circled, pushing gently. “All you have to do is ask.”

Justin moaned as one finger slid inside him, his ass clenching on it as it curled to stroke his prostate. “Want more?”

“Yes. No!” Justin pulled away, trying to disentangle Brian’s finger. “No.”

“Your loss,” Brian smirked, sitting up. Justin took a moment to catch his breath, then looked at Brian. Looked at Brian’s flushed face, his chest moving heavily with his breath.

“Wait, Brian,” Justin smiled, reaching for Brian’s arm.

“That didn’t mean you had to stop doing what you were doing.” He flashed Brian a signature smile. Then brought Brian’s hand back between his legs. “Don’t stop, actually…” he breathed, closing his eyes as he placed Brian’s fingers back where they were.

“Do it,” Justin breathed, lifting his hips.

Brian held still for a moment, frozen. Justin kept his eyes closed, waiting.

“Unless it’s too much for you?”

Justin would have laughed at Brian’s indrawn breath and stuttered curse, but then Brian had two fingers inside him and he was groaning, lifting off the bed to get more. It wasn’t Brian’s cock, but it would get him off, especially with the pent-up energy Brian was putting into it at the moment.


The rest of their trip to Pittsburgh went by in a blur of family and friend visits, and far too much diner food. Justin couldn’t believe he’d ever lived on the stuff, even if the menu had lightened up over the years and even included real salads now.

When they got back to New York, Brian was quiet. They only had a week to go, and Justin’s heart flipped in anticipation. The idea of being able to fuck raw was incredibly arousing, but there was also a gut-clenching feeling that lingered beside it.

Not fear, exactly, but something that felt… permanent, grown up. Serious.

Justin had always figured Brian would be the one to struggle with it, but somehow here he was, feeling like the only one of the two of them who wasn’t sure if this was right. Could Brian really give up tricking - could he be happy without it? Or would he start to feel trapped, suffocated, and lash out, leaving Justin, or pushing him away? It had been a long time since they’d dealt with any of that old behavior, but it still lingered close in the background, too visceral and real to be able to dismiss the possibility of it returning. Lessons learned that painfully don’t go away easily.

And the risk, however small, made Justin’s breath stop. Not risk to himself – he knew Brian would never endanger him and he could live with the risk anyway. But the risk, however small, that could one day make Brian sick. He knew it was silly to be afraid of it, knew the chances were in fact better now that they were monogamous. But still his heart debated whether his body deserved the gain from this if it meant even the most miniscule chance of the man he loved being sick. Really sick. Now he understood why Brian had always been so angry with him when he was flippant about it in their younger days. He shuddered at the thought of seeing Brian the way Ben looked when he was really sick.

“What are you all mopey about?” Brian’s voice interrupted his reverie as he draped himself over the back of the sofa, hands sliding inside Justin’s shirt.

“Hmmm? Nothing,” Justin responded, tipping his head up to meet Brian’s kiss.

Brian’s eyes made it clear he didn’t believe him.

“Sure you’re not thinking about my dick in your ass?” Brian grinned slowly at him.

“Oh, I’m definitely thinking about it,” Justin sighed.

Brian laughed. “Thinking about begging me to fuck you, so we can end this silly dare?”

Justin laughed at the hopeful tinge in Brian’s eyes.

“No way, old man. I can hold out as long as you can. Longer.” Justin watched Brian’s eyebrow go up. “After all, I’m younger than you, remember?”

“Which means you have less self-control,” Brian said, stepping around the side of the couch and pulling Justin to his feet. Justin jerked as Brian pulled him hard against his body, his lips lowering down in a rough kiss, fear fading under the onslaught of desire.

“That might have been true when I was 18,” Justin murmured between kisses. “But it really doesn’t apply now that I’m almost thirty. And used to your wicked ways.”

“You really think you can handle me?” Brian’s voice got that low edge to it again, the one that made Justin do stupid, stupid things.

“Yeah,” Justin breathed into his mouth. At the same time that his head screamed at him to back away, slowly.

“I’m going to find out what really can go in your ass,” Brian growled. “After I tie you up.”

He paused to let his words sink in, feeling the heat flow through him as the shudder passed through Justin’s body. “Then we’ll see how long you can handle not being fucked by this,” he pushed his cock against Justin’s body. “You’ll be begging me before I even get the blindfold on you.”

Justin shivered in Brian’s arms, unable to help the spiral of desire tightening up his back. He really shouldn’t let Brian do this. Really, really shouldn’t.

“Doubt it,” he whispered, clinging to Brian’s arms when Brian leaned him backwards into a deep kiss. Justin tried not to whimper as Brian fucked his mouth with his tongue, but he was too far gone to do anything other than let Brian lead him into the bedroom.


When Justin opened his eyes, Brian was kneeling above him on the bed. Justin closed them again, trying to block out the painfully arousing image of Brian's expression, the red of his mouth, the dark of his eyes.

He startled when Brian's fingers brushed his lips, his mouth opening unconsciously to let Brian slide a finger in. He sucked it, head lifting off the bed as Brian pulled it away.

"Gonna make you come, Justin," Brian whispered, the wet finger rubbing slowly over Justin's nipple. Justin arched into it, breath hitching. "Make you come saying my name. Begging me."

Justin nodded, then shook his head. He gasped when Brian rolled him over roughly.

"Gonna fuck that pretty little ass of yours." Brian nipped at Justin's ear. "Fuck it slow, then hard, then..."

Justin's moan made Brian laugh softly.

“Want to just ask me now, and we’re done with it?” Brian’s lips brushed Justin’s neck.

“Fuck you,” Justin mumbled into the pillow.

Brian’s laugh was low. “I think you meant to say ‘fuck me’…”

“Bring it.” Justin grinned to himself at the sudden stillness above him. Grinned, and then held his breath. The silence stretched between them for an exquisite, suspended minute.

“I’m going to make you very sorry for that,” Brian said into his ear, voice low and hard. Justin shivered.

Justin jumped when Brian grabbed his wrist, pulling his arm firmly to the edge of the bed. He bit back a moan when Brian pulled the other arm to the opposite side. Spreading him like that meant more room for Brian to play.

Brian let his hand trace the shudder that ran up Justin’s spine.

Justin didn’t let his breath out until the first cuff locked around his wrist. Cuffs. Brian was serious then. Ropes he could get out of, sometimes. But cuffs – well, he wasn’t going anywhere.

Justin drove his teeth into his bottom lip when the leather wrapped around his ankle. Brian didn’t tie up his legs very often. He usually liked Justin to be able to move.

Justin squirmed into the pillow under his hips and pulled against the restraints, testing to see how much room he had. The bite of leather into his wrists made his cock jerk.

He pressed his forehead into the bed, struggling to compose himself. Brian always left him waiting a bit at first, let the idea of it sink in before he touched Justin. He listened while Brian rummaged around in the bedroom, opening drawers, walking to the bathroom and back, placing things on the bench at the foot of their bed. Justin focused on his breath, fighting the intense desire to lift his head and see what Brian was doing.

How he was going to survive this without begging Brian to fuck him was beyond him at the moment.

“Want the blindfold now, or later?” Brian’s voice startled him, close beside his ear. He turned his head into Brian’s, smiling at the look on Brian’s face. He angled his head up and Brian met him in a soft kiss that lingered, turned into something stronger within moments.

“Do you know how hot you look like this?” Brian whispered into his mouth. “Makes me fucking crazy.”

“Sure I’ll be the one to crack first?” Justin raised one blond eyebrow at Brian as he moved on the pillow, angling his ass up higher. Brian smiled slowly at him.


Justin closed his eyes as Brian’s fingers trailed down his spine.

“If you ask me to fuck you, you lose. Well – ask might be the wrong way to put it,” Brian smirked. “Beg. Plead. Whatever. They all count.” He lowered his lips to Justin’s ear again. “If you ask, I will.” Justin fought the shiver. “I’ll fuck you as long and hard as you can stand it. Then I’ll do it again.”

Brian smiled as Justin’s hands clenched into fists then slowly opened again.

“You want to ask, don’t you?” Brian’s voice moved farther away. “Wish I hadn’t ever suggested this in the first place, huh?”

Justin shook his head.

He jumped when Brian’s fingers brushed the back of his knee, sending goosebumps up the backs of both legs.

“Think of how many times I would have fucked you by now, if we weren’t doing this.”

“Same applies to you,” Justin muttered. “You could have had my ass in the hotel in Pittsburgh. Could have fucked me at Babylon. Bent over the bathroom counter at Deb’s.”

“Then again in the hotel,” Brian supplied, settling himself on the bed beside Justin.

“Exactly,” Justin agreed. Wait, this wasn’t helping…

“Think of how hard you come when I’m inside you,” Brian’s voice got even smoother, silkier, as his hands stroked the inside of Justin’s thighs. Justin pressed his eyes closed.

“Think of how hard you come when you’re inside me,” Justin shot back, wiggling his hips slowly as Brian kept stroking.

He stopped talking when Brian’s fingers feathered over his ass, stroking upwards softly, repeatedly.

“Hmmm, true.” Brian’s voice was right beside his head again, soft lips brushing his neck, his ear. “But think of how hard I’ll come inside you when we do it raw.”

Justin groaned, trying not to think about it.

“And then, of course, you’ll actually feel me come, won’t you Justin?”

Justin gasped when he felt a line of liquid land on his ass, sliding down his crack.

“Feel it shoot inside you…”

Still more, liquid running down onto his balls, over the curve of his ass.

“Dripping out of you, running down your thighs…”

Justin bit his lip and tried not to come from this alone.

He moaned when Brian’s hand flattened on his ass, rubbing the lube around, his middle finger dipping into Justin’s crack as he slid his hand up and down.

“Wet, like this.”

Brian’s fingers moved to the inside of his thighs, painting him with lube. Justin squirmed, rivulets of cool liquid curling around his balls, nestling into his pubes. He couldn’t believe Brian was getting the sheets this messy.

“Wet, and open, stretched from my cock…”

Justin’s hands wrapped around the rope running from his cuffs to the wall as Brian’s finger stroked over his hole, pushing a little. The room was silent but for their breathing as Brian slowly pushed inside him, one long finger meeting more resistance than usual.

He heard Brian’s intake of breath when he tensed around the finger inside him, rotating his hips to drive it deeper, wider.

“Feels tight, Brian. Tighter than usual.” Justin smiled as Brian’s breath hitched. “Mmmm, feels good.”

“We’re just getting started,” Brian murmured, his other hand pulling Justin’s ass wider, rubbing down to his balls then up to where his finger was. Justin breathed out slowly when a second finger joined the first, turning inside him, curling up to stroke against his prostate. He moaned when both fingers started to thrust slowly, circling against his opening, stretching him.

“Won’t be so tight when I’m done.”

Justin bit down on his complaint when Brian pulled his fingers out, hands trailing slowly down the inside of Justin’s legs. He couldn’t help but squirm, which Brian knew. Knew he couldn’t take soft, ticklish touches like that and hold still. But he also knew that Brian got off on watching him squirm in his bonds, watching him try to get away from a particular caress when he had no hope of avoiding it. Like the one Brian was currently teasing across the back of his knees.

Justin was breathing heavily when Brian sat back on his heels, settling in between Justin’s spread, bound legs. Watching him writhe was making Brian’s cock ache, especially when he lifted his ass high, his hole pink and glistening.

He could see that Justin wasn’t expecting it when he felt the push of hard silicone against his opening. He moaned as Brian pushed it forward, the toy slippery from all the lube. Slippery but big. Fuck. Justin held his breath as he bore down on it, waiting until it was all the way in before letting the air go.

“Blindfold now.”

Justin squeezed his eyes shut at Brian’s words, feeling Brian move up the bed to slide the black silk over his eyes. He tried to breathe as Brian tightened the knot behind his head, cool fingers tugging it down to ensure Justin couldn’t see.

Then it was quiet, only the sound of Brian moving on the bed. Justin couldn’t focus on anything other than those sounds, and the hard plug impaling his ass. His hips rocked into the pillow beneath him for some friction, trickling waves of pleasure through his body as he moved.

“Want me to fuck you with it?” Brian’s whisper in his ear made Justin moan. He nodded.

“Too bad.”

Justin clenched around the plug, trying desperately not to imagine it sliding slowly out, pushing back in hard. Brian’s palm flat on the base didn’t help, a slow, steady pressure giving Justin something to push back against. Movement he wasn’t supposed to make, but his hips rocked anyway. He knew Brian would react, would make him stop. But he could get a few seconds of pleasure first.

The thought gave Justin pause. Then gave him a brilliant idea.

He pushed back against Brian’s hand harder, writhing in earnest, fucking himself into the pillow and forcing the plug to move inside him. Shit, that felt good.

“Stop, Justin.” Brian’s voice held a warning. Justin shuddered. He loved that tone. He moved faster.

“Justin. Stop. Or I’ll…”

Justin smirked. And kept moving.

“You won’t.” Justin’s voice was breathless, waves of pleasure crawling over his skin.

“You won’t spank me, because we both know there’s no way you can handle spanking me without fucking me.”

Brian’s snort rang in his ears as Brian’s hand grabbed his hip.

“Bullshit. Lift your ass.”

Justin pushed to his knees as much as he could, arms stretched high over his head as he kept his face on the mattress, the ropes stretched taut. He couldn’t move.

Brian watched him get into position, his body barely able to reach, only able to push his ass into the air and shift his weight onto his knees, not really kneel. The ropes at his ankles and wrists didn’t leave enough room to do it properly. He adjusted the pillow under Justin’s hips to help, adding another to take the strain off his back. Justin’s arms shook from the effort, his body stretched and spread. Fuck. Brian took a deep breath, hands running over Justin’s ass.

“Just because you did that on purpose doesn’t mean you won’t get what you deserve.” Brian’s hand began to land on him as he spoke. Justin’s whole body jerked with each slap.

“You think I can’t resist your ass like this.” Steady fall of smacks, each one a little harder than the last. Justin stopped breathing.

“When it’s red and warm from my hand.” Blows angling now, hitting the underside of his ass, closer to his leg. Sharp gasp when one landed on the inside of his thigh. Then another.

Justin tried to writhe away from them but his bindings prevented him from closing his legs. He tried to push his hips down, but the second pillow held him high.

“But you forget what this does to you. How much it makes you need to be fucked.”

He cried out when Brian suddenly pulled the plug out, his ass spasming and clenching around what now felt like a gaping hole. Brian’s hand tugged hard on his balls, pulling them out and away from his body, stretching them out on the pillow. Fingers pinching his scrotum lightly, then tapping. Tapping harder, back of his hand, over and over. The burn tingled up through his balls, making them ache. Then one thumb was climbing his crack, pushing easily inside his stretched hole. Rough, quick thrusts, not gentle but not hurting. The thrusts too shallow, the thumb not big enough.

Justin bit down on his lower lip to keep the pleas in his mouth. Thumb still fucking him, then spanks starting again. He groaned when the thumb stopped.

“Which one do you want?” Brian breathed into his ear.

“More,” was all Justin could whisper back, his voice almost unrecognizable to his own ears.


Justin nodded.

“Say it.”

“Yes. Please. Bigger – more.” Oh god.

“My cock?”

Justin groaned, forcing his head not to nod. “N.. no.”

Brian’s small laugh sounded frustrated, almost pained.

Justin moaned when he felt something at his hole, wider and thicker than the plug. Solid. Smooth. Not tapered at the end. Shit. It pushed harder and he tensed, sure it wouldn’t fit. “Too big,” he moaned, the sound broken.

“No, it’s not,” Brian soothed him. “You can take it. Relax.”

Justin took a deep breath. Brian’s fingers circled his hole, pushing inside and stretching the first ring of muscle gently.

“What is it?” Justin whispered.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Brian murmured, his other hand rubbing Justin’s lower back. “Could be anything. You’re the one who said ‘there are lots of things that can go in my ass’. Remember?” Justin could hear Brian’s arousal and it made him shudder.

“A toy?” Justin tried not to ask, but not being able to see and not being able to move made him desperate to know. Not that Brian would ever really hurt him, but he could feel himself falling, losing the ability to reason. Needing. Needing more. Needing something.


Justin made a sound suspiciously like a whimper. “No…” he wasn’t sure if he was repeating Brian, or asking. But he couldn’t. No. It was too much. “I can’t, Brian. No.”

“Yes, you can.” Brian’s lips pressed against his face, soft kisses over his skin. Justin turned his head into them, losing himself in it. Tongue plunging into his mouth until he was moaning, gasping. “No, please…” he begged.

“Yes. You can, and you will.” Brian’s voice was so sure, so firm.

“I can?”

“Yes. I won’t hurt you.”

Justin nodded. He knew.

“And I want it.” Justin started to melt at Brian’s words. His voice was so hypnotic. “Want to see it fuck you, Justin.”

Justin moaned quietly.

“Watch it slide into you. Opening you, impaling you.”

Justin started to grind his hips into the pillows.

“Gonna make you come like this.”

Justin moaned, lost. He nodded.

“Breathe,” Brian instructed. Justin felt pressure against his hole again. Fuck, it was big. He held his breath.

“Breathe,” Brian demanded, one stinging slap making him gasp.

He moaned, rubbing his face into the pillow to center himself.

“Pretend it’s my cock.” Justin smiled at Brian’s words, relaxing. Brian’s cock. Oh god, he wanted that.

“Cause you’re gonna ask for it before we’re done anyway,” Brian said wryly.

“Fuck you.”

Brian laughed.

Then pushed, making Justin gasp. They both moaned.

Brian pushed steadily, slowly, and Justin tried to breathe. The stretch was so brutal, burning. But burning so right, so good. He gasped for air.

“Fuck, Justin,” Brian groaned.

He didn’t know what it was, but if the sight of it made Brian sound like that, he could handle this.

“Hot?” he asked, breathless.

Brian tried to laugh, but it sounded more like a moan.

“Fuck yeah.”

It moved deeper, making him freeze.

“Shhh,” Brian soothed, palm rubbing circles into his back.

“Oh fuck,” Justin cried, as Brian angled it downwards, putting intense pressure on his prostate. His cock surged with pre-cum, soaking into the pillow. “Brian…” he whispered.

“God you’re hot like this,” Brian murmured.

Justin couldn’t say anything, could only feel. He moaned when Brian started to pull it out slowly, twisting it gently. Justin’s body lifted with it, as high as he could before he the ropes held him still, the leather pulling hard on his wrists and ankles.

When Brian started to move it in again, it forced the air out of Justin’s lungs. He sucked in a breath, fighting for calm. “Brian…” he moaned. “Not gonna last…”

He couldn’t remember the last time his ass felt this full, this taken. Except when Brian fucked him standing up, hard and fast, holding him against his body as he pounded. Or when he rode Brian hard… god. He buried his face in the pillow to stop from begging for it. Whatever Brian was fucking him with was big, and hard, but it wasn’t Brian’s cock. It wasn’t warm, and alive, and didn’t have a flared head that…

Shit. Justin chastised himself for even thinking it. This wasn’t helping to keep him from begging Brian. From ending this here, now. The thought was so tempting that Justin shook his head to clear it.

Brian moved the object inside him a little faster, angling it in a slow circle as he pulled. Justin knew he was humping the pillow under his cock desperately, but he couldn’t stop himself. He could hear Brian’s breathing behind him, feel the tight grip of his hand on Justin’s hip.

Then Brian’s hand on his hip disappeared, and Justin heard Brian moan softly. Heard the distinctive sound of Brian’s hand sliding over skin. He lifted his ass as high as he could within his bonds and was rewarded with the feel of Brian’s knuckles rhythmically moving against him, heat radiating from his red skin to Brian’s hand and back. Brian’s other hand was still fucking him with the object over and over, making Justin shake from the sheer pleasure of it. Brian’s breath was getting faster, harsher.

“Oh fuck…” Brian’s moan was low and rough, the heat of his orgasm splattering across Justin’s skin as he came. “Fuck, fuck…”

Justin groaned at the feel of being marked, branded by Brian’s come, his own orgasm spiraling through him as he felt each spurt land. Brian fucked him once, twice – hard, and he came screaming, his cock soaking the pillow beneath him.

“Jesus…” Brian whispered, his head falling to Justin’s shoulders as they both slumped on the bed. Justin let the warm weight of Brian’s body soothe him, lull him almost to sleep. His own body felt heavy and slow, so he let Brian lift his limbs and unwrap each one, soft kisses pressed to the inside of his wrists and ankles. It hurt when Brian pulled the toy out of his ass, but Brian’s hands soothed him, petting him softly before he tidied up. Justin still had the blindfold on but couldn’t lift his head to do anything about it, so he waited until Brian crawled up the bed beside him and pulled it off carefully, tucking Justin’s hair back behind his ears as he dropped the silk on the floor. Justin smiled sleepily at him, and Brian smiled back.

“I love you,” Justin whispered.

Brian kissed him gently. “Just because I love you doesn’t mean I’m going to give up, you know,” he teased.

Justin’s earlier fears came rushing back. He opened his eyes and held onto Brian’s arms tightly. “Are you sure we should be doing this?” He wasn’t sure if Brian knew that he didn’t mean the dare.

Brian regarded him for a minute, then smiled softly, pulling Justin back into his embrace.



Brian couldn’t help but notice that Justin kept trying to figure out what he’d fucked him with, his hands lingering over cylindrical objects throughout the apartment, lifting them, measuring their size. He watched Justin holding a brush in the bathroom, slipping its handle through his fingers to gauge it.

“Way too small,” Brian murmured, coming up behind Justin and wrapping his arms around him from behind. Justin blushed and dropped the brush, a guilty smile on his face.

“I could tell.” Justin turned into his embrace, kissing Brian. “My ass can still tell and it’s been two days.”

“Still hurts?” Brian looked at him, alarm on his face.

“No,” Justin reassured him. “Just can still kind of… feel it,” he grinned sheepishly. And watched Brian’s eyes go dark.

“Sure you won’t tell me what it was?” he whispered, leaning up on his tiptoes to kiss Brian’s mouth.

Brian shook his head. “It’s way more fun to watch you walk around here, picking everything up, trying to figure out if I fucked you with it or not.” Brian’s whisper was low and rough. “Makes me want to fuck you with each of them.”

Justin moaned quietly, leaning into Brian. “How many more days?” he asked breathlessly, his hand reaching down to cup Brian’s cock through his jeans.

“Too many,” Brian muttered, lining up both of their cocks and grinding, holding Justin’s hips still against him. They kissed hungrily for a minute, Brian’s tongue mimicking the motion he wanted his dick to be making.

Justin didn’t want to play this game suddenly, didn’t want Brian to be thinking about all that he might be giving up. The idea of not only asking Brian to be monogamous, but to ask him to stop fucking entirely for the weeks leading up to their final tests seemed ridiculous now. Risky.

“Brian, we don’t have to…” Justin looked up at him, eyes serious.

Brian looked at him for a long minute, then leaned his head down, pressing his lips to Justin’s. “If you want to give up and admit you couldn’t handle two weeks without my cock, then bend over.”

Justin sputtered against his mouth. “Couldn’t handle it?”

Brian laughed.

“Ok, then. But Christ, if I can’t find something to put my cock in right now, I’m going to go find a glory hole or something. Maybe buy one of those fake fucking-sleeves that you can stick your cock into.”

Justin leaned into him, pressing his hipbone into Brian’s cock. “I can think of somewhere you can put your cock,” he whispered. “But why should I help you out? You should just admit that you can’t live without my ass, and then we’ll fuck.”

Brian chuckled quietly, his hands pushing Justin backwards toward the bed. “Deal. As long as you’re willing to never find out what I fucked you with. Or have me do it again.”

Justin’s eyes glazed over before he looked back at Brian.

“Or you could blow me, and then I could find something else in here to fuck you with. How about that brush you were just looking at?” Brian’s voice made Justin shiver. He leaned in to Justin’s ear and licked slowly. “Mmmm, how about you blow me, then I’ll fuck you with it while I blow you.”

Brian didn’t even have time to put his tongue back in Justin’s ear before Justin dropped to his knees, his hands pulling at Brian’s fly. Brian laughed briefly until Justin took his cock into his mouth, then all coherent thought went out the window as Justin started to suck.


Justin was working when his phone rang. He wiped the paint off his hands before looking at the caller ID. Not Brian, so he was tempted not to answer it. He sighed, pushing the button.

He listened to the caller with surprise, barely uttering a “thanks” before hanging up, his phone heavy in his hand. He packed up his things, hastily screwing the tops back on the paint containers and leaving his palette on the sink before heading out the door.


Brian couldn’t concentrate at work. He was listening to the voice of his client on the phone, suggesting revisions to the latest campaign and explaining why the board of directors didn’t like the ideas they’d seen. Brian didn’t bother to ask him why the fuck he was letting his board of directors tell him how to advertise.

He let his mind wander to the last few days as he adjusted his cock in his pants. His half-hard cock, which had pretty much been in that state for the last three days anyway. He’d used every persuasion technique he could think of to convince Justin to blow him every night after work, but even that wasn’t enough. Not that he didn’t enjoy Justin’s blowjobs – quite the contrary – but he hadn’t fucked anything other than Justin’s mouth or hand, or his own hand, for almost two weeks. The other night he and Justin humped each other like teenagers on the couch, Brian almost coming in his pants until Justin took mercy on him and jerked him off.

He picked up his Montblanc pen and twirled it around his fingers. He eyed it critically, wondering if he could fuck Justin with it. Too small. His cock kicked at the thought of the number of things he’d put in Justin’s ass over the last week. It had almost worked three days ago when he was fucking Justin with the handle of a paddle, then alternating a fine spray of spanks, then fucking him some more. Justin was begging, almost sobbing. He’d started to ask Brian to fuck him at least three times, but each time he managed to pull himself back just at the last second.

Brian almost had him there, then Justin had leaned up and jerked his own cock twice, coming in a violent rush all over his hand and the wall. Brian had smeared the come from his hand on Justin’s ass, then licked him clean and came all over him. Then licked him clean again.

This was the longest fucking two weeks of his life.

He’d watched Justin’s emotions spin out more and more as they got closer to the date. Not fucking probably wasn’t helping, since it didn’t give them their usual routine, preventing them from having the comfort and familiarity they were used to.

He knew Justin was worried, was afraid that taking this step was going to back-fire in some way. Or that it would endanger them. He’d seen the web pages that Justin had visited the other day – HIV risk information, mostly.

He knew both of Justin’s fears were unfounded – that they’d be at greater risk once they weren’t using condoms, and that Brian might run once he found himself tied into a monogamous relationship. Justin was forgetting that they’d essentially been monogamous for the last three years anyway. Brian got the odd blow-job when away on business, but it really wasn’t his thing anymore to have a mediocre orgasm with a stranger. He no longer felt the need to pretend to be a club-boy at his age, no matter what the Pittsburgh crowd wanted from him. Keeping Justin tightly at his side when they were at Babylon on their infrequent visits made sure that no one noticed that he wasn’t trolling the dance floor or the backroom. If he was in the backroom, Justin was there too, which was just fine by him.

He saw his cell phone flash a message indicator at him, and picked it up while his client continued to drone on in his ear. He clicked the text message open.

I give up. Come home and fuck me. Now.

Brian stood up, cutting off his client and grabbing his coat.


When he walked into their apartment, the lights were low, only the stove light casting shadows in the main part of the flat and a slice of brighter light intersecting the floor from the bedroom. Winter in New York meant it was dark early, so the lights from the shops across the street flickered through the window.

He didn’t call out to Justin, just dropped his coat on the bench by the door and made his way toward the bedroom. He could feel his heart beating in anticipation, adrenaline fueling his movements. He had no idea why Justin would cave one day before they were due to get their test results, but if it meant he was going to sink into that ass, he didn’t fucking care. Even if he did have to wear a condom to do it.

His breath stopped when he crossed the threshold to the bedroom, Justin’s body sprawled on his stomach across the bed, naked.

“Now that’s the way to welcome your man home from work, honey.” Brian meant to tease, but his voice sounded far thicker than he intended.

Justin stretched, his limbs languid and relaxed as he looked over his shoulder, a wide grin on his face. “Mmmm. It’s a good thing you got here so quickly. I almost couldn’t wait.” He turned over, his hand pulling lazily on his hard cock, his legs spread. Brian tripped over his shoes as he took them off.

“I’d fuck you anyway,” Brian muttered, stripping off his Prada shirt and yanking his belt through the loops on his pants.

“So what made you give up?” Brian asked, crawling up the bed as he ditched the last of his clothes. He inhaled Justin’s scent, his nose traveling from knee to groin to neck in one long movement. Justin arched up into him, moaning softly.

“I finally realized what I wanted.”

Brian chuckled, then waited for the rest.

Justin leaned into him, kissing his neck. Brian inhaled sharply when Justin started to suck a mark into his skin. Laughed a little when Justin pushed him forcefully onto his back.

“Frisky, huh?” Brian teased.

“You have no fucking idea,” Justin muttered, crawling over Brian and starting to suck a new mark into his chest, just above his nipple.

“Ah, hey…” Brian complained, but it came out much more like a moan. He groaned fully when Justin slid lower, sucking another mark just under his ribs.

“What’s with the hickeys?” Brian gasped out, Justin’s hand closing around his cock as his mouth moved lower still, putting a new red welt on the side of Brian’s waist.

Justin lifted his head briefly, his eyes dark indigo as he flicked his gaze across Brian’s body possessively.

“Marking what’s mine.”

Brian would have laughed it off, but it caught in his throat as a breathy gasp. “Yours, huh?” he murmured, his voice low and heavy.

“Mine,” Justin stated firmly, his mouth moving to a new spot, sucking again. Brian arched into him.

“God, Justin. Can we skip the territorial behavior and get on with the fucking? You said you gave up.”

“Mmm. Ok.” Justin reached over and opened the bedside drawer. Brian pushed himself up the bed, linking his hands behind his head as he watched Justin get the prep items out of the drawer.

“Just couldn’t wait, huh?” Brian teased. “One more day and we’d be raw, Justin. Bare. In your ass…”

Justin turned to look at him, coating his fingers with lube. Brian watched his fingers as they moved behind his body, Justin’s arm angling awkwardly as his eyes closed. Brian closed his own eyes briefly, fighting the urge to grab Justin.

“Looking forward to it?” Justin’s voice was breathless.

Brian choked out a small laugh. “Nah.”

Justin smiled brilliantly at him. Then crawled up his body and nuzzled his nose into Brian’s ear, spreading his body out over top of Brian’s lean length. Brian’s hips pressed upwards as his hands came down onto Justin’s ass.

“So the idea of fucking me raw turns you on?” Justin’s mouth was right at his ear, warm breath and soft words. Brian snorted his agreement.

Justin circled his hips over Brian’s cock. “Good.”

Brian felt Justin lift himself up, moving to his knees as he straddled Brian’s body.

“Sure you won’t miss fucking other guys?” Justin bent to bring his lips back to Brian’s ear, his wet ass sliding over Brian’s bare cock. Brian groaned.

“Fuck, Justin,” he breathed. “Get the condom.”

“Answer me first,” Justin demanded.

Brian squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to thrust up into Justin.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Brian put his hands on Justin’s hips, grinding him in slow circles over his cock. “Sure that I don’t want to fuck anyone else. That I don’t care what risk, however small, may come from this.” Justin leaned forward and sucked on the side of Brian’s neck that he hadn’t marked yet.

“That I’m yours,” Brian breathed, biting his lip to keep from nudging his cock just that little bit further, straining every muscle to keep from pushing up into Justin’s body. “Justin. Condom. Now.”


Brian’s body stiffened, his heart stopping briefly. He dug his fingers into Justin’s hips to try and keep him from moving away. The idea of Justin taking this away from him right now was too much to bear.

Justin lifted high onto his knees, pulling his ass away from Brian’s cock. Then leaned down and kissed Brian softly on the mouth, his lips gentle and coaxing.

“Mine,” he breathed into Brian’s mouth, his hand snaking between their bodies to hold Brian’s cock still as he lowered himself down.

Brian’s gasp was incoherent, jumbled words starting on his lips but dying as soon as Justin began to slide lower.

His hands hit the bed on either side of their bodies, twisting the sheets mercilessly as Justin impaled himself. “Justin,” he managed to gasp, but couldn’t say any more. Couldn’t breathe. Too hot. Too wet. Oh god – too much.

“Wha…” he tried to ask but then Justin was lifting up again, his head thrown back and his hands bracing on Brian’s chest as he started to ride.

“Oh god,” Justin groaned, his head falling as he slumped over Brian’s body, crumpling onto him. Brian’s hands flew to his back, stroking gently as Justin heaved over him, no longer moving.

“Justin!” His head was spinning and his cock was dangerously close to exploding. Inside Justin. Without a condom.

Justin lay on him for another moment, then lifted his head and pushed himself up. Then started to, oh god – ride – slowly.

“Tests came back…” Justin gasped as he lifted up. “Early…” Brian moaned loudly as Justin slammed back down.

“What?” Brian tried to ask what he was talking about, but he couldn’t think. Not with that much heat, that much skin. God.

“Safe,” Justin muttered, sweat breaking out on his forehead as he moved faster. “We’re safe.”

Brian arched up, shoving his hips to meet Justin’s downward thrusts, earning a low keening sound from Justin’s lips.

“Mine,” Brian groaned, holding Justin’s hips tightly as he rode. Justin moved his hand from Brian’s chest to his face, pressing harder than was comfortable, but they were moving too fast, too hard for Brian to care.

“Yours,” Justin gasped. “Always.” He wasn’t going to last, this was too much.

“Always,” Brian agreed, curling his body upwards and pulling Justin down at the same time, shoving hard into Justin’s body as the wave broke, his orgasm searing them both.

Mine, Justin thought.