Say My Name


Rated NC-17

This is for susanderavish, who makes me sing for my supper. :x

No spoilers at all, and it's set during a shiny, happy S5. Title should make you get Destiny's Child stuck in your head, as it is in mine.


“Dare.” Michael looks around nervously, awaiting his fate.

“Hmmm, what task shall we assign?” Emmett taps his chin thoughtfully and everyone giggles. The boys are all spread out in Debbie’s living room, getting thoroughly drunk. For some reason Justin can’t figure out, they decided that playing Truth or Dare was a good idea.

“I’ve got it!” Emmett pauses for dramatic effect. “Michael has to defy the wrath of Brian Kinney and kiss one Justin Taylor.”

Michael spits beer all over his shirt as Brian rolls his eyes artfully. Ted and Ben laugh, Ben shaking his head and smiling. Justin sighs. He hasn’t played this stupid game since eighth grade, when he had to kiss Stephanie Carter for a whole minute in Daphne's basement.

As Michael protests, all eyes turn to Justin. He shrugs and says, “How do you know I haven’t kissed Michael before?”

Emmett whoops with glee and Justin smiles at Brian coyly as he crosses over to where Michael sits. He grabs his shirt, yanks him up, and kisses him hard. There is a round of applause when he pushes Michael back down onto the couch, and Justin saunters back to his seat. Brian simply arches his eyebrow in response.

“Okay, this game is stupid.” Michael wipes his mouth, but can’t hide the blush that creeps up his neck.

“Wait, Michael was supposed to kiss Justin, not the other way around,” Ted notes.

“Oh, Teddy, let’s not get mired down in regulations. Okay, it’s Justin’s turn,” Emmett says. “What’ll it be?”

Justin thinks for a bit and finally goes with truth. Everyone confers but Brian, who just sips his beer and pretends that he’s above it all. Ted clears his throat and turns to Justin. “Have you ever shouted out someone else’s name when you were having sex?”

“Yes. I rarely shout out my own name.”

Ted waves his hand around. “You know what I mean! The name of someone you didn’t happen to be with at the time.”

Justin can feel Brian’s eyes on him. “Yes,” he says.

“Whose name? And who were you with?” Michael asks, leaning forward eagerly.

Justin smiles. “Sorry, I already answered my question, it’s someone else’s turn.”

There are grumbles of complaint, but soon Ted is being forced to strip naked and dance like a chicken.


“So, who was it?”

Justin lifts his head from the window of the taxi and glances over. “Hmm?”

“Who was it? Whose name did you shout out by mistake?” Brian looks out at the passing houses, but Justin knows he’s more interested than he seems. And not nearly as drunk as he’d been earlier.

Justin thinks about lying, but his brain is too fuzzy to come up with anything convincing. “It was yours. Quelle surprise.”

Brian smiles and his hand reaches up behind Justin’s head, his fingers playing with the soft hair there. “I'm shocked,” Brian smirks, pressing their lips together. His tongue sweeps into Justin’s mouth and they kiss long and hard.

Justin moans low in his throat as Brian’s hands begin to roam, one sliding up beneath Justin’s shirt, fingers finding his nipples. He sucks Brian’s tongue slowly, as he begins to arch his hips, looking for friction.

They barely come up for air until the taxi driver honks his horn to get their attention. Looking around, Justin realizes they’re home. The driver drums his fingers on the wheel and Brian gives him a big tip and a bigger smile.

In the elevator, Justin grinds against Brian, pulling his mouth down for another kiss. “Fuck me,” he grits out.

They lurch upwards and Brian grins. “Well, maybe if you’re a good boy—”

“I’m always a good boy.”

Brian squeezes Justin’s ass. “Are you sure I don’t have to spank you?”

“Well, not unless you think I’ve been bad.” Justin licks the underside of Brian’s chin.

They stumble into the loft, laughing and kissing and taking off jackets and shoes. Justin is pulling his shirt over his head when Brian asks, “Who were you with?”

“What?” His voice is muffled by cotton.

“When you shouted my name. Who were you with?”

Justin pulls his head free and feels the blush spread over his skin. He says nothing, but the look on his face must betray the truth. Brian smiles ruefully as he drapes his shirt over a chair. “I bet the fiddler didn’t like that.”

They never discuss it, and suddenly Justin doesn’t know where to look or what to do with his hands. His dick starts to soften and he curses the invention of that retarded party game. “No, not really.”

Suddenly Brian is laughing — deep and long and hard and soon Justin can’t help but join in. Brian kisses him soundly and practically bounces up and down as he asks, “So what did he say?”

“What do you think he said? He was giving me a mediocre blowjob and I was thinking of you the whole time—”

“Wait, why the fuck would a mediocre blow make you think of me?” The smile drops away from Brian’s face and he crosses his arms over his chest.

Justin rolls his eyes. “Everything made me think of you.”

For a moment, Brian just looks at him and Justin’s heart flutters in his chest. As they lean into each other for another kiss, Justin marvels at the things Brian can tell him without ever saying a word.

They break away a minute later and Brian grins. “Okay, so what did he do?”

“You're enjoying this far too much.”

“It's true, I am.”

“His head whipped up so fast I’m surprised he didn’t get whiplash.” Justin can’t help but laugh at the memory. “I didn’t even realize what I’d said! He was furious, and he started pacing around the room. He was completely naked and after a while, I just started laughing because he looked so ridiculous, marching around and waving his arms.”

“I bet that went down, so to speak, well.”

Justin wipes the smile from his face. “Not so much. He beat the shit out of me. I had to wear turtlenecks for a week.”

Cold rage forms so quickly on Brian’s face that Justin blinks in surprise. Brian’s voice is slow and deliberate. “What?” His hands clench into fists.

“Jesus, I was just kidding!” Justin laughs and rubs his hands up Brian’s arms. “Relax, Ethan may be a complete dickhead, but he’s not some evil boyfriend abuser.”

“Oh, so you think that’s funny?” Brian’s tongue rolls into his cheek. “I guess I’ll have to spank you after all.” He lunges, and Justin dives out of the way, shrieking.

Brian chases him around the loft, finally catching him near the couch and throwing him across his lap. He yanks Justin’s pants down and brings his hand down with a smack.

“Ow!” Justin yelps and squirms.

“If you’d only be a good boy, Sunshine.” He smacks him again.

“You love me when I’m bad,” Justin gasps.

Brian spanks him a couple more times and then his hand starts making wide sweeps over Justin's body, up his back, down his legs. Justin whimpers, his cock hard again and trapped beneath him.

Brian pushes a finger into Justin’s ass. “Oh, god,” Justin moans. Brian moves his finger back and forth, and finally adds another.

“What do you want?” he breathes.

“Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

Brian’s fingers move steadily. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes. I want your cock in my ass, I want you to fuck me. Please!”

Brian slides his fingers out and slaps his ass again. He leans down, his teeth catching Justin’s earlobe. “I love it when you beg.”

In one quick motion, Justin is on his back on the couch, Brian pulling his own pants down as he takes a condom and lube from his pocket. Justin watches as Brian kneels above him, stroking himself before rolling the condom on.

As he thrusts into him, Justin arches up, his knees pressed against his shoulders. “Oh, fuck. Yes, yes, yes, yes….” Justin moans.

They move together, skin becoming slick, Justin’s cock hot and hard between them. Brian kisses him as he moves deeper, his cock buried to the hilt. “You’re so tight,” he mutters. They both gasp for breath as Brian pounds away, Justin meeting every stroke.

Justin knows they’re both close, and he reaches for his cock. But Brian grabs his wrist, presses it back against the cushions. “Say it.”

“What?” Justin looks at him with lust-glazed eyes. Then he knows. “Brian.”

“Say it again.” Brian’s muscles strain and sweat drips down the hollow of his chest.

“Brian. Brian. Brian.” Each utterance is punctuated by his ass clenching. “Brian!” he shouts. Brian reaches down and starts pumping Justin’s cock as they both go over the edge.

Justin shouts again as he comes, and beyond the rush of blood in his ears and their ragged breathing, he hears his own name echo in the air.