Justin pushed the door of Woody’s open and was about to walk through the small hall into the main room when he heard his name from inside. It wasn’t as if he’d never heard his name before, but something made him pause in the dark passage and listen, letting the people behind him by.

“You think they’ll ever break up, for real?” asked Michael. A year ago, this would have given Justin a stab in the gut, but now he knew Michael wasn’t asking out of malice, but out of actual curiosity. Or maybe foot-in-mouth syndrome. Justin peeked round the corner to see Emmett, Ted, and Michael at one of the less desirable tables near the door. It was crowded, even for a Friday night.

“No,” said Ted. “I mean, I know I wasn’t a believer before, but after the cancer…” he trailed off.

“Besides,” Emmett took up the conversation. “You know the sex has got to be beyond stellar.”

“It’s weird when you think about it,” said Michael. “I mean, Brian was Justin’s first. And sure, he’s probably fucked more guys in more ways than I have since then, but it's sort of lucky, or fateful, or something, that he took Justin home anyway. Brian always insisted he didn’t do virgins. He said they know fuck-all about fucking.”

“Well, honey, have you seen our Sunshine’s cock? Brian may be a super-top, but he’s a cock man, just like the rest of us.” Emmett sounded authoritative. Justin stifled a laugh.

“How would you know what Justin’s cock looks like?” asked Ted.

“I’ve been in the back room, haven’t I? It would have been hard not to see it.”

“Good point,” said Ted.

“Hey,” said Brian behind him in a low voice. Justin jumped. Brian’s lips pressed to the top of Justin’s spine and he felt a wave of heat spread through his body from Brian’s mouth. But he wasn’t done listening, so he held up a hand. Brian stilled for a moment, hovering behind him, and Justin could feel the exact moment when he realized they were being discussed. Brian didn’t tense, exactly, he just seemed to become completely still, listening.

“It’s true,” said Michael. “Justin wasted no time in applying his new knowledge after he’d met Brian. He knows his way around the back room. I’d say he’s an expert by now.”

“Jesus, am I the only one who hasn’t seen them fucking?” asked Ted.

“Teddy, you never take your fucks to the back room, now do you? You have only yourself to blame.”

Brian pressed the length of his body against Justin’s back. He gripped Justin’s hips and gave the side of his neck a slow lick and then smiled against Justin’s skin when Justin shuddered a little. His lips moved up to tickle Justin’s ear. “Does it make you hot? Listening to them talk about us?” It wasn’t really a question, and Justin refused to reply anyway. He elbowed vaguely behind him, trying to keep up with the conversation and not get distracted by Brian’s many distracting qualities.

“Just because I prefer to fuck in the comfort of my own bed...” said Ted.

“Fucking isn’t about comfort, sweetie, it’s about hot, hard cock. Am I right?”

“He’s right,” agreed Michael, laughing

“This, from the married man,” said Ted.

“Hey, just because Ben and I are married doesn’t mean we don’t have interesting sex.”

There was a lull in the conversation, probably while everyone contemplated Ben and Michael having interesting sex. Justin could hear sounds of drinking.

Brian took advantage of this, and pressed his mouth to the other side of Justin’s neck. Justin’s eyes slid half-closed and he gave up the fight and leaned back against Brian, because really, he’d have to be stupid to fight off an amorous Brian. One of Brian’s hands snaked around and inside the band of Justin’s jeans, and his fingers stroked little circles lightly over Justin’s abdomen on their way down. Justin flinched, ticklish, and Brian laughed low. He coaxed Justin’s cock up so that it was trapped against his stomach and then began to steadily stroke him. Justin’s breath caught in his throat and he put a hand against the wall to steady himself. Brian’s other hand gripped Justin’s hip as he began to grind slowly against him. He forgot to care that they were in the entry hallway of a public bar. His consciousness shrank to focus on every place he and Brian touched, but he was vaguely aware that the conversation had veered back to them.

“I think they’re adorable together,” said Emmett. “I saw them once, cuddling. It was cold out and they were waiting for a cab home and Brian had Justin wrapped up in his coat with him. It was swoon-worthy.”

Adorable,” Brian muttered, contemptuously, then rubbed his nose through Justin’s hair, his hand stroking Justin a little faster.

“I know what you mean,” said Ted. “Whenever Justin visits the office, he gets a kiss hello. I don’t think they realize how sweet it is.” Justin grinned to himself and arched against Brian’s hand.

Sweet?” Brian sounded incensed. “Christ.” He bit Justin. Justin hastily swallowed back a moan just before Brian turned him around, pressed him against the wall, and kissed him hard.

“I’ve got you both beat,” said Michael. “One time I went over to the loft to give Justin some of my story ideas, and I found them eating take-out together. Justin was sitting in Brian’s lap and they were feeding each other. That, my friends, is the definition of cute.”

“Et tu, Michael?” Brian murmured against Justin’s mouth before kissing him again, this time a little less hard and a little more thoroughly. Just when Justin thought he might add Woody’s entry way to the list of public places Brian had made him come, Brian withdrew his hand from Justin’s jeans and tucked him back into them.

“C’mon Sunshine. I need a fucking drink.”

“I think you need to fuck me,” said Justin, trying to get his breathing back under control. Brian gave him a half-smile and a slow once-over.

“The bathroom in five minutes. We’re going to redefine cute.” He grimaced in distaste and stalked toward the bar, passing their friend’s table without so much as a glance. Justin took several deep breaths and willed his erection--damn Brian--down. When he figured he didn’t look quite so almost-fucked any more, he ducked through into the light and slid into a chair at the table.

“Hey guys,” he said, in what he hoped was a casual tone.

“Hey,” said Michael, echoed by Ted who patted him on the shoulder.

“And how are you?” said Emmett.

“We’re excellent,” said Brian, setting a beer down in front of Justin before he could answer. “In fact, one might even say we’re adorable.” Brian looked down at Justin. “Drink up, darling. We’ve got an appointment.” Justin downed half his beer in one swallow and slid smoothly to his feet.

He grinned up at Brian. “Ready, sweetie.”

Brian addressed the table. “And just for the record, we’re fucking cute,” he said. Then he cupped Justin’s neck, kissed his temple, and led him off to fuck in the bathroom.