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On very certain nights, when Brian has had the right amount of alcohol and is in the perfect mood, Justin will grab a condom, roll him over and say low and dirty in his ear, "Don't make a sound or I won't fuck you."

Sometimes Justin calculates wrong and Brian really isn't in the mood, or maybe he wasn't as drunk as he pretended to be. Those nights, he'll give Justin a look that would make Gus cry and flip Justin over and fuck him on all fours, rough and merciless, until Justin isn't sure if he should laugh or sob from the pleasure. Usually he chooses laughter and comes with a smile.

But on those very certain nights, Brian will arch his neck and close his eyes as Justin's fingers dip between his legs.

"And what if I do make a sound, Sunshine?" he bites back through a groan, and Justin smiles because he knows Brian just does not want to admit how badly he wants Justin's cock up his ass.

"You're not following my rules very well," Justin whispers, cupping his balls, stroking back up.

"I never will," Brian says, but he's breathing a bit harder now.

Justin shrugs and hops off the bed. "Okay."

Brian turns over and stares as Justin nonchalantly puts on his clothes and goes into the bathroom to check his hair.

"Where the fuck are you going?"

Justin comes out of the bathroom and shrugs. "You don't want me to fuck you, so I'll go to Babylon and fuck someone else. It's not a big deal."

Brian opens his mouth, shuts it, opens it again. "I'm fucking hard, you twat."

"I noticed."

"Oh, don't do this passive-aggressive shit."

"I'm not a twat and I'm not being passive-aggressive." Justin leans over the bed to kiss him lightly. "Later."

Brian grabs his arm and hauls him back onto the bed. They just look at each other for a moment, Brian's fingers pressing bruises into Justin's arm, and then Brian clenches his jaw and picks up the condom. He hands it to Justin with steely eyes. "Fine."

Justin gives himself a point on their scoreboard. His clothes are off in a heartbeat which makes Brian laugh, and things feel normal again.

Justin watches as Brian starts fisting his cock lazily, easily. Brian's eyes are heavy-lidded now, and he gives Justin a long, slow smile. "Well?"

Then Brian is moaning, just a little, as Justin's mouth replaces his hand. He sucks him off for a minute, feeling Brian's hands clench in his hair, the tension in his stomach. Justin glances up and sees his head is thrown back, eyes closed, beautiful in his neediness.

"Justin--" he practically growls, in warning, so Justin takes pity on him and works one finger over his balls, stopping at his hole, pressing there, pausing.


Justin raises his mouth off Brian's cock. "You said you wouldn't make a sound."


Justin just leisurely tastes the skin around Brian's belly button and begins to stroke his own cock instead. Brian is fucking GLARING at him now, and Justin thinks that this is kind of fun. He could get used to this.

"If you don't suck my cock RIGHT NOW--" Brian cuts off as Justin starts fingering him, gently, "--you're not going to be able to sit for a week. Fuck." He spreads his legs a little wider and arches into Justin's finger. Justin tries not to smile smugly, but hey, it's not too often he gets to have the Master begging for it.

"Brian, just lie there and be quiet," he soothes, twisting his finger a little faster and adding a second one.

"Fuck you, I will NOT be quiet. Fuck." He moans open-mouthed, deep in his throat, passes a hand over his eyes. He appears to be trying to regain control of his brain, which is just amusing. "Justin, will you hurry up for fuck's sake? Fuck."

Justin likes it when he can reduce Brian's vocabulary but he knows Brian is reaching his limit, so he removes his finger, stops stroking himself and turns Brian over.

Brian immediately reaches back and palms Justin's cock, trying to position him. Justin slaps his hand away and rolls on the condom, then drapes himself over Brian's back. Brian grunts and moves against Justin, bracing his forehead on his arm. Justin takes a moment to savor this view, the strained tendons in Brian's neck, the way his fingers dig into the sheets, the sweat that trails down the centre of his back. Justin dips down, licks it, and starts his slow push inside him. Brian makes that fucking amazing moaning sound again and grabs Justin's thigh, thrusting back against him.

"Justin, fuck--" he gasps, which is strange because Brian really isn't a gasping sort of person unless he's really out of his head. Like now.

Justin licks his neck again, rocking against him, not moving in or out, just deeper. "So, how was your day?"

Brian blinks and twists his neck, looking at Justin with such confusion it almost looks fake. "What?"

Justin rolls his hips, gives him a few small thrusts, backs off. "Did you work on that new account?"

Brian's forehead drops to the bed as he arches his back, pressing closer. "What?" he says again.

Justin laughs a little. "The orange juice people." His hands smooth down Brian's back, stop at his hips. He trails his fingers in small circles there and sees goose bumps break out on Brian's arms.

"I thought you wanted me to be fucking QUIET," Brian snaps.

"Well, now I want you to talk." Justin reaches around and takes Brian's cock in his hand, not rubbing or stroking it, just wrapping his palm around it and holding.

"Jesus Christ, Justin, I am really fucking sick of this game you're playing--"

"Brian." Justin presses slow, soft kisses over his neck, his cheeks, and his hand starts to move on his cock. "I can stop fucking you right now, you know."

There is a moment of absolute silence in the room. Justin doesn't move, Brian doesn't move, and then Brian starts speaking, voice low and hoarse. "I had a meeting with them today. Bunch of fuckers."

"What happened?"

Brian grits his teeth and puts his hand overtop of Justin's, trying to make his movements speed up on his cock. Justin just bites him on the ear and Brian desists.

"Weren't offering enough money," Brian finally grunts.

"So what did you do?"

"I fucked the guy in the bathroom."

That makes Justin laugh and Brian kind of laughs too, around a groan, because Justin is finally, finally moving his hand on his cock. "Did it work?" Justin asks.

Brian clenches his jaw and swallows. "They signed three-year deal..."


"And a fifty--"

Justin slows down. "Fifty what, Brian?"


Justin starts to withdraw.

"Fifty thousand bonus...for me," Brian manages, and then he seems to completely lose it, grinding back against Justin urgently and gripping Justin's thigh so hard it hurts.

And Justin figures, what the hell, so he drops his head and braces one hand on the mattress, the other jerking Brian's cock in the furious rhythm that Brian craves, and despite himself HE'S the one who's making noise now, fucking whimpering as he thrusts his cock as hard and fast as he can into Brian because suddenly that is the only thing that matters and Brian makes one final, staccato moan and comes, so fucking tight around him, and that's just enough to set Justin off, too.

For a long moment they just lie there and pant together, and fuck, Justin can't even feel his toes.

"Move over, I'm in the fucking wet spot," Brian says finally. Justin pulls out and collapses onto his back, absently noting how sweaty he is, and maybe he should take the condom off and clean up, but he's not sure he's ever going to move again.

Brian flops next to him, glances at him with a smile. "Shit, you're such a pussy. One fuck and you're down for the count."

Justin just sighs, lost in a haze. Brian snickers. "Pussy," he says again. "You're just a little bottom baby at heart, aren't you?"

That gets Justin's attention. "Don't act like you didn't get off on it, you asshole."

Brian reaches for his cigarettes. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Right." Justin contemplates him for a moment, watches him blow smoke rings at the ceiling.

"I guess it was all right," Brian concedes after a time.

Justin grins.

"Just don't get too fucking cocky," Brian says. He kisses Justin on the forehead and heads for the bathroom. Justin's grin widens.