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Once again, the lovely and talented paddies has inspired me to write a little fic. This one shouldn’t be as long as the last one (and probably not as kinky – sorry!).

She suggested a story where we see silly/dorky Brian, where they make a bet on a game and the loser has to do whatever the winner wants for a full day. So onto the first part – the game…

Probably rated R, maybe NC-17. Next part definitely NC-17.

Part 1

Justin slid the door open, head down as he walked into the loft. He was immediately greeted by the sweet, acrid smell of smoke. Brian stood in the kitchen, exhaling the last drag of his joint before crushing it in the ashtray. Justin smiled at him and was about to walk into the loft when Brian’s voice caught him.

“Don’t move.”

Justin looked at him with a quizzical smile, his smile faltering as Brian stalked quickly towards him. He waited, watching Brian’s face, his long legs carrying him to Justin in seconds.

Brian stopped immediately in front of Justin. Justin sucked in a breath, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck stand up from Brian’s proximity. The trace of a smile was on Brian’s lips, his breath warm on Justin’s face. He stood there for a second, then shoved one hand against Justin’s chest, pushing him back against the door. His other hand pressed flat against the door beside Justin’s head, his mouth hovering just over Justin’s. Justin’s eyes fluttered closed as he felt Brian suddenly slide down his body, his tongue starting at Justin’s ear and working its’ way down his neck. He yanked up Justin’s shirt, his face skirting around the fabric to find Justin’s skin again. Justin felt a shiver run through him as Brian’s tongue continued down his body, barely stopping at the waist of his pants.

Brian’s thigh pressed hard between Justin’s knees, spreading his legs. Justin’s head fell back against the door as he felt Brian’s nose brush his belly, his warm lips sending shocks down into Justin’s dick. Brian’s hands ripped open Justin’s pants, pushed down Justin’s underwear, giving his mouth room to move lower. Justin felt Brian’s chest against his legs as Brian dropped to his knees. Shit. Justin had no idea what he’d done to deserve this, but his thought process was cut off when he felt Brian’s warm mouth engulf the head of his cock.

Before he could even moan, Brian had his entire cock in his mouth, the head pushing into his throat. Justin gasped, grabbing the back of Brian’s head. He struggled to keep his body from thrusting, but fuck… he’d been in the door for about ten seconds and now he was down Brian’s throat. Brian’s hands reached around to cup his ass, pulling his cock further into his mouth. Justin groaned, his body reeling. Brian sucked and licked, his tongue swirling around the head, flicking up the underside. Justin gasped. He rocked his hips a tiny bit, biting his lip to keep from pushing too hard. Brian pulled off for a split second and Justin felt the words against his throbbing cock.

“Go for it…”

Justin moaned, thrusting his cock back in hard. He didn’t need to be told twice. He pulled out, fucking Brian’s mouth slowly at first, then increasing speed. He could feel Brian breathing through his nose, his throat open, swallowing around Justin. Justin felt the pressure building in his spine, his balls tightening. He didn’t think he could come that fast, but fuck! He barely had time to pull back into Brian’s mouth before he felt the orgasm pound through him, jolting his body against the door.

Brian pulled off, cleaning the last drops of cum off Justin’s cock and then tucking him back into his pants. Brian stood up, kissed Justin briefly and then turned around, heading back into the kitchen.

Justin leaned against the door, catching his breath. He ran his fingers through his hair and watched Brian putter in the kitchen, pulling a beer out of the fridge, wiping a wet spot on the counter with a towel. He looked up at Justin questioningly, motioning with the beer in his hand. Justin nodded, watching Brian take another beer out of the fridge, open it and hand it to Justin as he walked by his still unmoving form against the door, on his way to the table.

Justin still hadn’t said a word since he’d walked in the door, nor had Brian come to think of it, other than “don’t move” and “go for it”. Justin moaned quietly at the memory of the latter, shaking his head as he pushed off the door and headed to join Brian at the table. Brian was now happily rolling a few joints… humming…? Justin felt a little jolt of alarm run through him at the thought of Brian humming…!

Justin sat down across from Brian, reaching his hand out to cover Brian’s on the table.

“Hey.” he said, smiling at Brian.

“Hey back.” Brian smiled at him, his tongue moistening the seal on the edge of the rolling paper.

“What was that for?” Justin asked. “Not that I’m complaining…” he smiled broadly.

Brian shrugged, his face nonchalant. “I just felt like it…” he looked up at Justin, his green eyes sparkling in the light. “You looked hot standing there, and I wanted to taste you. I didn’t think you’d mind…” Brian smirked softly.

Justin’s breath caught in his throat. Fuck, he’d just cum and he could already feel his cock responding to Brian again. He felt a little giddy, like it was his birthday or Christmas or something. Ok, it was just a blowjob. But a Brian Kinney blowjob was nothing to sneer at, especially when it came at you fast and furious and you didn’t have to do anything to get it.

“So what were you doing before you decided you had to blow me?” Justin asked playfully.

Brian raised an eyebrow, leaning forward across the table so his face was close to Justin’s. “Careful, Sunshine. You don’t want to discourage my spontaneous gestures of affection, do you?” Brian smiled as he spoke.

Justin said nothing, just shook his head gently in response. He made a mental note to file away the comment for future inspection. Hmmm. Gesture of affection, huh? Justin smiled to himself.

Brian slapped his hands down on the table, then stood up.

“I want to play cards…” he announced.

He headed over to the desk, rummaging through a drawer, presumably looking for a deck to play with. He smiled triumphantly as he produced a worn looking pack of cards, bringing them back to the table. He went to sit down, but then stopped himself and headed back to the kitchen.

“But we need munchies if we’re going to play cards…” he said to no one in particular.

Justin looked at the pot paraphernalia on the table, idly wondering how many joints Brian had already smoked before he got home. He wasn’t that late, but Brian seemed pretty darn happy at this point. Justin shrugged to himself, figuring any state of mind that had Brian on his knees the moment he saw Justin was a pretty fucking good one in his opinion. He’d happily play along with this one…

Brian came back to the table with what passed for munchies in the Kinney household. There were some almonds, some soy nuts, and a few old mini-chocolate bars from (hopefully, Justin thought) last Halloween. He grabbed a couple of green apples from the bowl on the counter for good measure.

Justin laughed. “Brian, this is the lamest munchie selection I’ve ever seen. Good thing you wouldn’t really eat proper munchies anyway.” Justin made a note to buy some decent junk food if they were going to sit around smoking dope and playing cards again in the future…

Brian looked up at Justin conspiratorially, his voice low. “Don’t tell anyone, but I do eat munchies sometimes… Mind you, I just ate…” he leaned back, smirking happily at Justin.

Justin blushed, laughing. Shit, how was it possible that Brian could still make him blush…? he shook his head, reaching for the cards.

Brian slapped his hand, making Justin look up in surprise.

“I’m dealing.” he cocked his head at Justin, frowning at him in mock disgust. “Hmph. Some kids just have no manners…”

Brian proceeded to shuffle the cards, rather deftly, Justin thought to himself, given Brian’s current state of mind. He watched Brian’s beautiful fingers manipulate the cards, quickly flipping them together and stacking them, then dealing them out with practiced ease. Hmmm, he never really thought of Brian as a card player, but clearly he’d done this before…

“What are we playing?” Justin asked, pulling his cards towards him on the table.

“Blackjack.” Brian stated, looking at Justin as if he’d asked the most obvious question in the world.

Justin laughed. “Ok. But what are we betting with…?” he asked, noting the absence of money or chips. He eyed the stale Halloween candy, wondering if that was Brian’s idea of a suitable pot.

“Clothes.” Brian stated in the same tone of voice, but when Justin looked up at him, he was smiling dangerously. Justin laughed out loud. Brian raised an eyebrow, poking his tongue into his cheek.

“I wouldn’t laugh if I were you, Sunshine. You’re going to be naked in…” he paused, looking over what Justin was wearing… “three hands.”

“What about socks…?” Justin asked, grinning. He’d left his shoes at the door, but he was still wearing his socks…

“Ok, four hands.” Brian assented. “But both socks count as one item.” He looked at Justin with great seriousness.

Justin nodded his agreement, laughing. He checked out what Brian was wearing to see how many hands it would take him to win. He’d changed out of his work clothes, which was good. A suit would definitely have taken longer to get out of, so the casual clothes were a good start. But Brian had two layers on top, his soft, worn white shirt over top of his tank. Justin ducked his head under the table, smiling when he saw what he expected. Brian had tight jeans on, and as usual, no shoes or socks. Justin smirked when he sat back up.

“But it will only take me four hands to get you naked, and that’s assuming you’re actually wearing underwear…” Justin laughed when he saw Brian’s frown, confirming that he’d only need three hands to win…

Brian recovered quickly, smiling back at Justin deviously. “But you’d actually have to win a hand, which you won’t. And we both know you won’t be able to concentrate if I take my pants off first, will you…?” he smiled triumphantly, looking like the cat that just ate the canary.

Justin laughed again, reaching his hand out to touch Brian’s face. He seemed so pleased with himself, Justin had to smile. It had been a long week, and if this was what Brian needed to blow off some steam, Justin was happy to go along for the ride.

On that note, he motioned his head toward the joints on the table. “But let me catch up a bit, or else you’re never going to have a hope of beating me…”

Brian scoffed doubtfully, but handed Justin a joint. He leaned forward with his zippo, lighting the end for Justin. He watched Justin inhale a long drag, following the curling smoke as it pushed past Justin’s red lips. He licked his own lips, suddenly wanting to taste Justin’s mouth. He reached for the offered joint, bringing it down to the table as he leaned over and pressed his lips gently against Justin’s. Justin smiled into his eyes, closing them as he felt Brian’s mouth push his apart gently. He felt drunk, heady on the feel of Brian’s lips, the warm smoke in his lungs, the gentle playfulness of Brian’s mood. He pulled back when he needed air, seeing Brian’s glittering eyes in front of him.

Brian licked his lips, then raised his eyebrow as he sat back. “I’m going to enjoy watching you lose…” he grinned softly.

“Oh, don’t be so sure of yourself, old man…” Justin warned, noting Brian’s flicker of mock-outrage at his choice of words.

Brian nodded his head at Justin’s cards, a five of hearts face-up, the other card face-down. Justin peeked under the card, nodding at Brian to deal him another. Brian flicked the card across the table, smiling when he saw the ten of diamonds. “Fifteen.” Brian noted, waiting for Justin’s decision on the next card. He knew Justin would go for it, a risky move. Justin nodded, and Brian laughed as he flipped the eight of spades on top of Justin’s existing cards. “Twenty-three…” he smiled, raising an eyebrow at Justin, letting his eyes trail down Justin’s body.

“Pick an item, kiddo…” Brian leered.

Justin laughed, reaching down to the hem of his shirt. He pulled it over his head, noting happily as Brian’s eyes swept his chest. He trailed his fingers down his chest, brushing his nipples softly. Brian watched with interest, cocking his head at Justin.

“You sure you want to start that…?” Brian asked, his lips twitching into a smile. “Cause from where I’m sitting, you’re about to get very naked, very fast…”

“Wouldn’t be the first time…” Justin smirked.

Brian laughed, reaching for the previous hand and pushing it to the side of the table. He dealt a new pair of cards to each of them.

“Wait a minute.” Justin put his hand on top of the cards. “The dealer should switch each time, otherwise you have the advantage…”

Brian smiled, his tongue firmly in his cheek. “I always have the advantage, Sunshine. You should know that by now…” He ran his foot up the inside of Justin’s leg under the table, resting it firmly under Justin’s balls. Justin shifted in his seat, feeling his cock respond to Brian’s touch.

“Yeah, but you play dirty…” Justin breathed.

Brian laughed again. “It’s the only way to play…” He pushed the deck over to Justin’s side of the table, draining his beer. He got up to get another one, taking the empties with him. He stopped to re-arrange the apples in the bowl on the counter, frowning at the uneven distribution from where he had taken two out earlier.

Justin watched him. “You know, for a guy who pretends to be so laid-back, you’re awfully anal.” he laughed.

Brian cocked his eyebrow at Justin. “Good thing for you too…” he snorted. “With you always shaking that pretty little ass in my face, how could I be otherwise…” he leaned into the fridge, pulling two more beers out. Justin watched the tight denim stretch across Brian’s ass as he bent over, thinking to himself that he wasn’t the only one shaking his pretty little ass…

Brian came back to the table, carefully placing a beer in front of Justin, picking up the abandoned joint and re-lighting it. He inhaled deeply on it to light it, then held it to Justin’s lips for him to take a drag. “Suck…” he smirked.

Justin looked up at him, licking his lips before pulling deeply. Brian’s eyes narrowed as he watched Justin, amazed at how viscerally his body responded to Justin’s. He pulled the joint away, bringing it back to his own mouth. He inhaled, then leaned down to kiss Justin, pushing the smoke into Justin’s mouth. Justin sputtered a bit, but pushed back into the kiss when he felt Brian’s tongue sweep into his mouth. He pulled back when he needed to breathe, looking up at Brian with heavy eyes. “You’re just trying to distract me so I won’t beat the pants off you…” Justin said drowsily, eyeing Brian’s crotch “…literally.”

Brian laughed as he sat down, looking at the face-down card in front of him. “Hit me.” he ordered, watching as Justin laid another card face-up beside the three of hearts.

“Nine.” Justin added the cards together, seeing Brian’s small nod.

“Hold.” Brian leaned back, watching Justin deal his own cards. Justin had a seven showing, and a jack underneath. He knew Brian probably had 19, and he only had 17. But he knew he’d be likely to go over if he took a third card. Shit.

“Ok, what’ve you got?” Justin asked, knowing he was going to see a ten when Brian flipped his card over. Sure enough, Brian slowly turned the queen of diamonds over, pushing his cards towards Justin. He flashed Justin an evil grin. “How ‘bout your pants now, sweetheart?” Brian drawled.

Justin scowled at him, reaching under the table to pull off his socks. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you…”

Brian leered at him again. “Would I like you totally naked, and me totally dressed…?” he mused. “I think I would like that… Wait, I think I do like that…” he smirked. “Let’s see, two more hands should do it…”

“Don’t count your chickens yet…” Justin growled, both of them laughing at his choice of words.

“I generally don’t count them. I fuck them… stroke them… rim them… blow them…” Brian wiggled his eyebrow seductively at Justin, making Justin laugh again. “Then I let them stroke me… rim me… blow me…”

“… fuck you…?” Justin finished for him, his voice rising into a hopeful question. Brian threw a soy nut at him, popping one into his mouth. “Fuck!” he sputtered. “These things are gross…!”

Justin leaned over the table, his tongue reaching for Brian’s lips. “Here… let me…” he sighed, his mouth pressing into Brian’s. “I don’t mind them…” he purred, his tongue flicking into Brian’s.

“Stop trying to influence my game…” Brian breathed into his mouth, kissing him back. He brushed his hand down Justin’s bare chest, his fingers rubbing softly on Justin’s belly. Justin sucked in a breath, shivers running from Brian’s fingers down to his toes.

Brian pulled back, dragging the cards across the table as he sat down. He shuffled the remaining deck, flicking cards back and forth between them. Justin saw the ace turn up in front of him and beamed a big smile at Brian. Brian shook his head, noting the king of spades in his cards. He peeked at the hidden card, groaning inwardly at the seven sitting there. Justin looked at his own card, his smile widening.

“You don’t have much of a poker face, you know.” Brian growled.

Justin smiled sweetly. “I’ll hold here, thanks sweetie…”

Brian glared at him, debating his choices. He figured he’d lost anyway, so he flipped another card over. Justin coughed out a little laugh as the ten of clubs landed on top of the king.

“Unless you have an ace under there, I’m guessing I won’t be the only one getting naked…” Justin taunted, flicking his head to indicate that Brian should start stripping.

Brian glanced at him, seeing Justin’s huge smile. Justin’s cheeks were rosy, his face flushed from winning, from the drugs, from Brian’s kisses. Brian stood abruptly, walking around the table to stand directly in front of Justin. Justin looked up at him, curious.

“You pick…” Brian drawled slowly, pushing his hips close to Justin’s face. He laughed quietly as Justin hitched in a breath, his hands reaching tentatively to Brian’s body. He paused, unsure which item to remove. He could clearly see the outline of Brian’s cock under his jeans and his mouth watered at the thought of popping the buttons, watching it spring free as he peeled the jeans down Brian’s body. But he stopped, thinking that it would be awfully hard for him to finish the game if Brian was sitting across from him with his hard-on that visible.

And he loved to look at Brian’s arms… pulling off the shirt would allow him to run his hands over Brian’s shoulders, skimming down his biceps, over his sinewy forearms. Justin bit his lip, frustrated and feeling unable to make this relatively simple decision.

Brian laughed. “Too difficult a question…?” he murmured.

His own breath caught in his throat when he felt Justin’s hands under the hem of his shirt, his thumbs stroking the skin right above Brian’s waistband. He’d been hard since he sucked Justin off, and this wasn’t helping.

“Too many good choices…” Justin sighed, reaching up to Brian’s shoulders. He stood up, their bodies pressing against one another. He slipped his hands under the soft fabric of Brian’s shirt, his fingers caressing Brian’s taut skin as he skimmed down his arms, pulling the shirt with his hands.

He watched Brian close his eyes, and pressed his lips into the hollow at the base of Brian’s neck, kissing first, then licking slowly. Brian breathed out, a shudder passing through him at the touch of Justin’s tongue. Justin licked up to his adam’s apple, tasting Brian’s salty skin. He pressed his lips around his adam’s apple, sucking softly. Brian moaned, his hands coming to Justin’s shoulders. He pushed Justin back a bit, his eyes dark and glittering.

“We have a game to finish…” he breathed out huskily, catching the abandoned shirt behind him and walking back to his chair. He let his fingers trail across Justin’s chest as he moved away, his touch burning into Justin’s skin.

Justin sighed, sitting back down in his chair and taking a long draw from his beer bottle. His mouth was suddenly very dry for some reason…

“Do we really have to finish the game…” he smiled at Brian sweetly, hoping he could convince Brian to abandon this and just get to fucking him.

“Yes. We started it, we’re going to finish it.” Brian stated with mock-seriousness. “Maybe we should raise the stakes a bit…” he smiled at Justin, tongue poking into the side of his mouth.

Justin raised his eyebrow. “What did you have in mind…?” he asked.

“Hmmm…” Brian pondered, his eyes flashing, making Justin worry…

“How about winner takes all…?” Brian purred softly. “We’ll finish our hands until one of us is naked. Then the loser has to do whatever the winner wants… for a day. Tomorrow…?” Brian asked.

Justin laughed. He looked at Brian, realizing he was serious. Hmmm. He had one successful hand to Brian’s two, but Brian had less clothing on than he did. Only two more hands and Brian would have to do whatever he wanted… for a whole day…

Justin looked back at him, grinning. “Why don’t we smoke another one first…” he suggested.

Brian laughed. “You’re trying to get me too fucked up to play, aren’t you…”

Justin grinned sheepishly. “Can’t blame a boy for trying…”

“Nice try. But I have way more tolerance than you do, young buck…” Brian taunted, his lips dragging on the joint, his eyes closing as the sweet smoke filled his lungs. “It’s good shit, though…” he whispered as he passed the joint back to Justin.

Justin took a long drag, putting it down to deal the cards between them. Brian had a three, and he had a nine. Brian nodded for him to deal another card, giving him eight in total. Brian held out his hand to indicate he was done. Justin looked at his card, seeing an eight. Shit. 17 again. He dealt himself another card, giving him 27.

“Fuck!” he swore, cursing himself for gambling. Brian smiled slowly at him, licking his lips as he dragged his eyes up and down Justin’s body. “This is going to be fun…” he snorted softly. “What shall I make you do tomorrow…?” he cocked his head to the side, laughing at Justin’s frustration.

Justin stood up. He stepped away from the table, turning around slowly so his back was to Brian. Brian watched with interest…

Justin leaned over slightly, pushing his ass towards Brian. He wiggled his hips a little as he inched his pants down slowly, so slowly, over his ass. He heard Brian’s quiet intake of breath, smiling to himself. He ran his hands over his ass, smoothing the fabric of his underwear as his pants dropped to his ankles. He bent over fully, sliding his hands around his ankles to push the fabric over his feet.

“Nice view…” Brian murmured, his voice throaty.

Justin peered around his shoulder, smiling. “I thought you might like it…” he breathed seductively. Brian laughed.

“It won’t keep me from winning though…” he smiled. “But it does give me some interesting ideas for tomorrow…” he smirked.

Justin stood back up, kicking his pants away from his feet. His erection tented the front of his underwear pretty impressively, if he did say so himself. He watched Brian’s eyes lock onto his dick, then stroked it softly for Brian’s benefit. He smiled as Brian’s breath caught in his throat, but realized it was turning him on just as much, so he pulled his hand away regretfully and sat down. Ok, he had to get this game going in his favour…

It was Brian’s turn to deal, so he shuffled the deck again and passed the cards between them. Justin watched a queen fall face up in front of him, a king in front of Brian. They looked at each other and laughed. Justin blushed slightly when Brian commented, “Does that make you my queen…?”

A number of corny remarks about Brian being his king filled his head, but he bit them back rather than risk Brian’s scorn. Brian reached out and stroked Justin’s fingers on the table, making Justin look up at him. “Not that you haven’t been the king before too…” he whispered throatily, making Justin’s breath catch in his chest. Brian took a long swig of his beer, absently licking the drops that fell as he pulled the bottle away. God, Justin was so gone at this point. He totally didn’t care about the game anymore, he just wanted Brian’s mouth on his body again…

He checked out his hidden card, figuring with 20 he had a pretty fucking good chance of winning this one. He indicated he was done, watching Brian do the same. They looked at each other, and Brian nodded as they both flipped their cards over. Justin smiled broadly, figuring this one was in the bag. He looked at Brian’s card, seeing a matching 20 in front of him. A draw. Ok, so now what…

Brian’s smile spread across his face, quickly replaced by a more sinister grin. He raised his eyebrows at Justin, motioning with his head at Justin’s underwear. Justin frowned at him. “We’re tied…” he shook his head.

Brian nodded. “Uh huh. And the dealer always wins a tie…” Brian smirked happily.

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