The State of the Sheets


Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP
Summary: “But this could go on all night,” he whispers, and drags his wet lips across a sweaty neck. “All night.”
A/N: For happier_bunny, whose flirty Justin icon I could not ignore. He is quite devious. ;) Hope you like it.


Brian licks.

It’s a long, jagged line from the tips of Justin’s toes to the base of his neck. Brian holds onto squirming hips and digs in with the tips of his fingers until it’s not enough and he moves – sliding, rubbing, pulling himself up – to hold Justin with his knees.

Justin groans into the pillow and that was quite an interesting noise, so Brian tongue-flicks his ear again and breathes out his words.

“I bet you’re close,” he says, and Justin only moves faster against the sheets. “I bet you’re so close to coming.”

And then the cover is suddenly gone – kicked off the bed with another groan and a jerk from Justin’s foot. He’s like a fish on dry land, gasping for something he’s not sure he’ll get.

But Brian ignores it – the pleas, the cries, and everything in between. “But this could go on all night,” he whispers, and drags his wet lips across a sweaty neck. “All night.”

“Please, Brian, please.” Brian hears the words and sees the squeezing of the sheets that accompany them. Justin tries to move his leg up for more leverage - tries to push his belly off of the bed - but Brian keeps his hips down with the weight of his own. Straightens out Justin’s leg with a slap from his hand and wipes the sweat from his forehead with the other.

Brian leans back a bit. “Mmm,” he says, running a single finger from the base of Justin’s spine to his hole, “But I’m not done yet.” He massages the skin behind Justin’s balls – pushing in, swirling, and letting go – and watches his pretty boy writhe.

“Yes,” Justin huffs out, “you are. You’re done, you’re ready.” Brian can tell he’s trying hard to sound convincing, but then he looks down at that splotchy, pink back and the way the beads of sweat linger and fall down, down, down the sides of his ass and shoulders and neck. And then he just can’t bring himself to care.

So he lets his cock and hips slide up through sweat and so many kissable places of skin until his lips touch the place behind Justin’s ear.

“Liar,” he breathes again, and pushes a bit with his hips. Justin grabs the edge of the mattress and Brian hears a low grumble before the body beneath him is angling and humping his cock into the bed, faster and harder than before. “I’m not finished.”

His hand is already close to it anyway, so Brian lets his fingers feel for the hidden switch on the wall. With a sharp snap, the light goes out.

Justin’s moan echoes in the empty loft and Brian cannot see the mouth or body that makes the sound, but he can feel it. Suddenly the skin beneath him is so warm and so alive that he pictures everything at once in perfect clarity: the rise and fall of a back from heavy breathing, the individual hairs on Justin’s arm rising up in pleasure and maybe just a little bit of fear, the way his ankles twist and how his toes pick up and knead any part of the sheet that they can catch. The light would only be a reminder.

“You’ll stay where you are,” he says, and swats at Justin’s ass so he can roll off towards the empty space of bed. The cooler sheets grab at his heated skin.

Brian stretches his arm until the tips of his fingers find the drawer on his nightstand. He knows exactly how loud Justin will groan when he hears the creak of wood and the sounds of metal and leather and rubber clashing as his hand rummages inside and yes, there it is. It makes him smile.

“Brian.” His name comes out in a strained breath. “What are you getting?” The sheets tug faintly at Brian’s sides as Justin continues to rut into the mattress.

“You don’t need to know,” Brian says, because he knows that’s what kills Justin the most. It’s the not knowing - the way his mind fills in the gaps of what could happen and what won’t happen and what he knows Brian has done before. Really, Justin’s mind does half the work for him.

Tonight, he’ll keep it simple.

He leaves the drawer open as he feels around for the bottle of lube. It takes a second for him to get his thumb under the cap and Brian might just overanticipate the amount of force he needs to get it open because when he finally does, half the bottle squirts him in the face.

“Fuck!” he says, and reaches up to his chin to catch whatever falls. It’s more than enough to cover the dildo in his hands, but he can’t help but cringe a little when he thinks about all of the lube that’s falling on his brand new sheets. He thanks a god he’s never really believed in that Justin’s pulled most of them off the bed.

Whatever covers do remain rustle and Brian feels a sweaty leg smack the back of his own. “What happened?” Justin asks, and uses the question as a distraction to pull himself closer. “What’d you do?”

“Nothing,” Brian growls, and tries to throw the bottle of lube back in the drawer. He knows he missed because the plastic cracks on the wood floor. “Fuck,” he says, again.

Justin’s thrown his arm and leg over Brian’s body and starts to rub up against his side, grabbing Brian’s hair and mashing their lips together to taste his tongue. Brian leans and rocks into the motion long enough to realize that Justin is exhaling quicker and sharper and that his plan is slowly fluttering out the proverbial window.

He doesn’t want to stop it, but he does. “Enough,” he says, and pushes Justin’s body away – feeling the skin and hair on his legs pull when they try to follow the other sticky body.

He still can’t see and he doesn’t want to accidentally smash Justin’s face or squish a hand, so it’s all about feeling as he moves himself over. Brian’s right hand is still clutching the slippery dildo, so he lets his left feel across the mattress until it bumps into Justin’s leg. His fingers trace up and over a thigh, across a stomach, and he slowly scoots his way between two shivering, trembling legs.

“Stay on your back,” he warns, and Justin promises that he will as he bends his knees and scoots his heels towards his ass. Brian leans his head against Justin’s inner thigh and rubs his hair once across the sweaty skin before kissing his way down.

“Mmm,” Brian has to leave the dildo on the bed and grab Justin’s leg to keep it from hitting him in the nose. “Oh,” Justin whines and jerks when Brian reaches the crease where thigh and ass meet. Brian drags his teeth and waits until his bottom lip hits the space between Justin’s cheeks before pulling them apart with his thumbs.

Long, wet stripes up and down, left and right. Justin bucks his hips off the bed and Brian knows what he looks like, light or not – one hand covering his eyes and the other in his hair, pulling hard. But some part of some hand must be in his mouth: the groans are muffled in the smallest, slightest way.

Brian doesn’t want the lube on the dildo to dry up, so he does his work fast. Shakes and works his head in until he’s as close as he can possibly be, until he has to move his head up and down to follow Justin’s undulating body. There’s so much shaking because Justin loves and hates the way the stubble feels somewhere so intimate. He’s soaked.

Brian knows Justin was ready about five hip jerks back, so he feels around for the dildo – still lubed – and let the head drag across Justin’s ass until it hits the groove between his cheeks and he pushes it in, lining it up.

“Justin.” He has to say the name twice. “Justin.”

“Ye—yeah?” The voice sounds tinny and small and Brian feels him push his hips forward, seeking relief.

“Give me your hands. And lean forward.”

Justin breathes out, sharp. “Why?”

“Do you want this in you,” Brain pushes the dildo in a bit further and Justin squeaks, “or not?”

Hands fly down, batting Brian in the head. He catches them and scoots his body back a little so Justin can grip part of the dildo with both hands. Brian can feel Justin straining his back from leaning forward so far, so he makes sure Justin’s hands are secure and squeezes them in place. When he’s sure Justin won’t take them away, he pushes his body over Justin’s leg and moves up alongside his body, stuffing pillows behind Justin’s back so he can reach between his legs.


“In,” Brian whispers, somewhere near Justin’s neck. “Push it in.” He nips at skin. “Slowly.”

“Oh god,” Justin groans. He holds his breath and squeaks behind closed lips as his hands slowly move closer to his body, shifting his hips for comfort.

Brian reaches one hand between Justin’s vee-ed arms to grab his cock. Still slicked from the lube, he pulls slow and tight before latching his mouth on Justin’s chest. “In,” he says, and sucks.

Once he finds a nipple, Brian rubs the flat part of his teeth across the nub before gently biting down. Justin gasps and groans as he pushes the dildo in further. Running his tongue over his lips, Brian lets go of his cock long enough to reach down between Justin’s legs and sees how much further they have to go. Nearly half-way. “Get it in,” he says to the air, and starts to move his body further down Justin’s chest.

“Oh, oh, oh.” The sounds start and end on every exhale, pushed out of an open mouth. Louder every word.

Brian lets his lips drag down, following the lines of Justin’s arm for guidance. Justin makes a strangled noise as a wet mouth finally finds his cock, but there’s barely enough room with the hands slowly pushing on either side for Brian’s head. Brian licks and sucks as best he can in the dark, hot room. Which in all fairness, is really quite well.

“All the way,” he reminds, blowing breath onto Justin’s slick cock. “I want it in all the way.”

And suddenly, it is. Brian knows from the way Justin’s body bends forward, curls in. There’s no more room for his head – Justin’s arms are too close together – so he grabs the now-free hands and puts them on Justin’s cock. He knows Justin can do the rest of the work himself and he does, immeadiately pulling and tugging tight and fast.

Rubbing Justin’s chest with one hand and holding onto blond hair with the other, Brian rubs against the mattress and groans into Justin’s neck. They’re so close. Both of them.

“Oh my god,” Justin bites out, and Brian can feel the way his body is tightening, the way Justin is putting pressure on the dildo from the angle of his hips. “Brian, oh my god, I can—” And the rest of the words are lost – hidden somewhere in the loud and sudden groan from Justin’s lips.

His chest is heaving and Brian can feel Justin’s hand continue to pump through body jerks and post-orgasm swearing. Reaching a hand down between his own body and the mattress, Brian jerks himself off just as Justin flops back on the bed. He bites at his probably pitiful looking sheets and lets himself come undone.

Coming down, Brian can feel Justin move and listens as he pulls out the dildo with a quiet sucking sound and groans his relief. Something flops on the floor and now Brian knows he doesn’t want to turn on the lights. He’s quite ashamed to see the state of his floor.

A happy sigh floats into his ear. “Mmm,” Justin says, and pushes Brian on his back so he can lay his floppy blond hair on his shoulder. “That was great, Brian.” He rubs his nose across Brian’s skin and sniffs. “But we stink.”

Brian wonders where Justin got the idea that people smell like roses after sex. “Yeah, well,” he stretches out his legs with a groan, “that’s to be expected.”

“We should shower,” Justin yawns. “I feel sticky.”

“We should,” Brian agrees, because he knows the loft will smell like a bathhouse in the morning. Now that come and spit and sweat are on his floor, sheets, and bed.

Brian feels a slow nod against his shoulder. “Yeah,” he hears, and it’s like Justin is answering a different question from different lips. Small puffs of air cool whatever sweat is left on his skin, and Brian waits and listens as they meter out into a soft snore.

“Maybe later,” he says to his ceiling, and hopes that he remembered to close his blinds. He’s not quite ready for tomorrow.