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Photo Shoot


For 1daftpunk who wanted a very specific kind of Justin kink. And because my New Year’s resolution told me I’m apparently supposed to be kinky more often :)

Part 1

Justin shifted his weight from one leg to the other, balancing the phone between his shoulder and his ear.

“What time?”


“Um, no. Well, I don’t think so. But it should be fine.”

“Yeah, ok.”

Brian turned back to his laptop, ignoring Justin’s conversation. This presentation wasn’t going to write itself, and Justin’s pacing was getting distracting. When Justin hung up, Brian rubbed his eyes and tried to focus. The quiet footsteps bringing a small, warm body to a stop behind him didn’t help with that effort, though.

“Hey,” Brian said as he leaned back, tipping his head into Justin’s chest behind him.

“Hey,” Justin smiled, but Brian could see the unease on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

Justin chewed nervously on the side of his thumb. “Nothing.”

Brian sat up straight, turning around to face him. “Justin.”

Justin’s eyes met his, his hand dropping to Brian’s shoulder. “Nothing,” he smiled. “Really. I’m just thinking.”

Brian pulled him into his lap, Justin’s smile widening. “Ok,” he whispered, mouth close to Justin’s ear. “But what are you thinking about?”

Justin leaned into him, small hands cupping Brian’s shoulders. “School,” he whispered, pressing his lips gently against Brian’s.

“Mmhmm,” Brian replied. “Why so stressed? Major project?”

Justin wiggled closer on Brian’s lap, his ass waking Brian’s cock. “Sort of.”

Brian waited, letting the warmth of Justin’s body seep into him through his cargo pants.

“It’s not my project,” Justin continued finally. “It’s a friend’s.” Brian’s hands slid under his shirt, making Justin shiver as they pressed softly into his lower back. Justin shifted again, wrapping his arms around Brian’s back. Brian listened to his breathing, waiting.

“He’s a photographer. He wants me to model for him,” Justin said quietly.

Brian laughed softly. “And you don’t want your picture taken?” he teased. When Justin said nothing he brought his lips to Justin’s ear again. “Afraid I’ll mind?”

Justin looked at him thoughtfully. “No, not really.” Brian met his gaze. “I’m just not sure if I want to do it.”

“Mmm. Why not?” Brian rolled his lower lip into his mouth, watching Justin’s eyes follow the movement.

Justin looked back at Brian directly. “He wants me to model naked. And bound.” He waited for Brian’s reaction.

Brian’s eyebrow lifted. “Bound?” he grinned. “Kinky. Is he gay?”

Justin nodded as Brian continued, “And it’s just for art’s sake, right? Has nothing to do with wanting to get into your pants?” Brian’s smile was teasing.

Justin swatted him on the arm, shaking his head. “Of course he wants to get into my pants.”

Brian laughed.

“But he’s not going to, and he knows it. He says it’s some kind of Japanese rope bondage, or something like that,” Justin shrugged.

Brian’s eyebrow went up again. “Shibari or Hojo jutsu?”

Justin looked at him, eyes widening. “What? You know this stuff?”

Brian held his gaze. “Yes,” he replied. He chuckled at the flush creeping up Justin’s neck. “Do you?” he murmured, bringing his lips to the side of Justin’s throat, feeling the pulse quicken under his tongue.

“Uh, not really,” Justin whispered, his hands clutching Brian’s shoulders as his head fell back.

“Hmmm.” Brian shifted his hips forward, letting Justin press tighter against him. “Perhaps you should know what you’re agreeing to before you do it.”

Justin nodded, his ass rocking over Brian’s cock. “Wanna show me?”

Brian chuckled, a deep rumble in his throat. “It’s not that simple, Justin. It’s a very elaborate art, one that takes time and effort to learn. Does this friend of yours also happen to be a Japanese bondage master?”

Justin shook his head. “Some guy he knows.” He nuzzled his face against Brian’s ear, increasingly disinterested in talking.

“Some guy?” Brian’s eyebrow went up fast. “And you’re going to let him tie you up?” He pushed Justin back gently, forcing Justin to look at him.

“Well…” Justin blushed. “That’s why I’m not sure about it. He’s not going to do it for real, just for the photos – you know, make it look real. He wants to use red silk or something, not real rope.”

Brian stared at him for a minute, thinking. “Here,” he said finally, pushing Justin off his lap and turning back to his computer. He opened up Google and quickly brought up some links. He scanned them for a minute, then opened a few websites. He stood up and steered Justin to the chair.


Justin sat down, looking up at Brian.

“Once you understand it, if you want to do it - fine.” Justin looked back at the screen, eyes scanning the images of intricately bound figures, lines of rope criss-crossing their bodies.

“But I’m going with you.” Brian turned and walked away from the computer, leaving Justin sitting there. Justin turned back to the screen, shifting to make room for his growing cock as he began to browse.

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