Overtime Supplement


Summary: Ted gets an eyeful of what we all want to see.
Rating/Warnings/etc: NC-17. Post S4. Ted's POV, yes, that's voyeur!fic
Beta: zoisite84, guess I made you suffer with the fic that wouldn't end. Thank you so much for your input! And no thanks to yahoo for causing unnecessary panic:(
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Brian can be a real ass sometimes. Okay, so itís not exactly his fault that I forgot the files at Kinnetik. It wasnít him who made me leave the office hours ago without them. However, it is his fault that I need them in the first place, that I need them on a Friday evening, that I need to do his job and prepare a presentation by Monday morning.

ďTheodore,Ē he said earlier today when he called me to his office and I swear, he almost purred. And thatís when I knew Iíd say Ďyesí no matter what, because Iím the last person on earth to resist a huge dosage of the infamous Kinney charm. And long before he stopped talking about this presentation on Monday morning and how I would be the perfect man to do it, Iíd already accepted the fact that my free weekend would go down the drain. Which wasnít really a bad thing. I hadnít made any plans; besides, thinking about work keeps my mind off other things.

So although I was okay with the workload, maybe even a bit thankful, and also flattered by Brianís calculated sweet talk, I was at the same time annoyed at him for making me change my non-existent plans. I mean, isnít that what youíre supposed to be? Annoyed if your boss makes you work longer and harder on short notice? Anyway, that was the faÁade I kept up for the rest of the day.

Cynthia, being a sweetheart as usual, tried to cheer me up when I got ready to leave, and I think itís because of what she said that I forgot the files.

ďTed,Ē she said and winked at me, ďdonít be mad at him, he really needs some time off this weekend.Ē

ďHe does?Ē I snapped back. ďWhat, some 24-hours-fucking marathon going on somewhere?Ē

ďKind of,Ē Cynthia snickered. When I didnít answer and only shot her what I guess mustíve been a puzzled look, she asked: ďYou donít know, do you?Ē

ďKnow what?Ē

Cynthia stepped a bit closer and whispered conspiratorial: ďJustin will be here for the next two days. Thatís why he took off. And if you tell anyone, Iíll have your balls.Ē

I didnít doubt Cynthiaís threat for one second Ė you canít be Brian Kinneyís loyal assistant for so many years without having the guts to actually rip somebodyís balls off if push comes to shove. Okay, talking about Brian and Ďripping someoneís balls offí in one sentence might be a bit too sarcastic, even for me, so, where was I? Justin, right.

I just nodded, slightly taken aback by the sudden revelation. I had no idea about Justinís surprise visit, nobody had. Guess that was the point. Anyway, thatís why I forgot the files. I think.

So here I am, hours later, back on my way to the office, cursing Brian and Justin but most of all, cursing myself. Itís cold, itís rainy, and I think of my cozy apartment Ė ah, what the hell, Iíll be back there any second. I know where the files are, thereís a medium sized package waiting for me on the conference table, at least thatís where Brian left them for me. All I need to do is hop in, get them and Iím on my way home again. No biggie.

Iím a bit surprised when I see light shining through the glass entrance door of Kinnetik Ė did somebody forget to put it out? Iím as quiet as possible as I open the door, not only because I donít want to disturb anyone who might be still working, I also try to avoid any unnecessary noise I could startle myself with, being the klutz I am.

I step behind that glass wall that separates the conference room from the hall Ė and freeze. The sliding doors which divide Brianís office into working and conference areas are halfway closed, and thereís a ray of light shining through them. Furthermore, thereís some kind of noise that intrigues me. I hold my breath and tiptoe closer to the door. I know how stupid this is, I donít really know why Iím sneaking up on Brian whoís working late for whatever reason, but I canít help myself. I feel myself drawn to the opening of the doors like a puppet on a string.

I freeze again when I look into Brianís office, my eyes instantly focusing on the white sofa and the scene that unfolds on it. I get a pretty good view from where Iím standing, in fact, itís the best view Iíve had in a long time.

Iíve never seen them together before, not like this. I know Michael walked in on them a couple of times, and if you believe his vivid descriptions, Brian and Justin fuck 24/7 with the loft door wide open. Emmett saw them in the backroom once, along with almost every regular at Babylon, except for me. I saw Brian fucking or getting blown by someone else, alright, but not with Justin. It just didnít happen.

Of course Iíve been wondering about it from time to time, for several reasons, not that I've got that much time on my hands, or anything. Itís just me, thinking about stuff and maybe overanalysing things from time to time Ė and believe me, Brian and Justin as an item is something you could spend a whole lifetime pondering.

First of all, thereís Brian. Even though my very own attempt at making my Ďfucking like Brian Kinneyí-fantasy come true didnít really work out the way Iíd hoped it would, I still enjoy it from time to time. Itís still a hot thing to think about while jerking off. I also remember the one time Brian almost fucked me, back at this strange orgy thing. Wasnít it the weekend John John died? Anyway. Brian still fascinates me, despite the fact that heís my boss and close friend. Itís not that Iím in love with him or drooling about him all the time, but his sexual aura is just too strong and mesmerizing to resist.

The next reason would be Justin. Iíd never caught a glimpse of Justin in a sexual action other than kissing or grinding against someone (preferably Brian) on Babylonís dance floor, and at first, I couldnít be bothered. He was Brianís teenage stalker, a cute twink with an admittedly perfect bubble butt, someone I didnít pay too much attention to when he started joining our group some years ago. I never got very close to him, however I canít fail to recognize and, yes, admire the way he grew up. The annoying twink has long since been replaced by a mature man. And although Iíve never talked about it with anyone, I know just too well that Justin is a major reason for the changes Brian went through, the changes that gave me a well paid and very satisfying job plus a close friend.

Lastly, itís the whole idea of Brian and Justin together. Theyíre two very beautiful examples of the human kind and together, they produce a shitload of sexual energy. Iíve seen them kiss, Iíve seen them making eyes at each other, hell, Iíve been together with them in one room many, many times and believe me, thatís basically enough to get the idea.

So yes, maybe Iíve thought about what it would be like to see them together. Maybe Iíve thought about it on more than one occasion. But hey, like I said, itís mainly my old Ďfucking like Brian Kinneyí-kink talking Ė adding Justin to the picture would be the ultimate realization of said fantasy.

Thatís why I donít turn on my heel and walk away like I know I should. I canít help myself. I have to watch. My only excuse is that Brian and Justin are too busy to notice me. I hope. And hey, they fuck in public all the time, right?

Justinís lying on his back, his legs are spread and hooked around Brianís thighs on top of him. Brianís thrusting in and out of Justin hard and fast, and Justin matches each thrust by lifting his hips just a little bit, enough to slam back against Brian. Itís as if theyíre moving as one, I guess thatís one of the benefits of knowing your sexual partner inside out, just like these two know each other.

Justinís very flexible, I notice. His legs are spread so wide, I can actually see Brianís thick cock plowing his ass. Jesus. I also see Justinís dick, hard and slightly twitching against his stomach. Ah, the joys of a young, proud boner and my, what a fine example it is. Who wouldíve thought that Justin is that well endowed?

Theyíre both breathing hard and moaning; Justin adds some kind of short whimpers to the mix of noises. Even from where Iím standing I can detect a small hint of what the office must smell like, sex and sweat. Itís as if all my senses are hit by a sexual overdose at once. Iím hard within seconds and donít bother fighting it. Again, itís my favourite fantasy, after all. I cup my erection through my trousers and begin slowly, carefully, stroking it.

And then, all of a sudden, something changes. Brian stops his fast rhythm and for a split second I fear itís because he noticed me. I hold my breath. But Brianís eyes never leave the face of the man underneath him, and I relax again. Itís now Justinís turn to be irritated.

ďMmmmhhhÖ. Brian,Ē he whispers in a voice hoarse from moaning, and I have to concentrate as much as possible under the given circumstances to make it out. Justin flexes his legs, trying to force Brian to move again.

ďJustin,Ē Brian answers, one word only, just a name, but it sounds so intimate I suddenly realize that maybe Iím witnessing something thatís not intended to be a show for prying eyes Ė this is not Babylonís backroom, after all. However, Iím still not able to move. Iím way too fascinated by the turn of events. I had no idea Brianís voice could even sound like that.

I know Brian and Justin have this weird, unconventional relationship-thing going on for a few years now, never mind a fiddler-induced break. I also know that Justin plans on moving back in with Brian once he returns to Pittsburgh for good, something Iíd never doubted he would do. Furthermore, I know itís not only about sex for either of them, no matter how hard Brian has tried to make it look like in the past. Iíve witnessed it often enough, seen them holding hands or touching casually any chance they got, and I do know from first-hand experience thatís itís more than likely for Justin to get kissed hello whenever he drops by at Kinnetik. But I never really thought about what exactly it was that Brian and Justin shared. I just couldnít be bothered and maybe thatís why Iím so stunned when I see what Iím seeing now.

Brian smiles softly and runs his fingers through Justinís hair. He leans down and kisses his Ė I suppose itís safe to say partner -, he kisses him soft and slow and, well, lovingly.

Justin closes his eyes and for a good minute or two, both of them get lost in a kiss that looks very sensual from where Iím standing. I feel a pang of jealousy, because everyone should deserve to be kissed like that.

Eventually, Brian withdraws and he and Justin make eye contact again. Then Brian opens his mouth and says: ďI missed you.Ē

My jaw drops open. But whatís even more surprising than this to my knowledge unusual confession from Brian is Justinís reaction to it. He doesnít open his eyes wide in surprise, he doesnít gasp in shock, his face shows hardly any reaction at all, except for a small smile. And he nods slightly and simply responds: ďI know.Ē

Justin lifts his head and kisses Brian briefly. ďI love you,Ē he says when they part and now, Brianís the one whoís nodding and repeating Justinís words: ďI know.Ē And then they both smile, like the two love struck puppies they probably are.

I wonder if this is some kind of ritual Iím witnessing, some kind of love declaration. My, my Kinney, who wouldíve thought?

And then Brian starts moving again, much slower than before. One of his hands searches for Justinís and their fingers entwine once they found each other. I realize this is not Brian Kinney fucking any longer, itís Brian Kinney making love, and Iím sure thatís something neither Michael or Emmett saw before. And I like it, I mean, itís different, but thatís not necessarily a bad thing. Itís still sex after all, itís still hot and arousing to watch them, but now, it doesnít only affect my cock only. It also messes with my mind, and I feel a longing for more than just a good fuck. Iím jealous again, jealous of Justin who managed to thaw Brianís heart and make him show his love in his very own way; Iím jealous of Brian whoís loved by Justin without caring for consequences. I realize this is an even better fantasy than the one Iíve been chasing after for years.

Brian picks up the pace again, heís entering Justin with long, deep strokes and Justinís free hand flies to Brianís ass, holding onto and kneading it. Brian moves, too: he squeezes his unoccupied hand between their bodies, and starts to jerk Justin.

They both find their unique, unison rhythm again and although Iím still hard, I donít touch myself any longer. I donít know, it just doesnít feel right anymoreÖ it would feel dirty in a strange way, I canít really put my finger on it. As for now, Iím just watching, trying to memorize as much of this scene as possible so I can replay it once Iím back home, replay it in the solitude of my bedroom without having to feel like a nasty intruder.

Justin starts making these small whimpering noises again, somewhere in the back of his throat, and this noise is enough to arouse me even further, although I try my best to fight it. Guess Brian feels the same way, for he lets out a moan Ė God, I never knew he could be this vocal during sex. I have a lot of realizations tonight, no shit.

ďBrian, Iím gonnaÖĒ Justin pants and flexes his legs again.

ďYes,Ē Brian answers between breaths, ďgood, come on. Come for me.Ē

And Justin does and itís not only hot, itísÖ beautiful. He bucks and arches his back; Brian arches, too, and three pairs of eyes zoom on to Justinís cock, watch the come spurting out of it in waves. And another one. And another one. I have to bite my lower lip to hold back a moan myself.

Brian milks Justin until heís spend and once heís done, he laps some of the come with his index and brings the finger close to Justinís mouth. A pink tongue darts out and begins licking the come off Brianís finger and thatís enough for Brian to come, too. He moans again, it almost sounds defeated, and then gets hits by a probably very satisfying climax.

Guh. Thereís nothing else left to say, really. Brian kinda collapses on top of Justin and now theyíre both lying there, trying to catch their breath. And thatís when I know I have to get out as soon as possible, before they calm down enough and take notice of me. I find it hard to part, to tear my gaze away from the beautiful couple holding onto each other so tenderly, but shit, itís now or never. Itís abrupt, itís almost saddening, but I donít want them to know I was there and saw what I did. I donít want them to know I saw them making love. I donít want them to see me like this Ė aroused and jealous at the same time. I donít want them to know how much I envy them for what they share, wondering if I ever shared something like this with any of my partners Ė wondering if I ever will.

I slowly turn and tiptoe back to the glass wall, grabbing the files from the table as I go. Iím almost out of there, two, maybe three more steps to go. Iím just about to leave the room, when I hear Brian.

ďDonít even think about filing this as extra hours, Theodore,Ē he snarks and then chuckles, and I donít bother about being quiet anymore, I just get the hell out of there.