The Rubber Capital of the World


Rating: NC-17
This isn't a part of my other series, and is for paddies' First Time challenge. Thanks to susanderavish for pointing me over there, and apparently the whole thing came about because of one of ozbrat's posts. So I guess she actually can be helpful once in a while! ;)

This takes place in mid-S2, I'm thinking around 207. And for my purposes, Telson is a client of the agency.

This is a combo of #9 and #10 on the challenge list. I couldn't resist! The other first time mixed in is a little trip. *g*

Feedback is most appreciated!


The loft door clangs shut behind me, and I’m surprised to see that Brian’s home from the office already. He’s been staying late a lot, working on some big new pitch with Ryder. It hasn’t been bad, it’s given me more time to myself to get used to drawing on the computer. It still doesn’t feel quite right yet.

When I walk into the bedroom, the first thing I notice is the open suitcase. For a split second, I’m afraid that he’s kicking me out, that he’s packing up my shit. Then I look closer and see that it’s Brian’s clothes that are spread out on the bed. He stands before them, deep in thought.

“Hey,” I say.

“Hey,” he replies back, not looking up from the array of Armani.

I clear my throat. “Going somewhere?”

He picks up a silk-blend sweater decisively and carefully rolls it up. “Yep. Business trip.”

“Oh.” I admit it. I’m disappointed. Brian and I have never gone away anywhere together and I thought maybe…but that’s stupid. I turn away to head over to the kitchen and something hits my back before landing on the floor. I spin around and see my duffel bag sitting at my feet. I look up and stare dumbly at Brian.

“Feel like a road trip?” he asks, ever so casually. My jaw is on the ground and Brian smirks.

I break into a grin and ask, “Where are we going?”


The road to Akron, Ohio, isn’t exactly as exciting as, say, the Pacific Coast Highway. But I’m with Brian. The top of the jeep down, wind ruffling our hair, sun shining. There’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be.

And sure, it's not the most romantic of destinations, but it’s our first trip – and our first road trip, to boot. Well, Brian did come and pick me up in New York when I ran away, but being sandwiched in the back seat between Ted and Emmett for hours while Michael shot me dirty looks every chance he got doesn’t exactly count in my book.

Akron might only be two hours away, but it counts.

“I can’t believe they actually have an awards show for tires,” I say, as I take a gulp of Coke.

Brian snorts, “They have an awards show for everything.”

One of the magazine ads the agency did for Telson Tires is supposed to be winning, according to some inside source, so the client wants Ryder to be there. But Ryder says he’s got a meeting that can’t be missed, and he’s making Brian go pick up the award and shmooze with the clients instead.

Brian told him he wouldn’t go, but here we are. I know he’s only really bringing me because he knows Ryder will flip when he finds out. But it’s still our first trip together, so I don’t care why we’re here.

The CD changes and some crappy old music that my mother would probably listen to comes on. “What the hell is this?”

Brian’s wearing sunglasses, but I know he’s rolling his eyes. “It’s the Eagles. You can’t go on a road trip without the Eagles.”

“It’s so…old.”

Brian turns it up and ignores me.

And, of course, by the time we get back to Pittsburgh, I’ve played “Hotel California” about a hundred times, and Brian tells me not to sing so loudly.


When we meet the client by the bar in the hotel, his eyes go wide. “I thought Marty was coming,” he stammers, eyes flicking nervously between Brian and his wife.

Holy shit.

But…ugh. He’s so old! Why the hell would Brian sleep with this guy? I guess business is business, but…ew.

Brian introduces me, and Marvin (could that be more of an old man’s name?) takes my hand reluctantly. His wife is clearly confused as to who the hell I am, but she smiles graciously.

We make awkward chit chat, and then the awards mercifully begin in the ballroom. We’re all sitting at the same table, along with some other Telson Tire people, who look like they’ve never had one good orgasm between them.

The awards are even more boring than I thought possible. Best new all-season tread? Are they kidding me? After Brian and Marvin go up to collect their award, Brian only sits back down for about ten seconds before he announces that he’s going to the bathroom.

I wait about twenty seconds, and then excuse myself as well. When I glance back at the table, everyone is whispering intently, tongues wagging. Telson looks like his head is about to explode and I dissolve into giggles.

In the bathroom, Brian’s waiting in front of a stall, a look on his face that makes me shiver in anticipation. He yanks me inside, slamming me up against the door, kissing me hard.

I break away for air and say, “I can’t believe you fucked that guy,” as I unbuckle Brian’s belt.

“I didn’t.” He turns me around, pulls my pants down.

“Come on, I saw the way he looked at you.” I look over my shoulder and grin. “Don’t shit a shitter, Brian.”

“He wanted me to, but I sent him back home to his loving wife and darling children.” He puts a condom package between his teeth and tears.

“Oh. Well that’s not nearly as scandalous,” I say, with a sigh.

“Well, I’m sure we can give them something to talk about.” He licks his palm slowly, and I smile and turn my face back to the door.

When he slams inside me, the cool metal rattles underneath my cheek and my fingers slide around, trying to find purchase. He thrusts hard and we’re both groaning with pleasure.

“Oh, god, Brian…” I hear the door of the bathroom open, and we both bite back the noises we’d usually be making. Brian suctions his mouth to my neck and keeps on pumping into me, and fuck, he’s got the most amazing cock.

The guy’s still washing his hands when Brian starts fisting my dick and I give up trying to be quiet. His laughter is in my ear as I come with a loud moan, the bathroom door slamming a moment later.


The hotel room door closes behind us and Brian shrugs out of his suit jacket. “Akron is the most boring place on earth,” I declare.

“And I really didn’t think anyone could beat the Pitts for that title.” Brian tosses his shoes aside and flops back on the bed.

The awards thankfully ended ten minutes after we went back to the table, flushed and looking quite satisfied. We went outside to get some air, and then just kept on walking. The air smelled like rubber, and all the bars were filled with old men like Telson. I’m sure we could have found a cool place to go eventually, but it was more trouble than it was worth.

I take my shoes off and sigh. What a boring night. Well, except for getting my brains fucked out in the bathroom, that was pretty good. I smile and jump on top of Brian on the bed, straddling his waist. I remember the last time we were in a hotel room together, in New York. My dick twitches at the memory.

Brian looks up at me, his tongue rolling into his cheek. “So, however shall we spend the rest of the evening, Mr. Taylor?”

“I just don’t know, Mr. Kinney. Should I ask Mr. Telson to join us?” I ask, as I waggle my eyebrows.

He smacks my ass. “If you want him, he’s all yours.”

“I wouldn’t do him if you paid me.”

Brian’s face darkens for a moment, and he says, “Neither would I.”

I take my tie off, and on a whim I grab Brian’s right hand, tying his wrist to the headboard. “Maybe I’ll leave Marvin a little present.”

Brian laughs, and pulls me down for a kiss with his other hand. When I sit back up, I’m a little breathless. I trap his other wrist against the mattress, remembering New York again. And then Brian’s not laughing anymore, and neither am I. I lean down to kiss him again, my tongue twisting around his roughly.

When I finally sit up, my chest is heaving. I grind my hips down, and we both suck in a breath. Brian turns his head and looks at his hand, pinned to the mattress. After a few moments, he slowly looks back up at me and then lifts his chin.

My heart pounds. Is he saying what I think he is? I take a deep breath and pull at the knot in his tie with my left hand, but I need both hands to do it. I let go of his wrist, but he doesn’t move it. When his tie is free, I stop and look at him. Does he really want me to do this? He just watches me evenly. Finally, I take a deep breath and tentatively fasten his wrist to the headboard, just like the other one.


His eyes are dark and I’m getting hard, fast. I tighten the bond, then lean over and make the other one tighter, too. Shit, we’ve never done this before. He’s done it to me with handcuffs, but he’s never let me tie him up before.

I look down at him, spread out before me, powerless.

I lunge at his mouth, pushing my tongue into his throat. I move to his neck, licking and nipping him. As I get lower, I rip his shirt open, and my lips move to his nipples, going back and forth between them as my hands undo his belt and pants.

His pants are yanked off, then his underwear and his socks. He’s naked before me, except for the white Armani dress shirt, flung open like an offering. I pull my own shirt off, and quickly shed the rest of my clothes, never breaking eye contact with him.

His cock is hard and I tease it, blowing air across the tip, but never touching it with my mouth. His breathing is laboured, and he’s pressing his lips together to stop from moaning. Well, I’m going to make him moan, all right.

I kiss and lick at his stomach and my hands pinch his nipples. He arches his hips, trying to rub his cock against my chest, but I move out of the way. I lift his legs up, putting his feet flat on the mattress. As I hold his thighs in my hands, I get low and flick my tongue over his hole. He gasps, and I smile to myself.

I stick my tongue inside him and he gasps again, louder. I lick and bite and thrust my tongue and god, I want to fuck him so badly. I keep on rimming him until he’s panting, but it’s not enough, I want more.

I sit up and feel around blindly for my bag, hoping it’s within reach. My fingers grasp one of the straps, and I drag it towards me. Brian’s watching me, breathing hard, arms still firmly above his head. I pull a condom and lube out of the bag and drop it back onto the floor.

There’s no way he’s going to let me.

Tying him up is one thing, but topping him is another. But he doesn’t say anything, so I tear the condom wrapper open and slide it onto my dick. My hand is shaking and I keep waiting for him to bark at me to untie him.

But he doesn’t, and I lean over and suck his cock deeply into my throat. While I’m doing that, I pop the lid on the lube, squirting it into my hand. I sit back on my heels and lick my lips. Brian watches me intently, lips parted. I rub the lube on my cock, and work some into him. He closes his eyes, and holy shit, he’s actually letting me do this.


What if I screw it up? No, don’t think about it, just do it. I lift his legs up onto my shoulders, and it’s weird, because he’s taller than I am. But it works anyway, and I bend his knees back towards his chest as I get closer. His eyes are still closed when I slowly push inside him, the tight ring of muscle not wanting to give way.

I keep driving forward and then I’m sliding in and god, god, god, god…. He’s so hot and tight and I think this must be what heaven feels like. He’s holding his breath, and I stop moving so he can get used to my cock in his ass.

My cock is in Brian’s ass.

I smile and start moving slowly, pulling out and sliding back in. I push further and his breathing gets louder and louder. I move in even more and lean forward to kiss him, our tongues swirling together, sweat-slicked chests rubbing and sliding. I pull back a bit so I can watch him as I thrust into him. His eyes are closed and his arms jerk against the restraints and god, he’s beautiful like this. I grab his hair, kissing him even harder then before.

When I pull away, his eyes are finally open, and I stare at him as I move my hand to his straining cock. I thrust into him, hard and deep, and jerk him off roughly. We're both moaning and gasping and after a minute, he comes with a groan, his ass clamping down around me. I can’t take it anymore, and I shake and shout his name as I come hard.

I collapse on top of him and his legs slide down. My face is in his neck, and we lie there for a while, catching our breath, sweat pooling between us. Finally, I sit up and pull out of him, disposing of the condom quickly. I sit back and look at him, hands still tied to the headboard, ruined shirt hanging off him. I soak in every detail for later.

I don’t care how much it hurts. I’m drawing this.

Finally, he raises an eyebrow. “I was thinking about maybe getting up at some point.”

Blushing, I quickly move to the headboard to untie his wrists. I rub them both lightly, a bit concerned at the red marks. He impatiently pulls his hands away and sits up to take his shirt off, wiping his stomach with it before tossing it onto the floor. I just watch him, unsure of what to do now.

I can’t believe he let me do it.

My mouth turns up into a wide smile. He actually let me do it. He let me inside him. He looks over, and I quickly force the smile from my face. Brian gets under the covers, and I do the same.

“Are you going to turn out the light?”

Right, the light. I jump up and flick the switch by the door. When I get back into bed, I lie stiffly on my back, unsure of how close I should get to him. He actually let me top him. I bet it’s been years since anyone has, he was so tight. Are things going to be all weird now?

As I’m playing out various scenarios in my head, he reaches over and draws me towards him, kissing me soundly. Then he pulls my head down to his chest and plays with my hair lightly.

“Stop thinking and go to fucking sleep.” Not much later, he’s snoring softly and I grin into the darkness.

Akron is the greatest place on earth.