Many thanks to dreambee not only for betaing this story but for sticking with me on the odyssey of the other story which I am finding so difficult to write. You are a gift.

This is for teary_eyed2 who knows better than anyone that porn has magical restorative powers. All porny thoughts while reading this should be directed to her.



Justin sometimes starts before him.

Times like tonight, when Brian has work commitments that wonít wait. When he has to take care of his clients before he can really take care of business at home. Those are the times that Justin thinks a little interlude is required. He knows that Brianís busy, and he knows that he has to wait for the main event, but he just needs a little somethiní to carry him through.

Itís not only when itís work related if the truth be told. Sometimes Brian might be a little tired, a little mellow. Maybe he just needs a little time to unwind after a hard day. Those are the times that Justin finds he needs a little prelude, a little sample, to tide him over while he waits.

Either way, it starts the same way.

Neither one really acknowledges where things are headed. Because this isnít about admissions, or requests. Itís all about balance. Where they are in their lives, who needs what and when, kind of like how they handle music selection, the temperature in the loft and how they say ďI love youĒ.

Yeah, itís all about balance.

So, Brian isnít really surprised when Justin starts the slow tease after dinner. Beginning with subtle little tummy peeks as he moves around the loft, advancing to more provocative positioning as he watches television and gradually ending up with Justin gravitating to the desk where Brian sits.

When he rubs his dick against the edge of the table, nudging the stacked paper work and moaning a little for effect, he has Brianís full attention.

Brian might complain a little, grumble a little under his breath, but heís always willing to obligeÖalways finds the time to pause his work and help a guy in need.

Tonight, Justin drops his little collection of supplies near the laptop, then slides onto Brianís lap and buries his face in his neck, needing the connection he has demanded from the first night. Brian wouldnít call this hugging, however his hands roam Justinís back, soothing and claiming at the same time. But Justin really isnít seeking comfort. When he lifts his head and kisses Brian it quickly becomes a full body embrace, dick to dick, chest to chest, mouths hot and insistent.

Justin moves things along in a purposeful way. He knows that appetizers arenít savored the way dinner and dessert are. He is soon standing between Brianís legs shoving at his pants at the same time Brian is trying to lift his shirt over his head. The ensuing push and pull results in Justin toppling a little onto the key board and they both laugh when his ass types gibberish across the screen. Brian jokes that he improved the lousy copy that he was trying to fix, then with a click of his finger the screen goes dark. The technology is forgotten when Justin finishes stripping and stands, waiting and hard.

Brian is still amazed at how comfortable Justin is with his needs and desires. Impressed that although he may play the game with guile, he never pretends when it comes to his pursuit of pleasure. Justin is perfectly sexed for Brian.

Brian begins by pushing his hand up the centre of Justinís chest and around the back of his neck, cupping his head, fingers wrapped around the base of his skull. He drags his thumb under Justinís ear and along the line of his jaw until it comes to rest under the tip of his chin. When he pushes a little it stretches Justin out, extending his neck and line of his chest.

Brianís free hand comes up to Justinís lips which are tilted a little towards the ceiling and he taps a few times to get the blood flowing. His voice drops a little lower than normal and he says, ďLater tonight Iím going to use that mouthÖÖ itís going to give me so much pleasure. Let me feel a little nowÖ... open up for me.Ē He canít see Justinís eyes but he knows theyíre closed and he feels Justinís lips part, feels the warmth, and waits.

Very little time passes before Justinís tongue reaches out and flicks at Brianís finger tips, then draws each one into his mouth bathing them, getting them wet. When Brian withdraws his fingers, he trails them down Justinís chest, circling each tight bud, watching as they harden and protrude from the attention. Brian growls a little when he says, ďI love how tight and sensitive your nipples are, Justin. Later when I spend time teasing them itís going to feel even better Ďcause theyíre so ready for me now.Ē Brian watches Justinís chest swell as he takes a sharp intake of breath at those words. He smiles to himself and trails his hand lower.

When Brian pushes a little harder under his chin, Justinís belly sways forward where it meets Brianís tongue which flicks at the little indent there. Justin wriggles a little but he really isnít going anywhere, he loves this, loves having his body explored and primed for later.

Brian taps between Justinís legs and watches as he parts them coming up a little onto tip toe, reaching his hands to the desk behind him to keep his balance. Brian slides his leg between Justinís, lightly trails his fingers up the tender flesh of his thighs and sees how they quiver at his touch.

He dips his hand a little and drags his finger nails behind Justinís knee causing a susurration of breath and he says ďSsshh, ssshh, thereís lots of time for that later, Iím going to spend a lot of time between your legs.Ē Justin trembles at his words and begins to softly murmur encouragement in the form of ďOh, God,Ē and ďPlease.Ē

Brian ducks his head a little and exhales over the crown of Justinís cock which arches towards him, bobbing with each intake of breath. Justin hisses and his knuckles holding the desk go white. Brian smiles at the reaction and pushes a little harder with his thumb at Justinís chin while sucking intensely on the head of Justinís cock. Justin freezes, working hard to get himself under control. Brian works just as hard to undo Justin, swiping long licks up the underside of his cock and grazing his teeth where he knows it makes Justin beg. When he withdraws his ministrations Justinís moan is ragged and Brian whispers, ďDonít worry Iím going to take care of you.Ē

Justin doesnít push it. He knows he could get Brian to fuck him now, but then it would be over. Justin would rather wait. Thatís part of it. Knowing whatís coming.

Brian relaxes his hold on Justinís chin and turns him around, replacing his hands on the desk and pulling at Justinís hips as he rolls back in the chair. Justinís ass presents itself at face level and Brian reflects for a minute or two how whipped someone can be by a body part.

He trails his finger down Justinís crack and smiles when he realizes he can see Justinís face reflected in the mirror across from his desk. His eyes are scrunched and he is repeatedly running his tongue over his lips and biting at them, a little nervous tic he has when heís waiting for what he needs. It makes Brian hard.

Brian presses his lips to Justinís ass and says, ďIím going to spend most of my time here tonight. Iím going to lick you wide open and fuck you deeper than I ever have. I want you so much right now, Iím going to be an animal when I finally get to you.Ē

Justin moans so deeply his body shakes. Brian finds himself looking at the top of Justinís head in the mirror, mesmerized as it rolls from side to side. He realizes that Justin is keeping the rhythm of the music playing in the background of the loft. Justin draws everything in his environment into his experience. His openness makes the sex hotter, more earthy. He may appear slightly preppy, but sex with Justin is like fucking nature. There are no limits. Itís that base, that raw.

Brian nips one of the cheeks in front of him, and says, ďLook at me.Ē

Justin locks eyes with Brian in the reflection of the mirror, and shudders when he hears, ďI want you to open the lube, Justin. I want you to take my hand and lube the number of fingers you want me to put inside of you.Ē

Justin blinks at him slowly and gives a little nod, reaches to the supplies he dropped earlier and unscrews the tube. He draws Brianís hand forward and begins to lube his middle finger, greasing it like a cock. Brian keeps his hand relaxed and sees where Justin will take them.

Justin pulls one more finger into his fist pumping them both slick, and Brian notices that as he does it his hips flex to the movement. He also notices Justin hasnít added any more fingers. He places a kiss on Justinís ass and whispers ďIs that it?Ē When he sees a nod he knows why, three will make the butt plug Justin also brought with him earlier, a little too loose.

Justin says, ďItís enough, Brian,Ö..theyíre wetÖÖand Iím ready,Ē and thatís all it takes for him to spread Justinís ass and slowly slide in. The picture is erotic, his fingers buried to the hilt, Justin rocking onto his hand, his open mouth ecstasy reflected in the glass.

Brian plays Justin with a rhythm meant to please. He knows to give just enough for Justin to come but not so much that he is fully satisfied. Thatís not how the game is played.

His fingers are almost right where Justin wants them and Brian knows that a few pulses in the right spot would be enough to push Justin over the edge. But he never gives exactly whatís expected. Brian takes hold of Justin at the base of his cock, squeezing a tight ring and pulling him back hard, impaling him. Justin is held almost suspended on tiptoe, clutching the desk. No matter which way he grinds, Brian has him held fast. And, as always he reads Justin perfectly.

Almost at the point of too much, Brian releases the makeshift cock-ring and pushes rhythmically on Justinís prostate. Justin comes with a sound that is sharp and clear, echoing around the loft, settling in the corners where it will be joined later by the moans of both men.

When heís able to move, Justin climbs back onto Brianís lap, lifting his ass, waiting as Brian inserts the plug. It feels solid and itís just what Justin needs to ground him as he waits.

As he gathers his clothes, Brian is charmed to see the slight blush on Justinís face. He wonders at how incongruous it seems with Justinís wanton spirit, then decides he doesnít care to figure it out, because it more than works for him.

Justin is a little breathy when he husks ďI guess I better let you clean up and get back to work.Ē

Brian nods smiling ďI guess you better.Ē

He watches Justin pad away, and shakes his head.

Justin sometimes starts before him, but he rarely starts without him, and Brian finds he doesnít mind at all.