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The pair of butter yellow leather pants hung in the closet of the new beach front house almost forgotten. Though the pants had been tailored to fit every curve and bulge of his body like a second skin, Brian no longer wore heavy clothes like leather and wool. Since the move to Santa Monica, Brian opted for lighter, cooler clothes made of linens, cottons and silks. A palette of soft blues, creamy beiges, mint greens and crisp whites hung from the hangers like a muted rainbow of couture.  It was the weather - a constant thrum of sunshine and heat that made it impossible to discern when one season ended and another began.

"Is it always like this?" Brian asked Justin.

It was afternoon, and he was scowling methodically at a frothy blue drink that would make Emmett's toes curl in delight. He could almost hear his girlish squeal, but surmised it was just the whistle of the light breeze that always started up during the later part of the day mixed with the crashing of the waves.

"Always like what?" Justin feigned ignorance, knowing full well that the never-changing weather bothered Brian almost as much as the Blue Hawaii he was drinking just to show Justin that he could be amicable.

"That!" Brian pointed at the sun with disgust. "Doesn't it ever go away?"

"Not really," Justin said. "But that's part of California's charm."

"It's fucking annoying." Brian plunked the drink on the table and rose from the deck chair. He went into the kitchen and searched haphazardly through drawers and cupboards.

"The JB is on the top shelf of the pantry," Justin yelled over the noise. There was one last bang, followed by the padding squish of bare feet. Brian shuffled out onto the sun deck with the bottle in his hand and took a good, long pull.

After that day, Brian stopped being amicable. Instead he sat in his wicker chair on the sun deck that looked out over the ocean, wishing he never took his doctorís advice about a vacation. He drank Jim Bean in a glass tumbler; his feet sprawled out in front of him, and cursed every blinding ray of sunshine. 

He longed for snow and dark cold nights where your breath clung to the air in billowy wisps. Where your teeth chattered, your toes numbed and your nose reddened. There was nothing but warm days, light breezes and beach weather.

Sometimes in the mornings Brian perked up when the sky clouded over in sleets of gray, heavy and pregnant with the possibility of a long, hard rain. But by early afternoon the sun burned the clouds away and poked through, all happy and yellow and fucking bright.

Enough was enough. Brian Kinney didn't anyone let anyone fuck him up the ass, unless he wanted them to. That included that bitch, Mother Nature. He decided that it was time to take matters into his own hands.

Justin wasn't surprised when he got the phone call from Brian in the middle lunch with some big-wig producers with names like, George and Steven.

"It's too fucking hot. I got air for the house," Brian said, nonchalantly.

"Why are all the men in who run Hollywood old and fat?" Justin replied. "I swear there's, like, no potential for a blow job anytime soon."

"Did you even hear what I said?"

"I listen to your every word with baited breath, Brian. You got an air conditioning installed. Is that what you called for?"

"No. Get your ass home early, tonight."

"I've got a meeting with the studio tonight. They have some issues about the bashing."

"Don't we all," Brian answered, dryly.

"So, I'll see you when I see you?"

"No. I'll see you early, like I asked you."

"What's going on, Brian?"

"Nothing. I'll see you at 7."

And with that he hung up, leaving Justin with a mouth full of syllables. 

When Justin walked through the door, a little past 7:30, his arms broke out with goose bumps from the chilly air. He rubbed his arms and shivered. The house was quiet except for the hum of the air conditioner going full blast. "Brian, it's freezing in here."

"You're late," Brian called out from the bedroom. "Stay there, I'll be right out."

Justin stood in the living room, holding himself and bouncing up and down to keep warm. "Know what the cold reminds me of, Brian?"


"Lemon Bars and hot chocolate. I never thought I'd say it, but I miss The Diner."

Brian padded down the hallway and stopped a few feet in front of Justin. "Do you know what I miss? I miss fucking you in these pants."

Justin gawked at Brian head-to toe-in leather. The leather vest clung to his chest accentuating every ridged muscle like it'd been dowsed in a thick coating of dark brown latex, held together by a shiny silver zipper. The pants molded to his legs, hugging the slope of his tight ass.

Justin noticed Brian's erection bulging against the seam of the pants. He licked his lips in anticipation and untangled himself from the courier bag strapped across his torso and dropped it with a thud onto the hardwood floor.

Brian took Justin's hand and pulled him to the living room, where he had lit a log in the fireplace which they had figured they would never use.  A duvet was laid out on the floor in front of the fireplace, looking like a big blue square of snowdrift.

Justin pulled off his shoes, without unlacing them and tossed them toward the couch. He walked on the blanket and put his hands up to the fire to warm them. Brian came up behind Justin and wrapped his hands around his torso, nuzzling in the crook of Justin's neck.

"Where did you find a blue duvet like the one we had at home?" Justin asked.

"This is the one from home." Brian nipped at the soft skin behind Justin's ear. His dick instinctively responded to Brian's touch, and he closed his eyes, arching his back against Brian's shoulder. "All we need are some blue lights, and a trick. Then it will feel just like the loft."

Brian pulled back from Justin. He walked to the light switch against the wall and flicked it on. Justin sighed as the light overhead cast down a dark blue hue over the room. Brian padded back to where he left Justin.

"No tricks. Tonight you're all mine."

Brian pulled Justin to him, and kissed him. Justin's hands roamed over the soft slick leather Brian was wearing, down onto Brian's ass. He ground their hard-ons together with urgency.

"Slow down," Brian said. He licked down Justin's neck, biting and nipping. He grabbed the edges of Justin's t-shirt and deftly pulled it over his head. Justin's body glowed white and pristine like a finely chiseled marble statue in the hue of the blue light. A thin patch of chest hair glistened like threads of spun silver. Brian licked down the middle of Justin's chest. He tongued Justin's nipple circling around the areola, and then tugged at the hardened skin between his teeth. Justin let out a throaty moan, threading his hands into Brian's hair.

"More," he pleaded.

Brian answered his plea by tugging at the other nipple with his teeth, and then dropped to his knees. He buried his head into Justin's crotch, with his hands. Brian deftly unbuttoned the pants, and then unzipped them. He parted the material, as he planned to do to Justin's legs later, exposing the white cotton material that hid Justin's growing erection. He dragged his mouth down the trapped shaft, then pulled down Justin's pants.

Justin took the advantage to push Brian backward, straddling him. He reached down and slid his hands against the soft leather encasing Brian's thighs. It felt slippery and slick against his hand, like the skin of a dolphin. He leaned forward, so that their mouths touched.

"You're so fucking hot, Brian," Justin whispered against Brian's parted lips. Brian plunged his tongue into Justin's mouth, kissing him deep. Justin pushed Brian backward until fell flat against the duvet his arms up over his head; their hands clasp together, arms and shoulders pressed against each other.

Justin climbed down between Brianís legs and spread them, wide. He lightly brushed Brianís pubic hair with nose, savoring the unique musky scent. With his mouth, Justin licked his balls and then slid his tongue up Brianís cock. With one long motion, he took Brianís member into his mouth.  It felt too good. Brian pushed Justin off and used the leverage to roll himself on top of Justin.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked.

"I want to see your face when I stick my dick in your ass." The words themselves were crude, but it's the intense stare of his green-flecked eyes turned Justin's insides into jelly. Justin reached for the zipper on the leather vest and slowly pulled it down until the sides gave way, leaving a patch of Brian's flesh exposed. He flattened his palms against the tanned skin and trailed down his stomach then back up across his pecs to slide the vest over Brian's shoulder's. Brian pulled it off, throwing it near the pile where Justin's pants had been tossed.

Their torsos pressed together, skin on skin, their lips mashed in a tangle of teeth and tongue. Brian got up onto his knees and lifted Justin's legs to his shoulders. He grabbed for the lube that he hid under a corner of the duvet, and stroked his dick down with the slick liquid. Brian adjusted himself so that the head of his dick was pressed against Justin's tight hole and stroked it up and down. Justin wriggled with anticipation.

"Fuck me, Brian. Fuck me."

Brian pushed the head in just a little and pulled it back out. He traced Justin's hole again until Justin writhed and moaned and begged. Then without notice he thrust in his cock to the hilt. Justin stiffened and gasped. He turned his head, eyes squinting shut.

"Fuck me harder."

Brian did, bucking wildly into Justin's ass, staring down at Justin's face twisted in ecstasy. When Justin came his whole body shivered, the muscles in his ass spasmed, clenching down on Brian's cock. The tightening put Brian over the edge. His balls began to tingle. Shortening his strokes, Brian fucked harder, fucked faster. His orgasm came suddenly, washing over his whole body until he though he might pass out from pleasure. He pulled out slowly, as Justin mewled a little with protest, peeling the condom off, and discarding it on the floor.

Justin sprawled loose limbed on the duvet, Brian next to him on his side. Justin turned toward him and lightly kissed him. He raised his head up on his elbows.

"That was hot," Brian muttered, staring up at the ceiling.

"Those are hot," Justin motioned toward the leather pants that were half-way pulled down Brian's hips. "Aren't you sweating like a pig?"

"Not with the new AC," Brian said smugly.

"You got AC just so that you could fuck me in those pants?"

"Shut up," Brian said and kissed Justin, passionately.

Justin stared down at him, smiling. "That may work with Michael, but it doesn't work with me."

"That's a shame," Brian said as he got up, zipped up his pants and walked into the kitchen.  The sound of cupboards, opening and closing, echoed in the quiet. Justin scrunched his face, puzzled.

Brian walked back into the living room, holding a tray. Justin sat up indian-style and stretched. "Aren't you the least bit interested in what this is?" Brian asked.

"I'm sure you'll tell me when you're ready," Justin answered, yawning.

Brian held the tray out to Justin. "Here." He grabbed it and slowly placed it on his lap. The tray held a small plate with a lemon bar on it, and a coffee mug steeping with a brown liquid. "You got me lemon bars and hot chocolate?" Justin smiled his eyes full of adoration.

Brian crouched down, tilting Justin's chin up. He looked at him squarely in the eye. "Now that's what I call sunshine."