The Sunshine Seeks My Little Room


“I think that you should stay in tonight.” Justin smiles at Brian from his perch on a kitchen stool.

Brian cracks open a beer and leans against the fridge.

“And why is that?”

“Because if you stay here, you get to fuck me.”

“I can fuck you pretty much any time I want, and who knows what hot guy is waiting at Babylon just for the opportunity to suck my cock?”

Brian notices that Justin’s wide smile doesn’t even falter at those words.

“Don’t even try to pretend like you don’t love it.”

Brian raises an eyebrow as he swigs his beer, refusing to dignify that with a response, but less than five minutes later, Justin is spread out on his back on the bed and Brian kneels between his knees, rolling a condom down his own dick.

After liberally coating his fingers with lube, he runs them up and down Justin’s crack, enjoying the reaction it gets. Justin throws his head back and moans, and when Brian slides just the tip of his index finger inside, he lets out a little happy sigh that goes straight to Brian’s cock.


Brian slips another wet finger alongside the first and presses them deep into Justin’s ass and Justin arches his back and bucks his hips against Brian’s hand. It’s pretty fucking hot, Brian has to admit, watching his fingers slide in and out of Justin’s ass as he rocks up and down and clutches at the sheets, begging for more.

“Please, Brian,” Justin implores, “I need you to fuck me.” Brian is starting to think that he just might be physically incapable of saying no to Justin when he talks to him like that and he wonders, not for the first time, just how dangerous this really is. But right now, Justin is begging beneath him, spreading his legs impossibly wider, and Brian can only give him what he wants.

Unable to wait anymore, he slicks his cock and pushes into Justin. He intends to go slowly, but Justin surprises him by immediately hooking his ankles around Brian’s back and tilting his hips so that Brian slides in all at once. It’s unexpected and he freezes, squeezing Justin’s thighs hard enough to elicit a gasp. When he looks down to see if Justin is okay, Justin grins at him and pushes his ass against Brian, and Brian does not need to be told twice.

Brian knows he can make this last just exactly as long as he wants. Sometimes he makes Justin come right away, leaving him shocked and breathless from the intensity; other times he stretches it out until Justin is pleading with him to please, please, please let him come already. Tonight Brian doesn’t want to rush-- he wants to watch Justin writhe beneath him; wants to hear all the pretty noises he can make.

Apparently Justin has other plans because he is pumping his hips furiously, and Brian barely has to move at all. He doesn’t expect Justin to last long with the almost frantic way he is fucking himself on Brian’s dick, and Brian thinks that’s good because he’s already starting to feel a tingle in his balls from Justin’s movements. But when Brian looks down at Justin’s face, he realizes that Justin is still grinning at him with no sign of an impending orgasm, and it’s only years of practice that keeps Brian from coming when Justin licks his lips and lets out needy moan.

Brian pauses, intending to regain control of this fuck.

“Roll over. You have to roll over.” He starts to pull out, but Justin’s legs are locked around his waist and his ass follows Brian as he tries to pull away.

“I want you to fuck me like this.” Justin’s words are soft yet insistent, and despite the fact that he can flip Justin over anytime he wants, he lets Justin wrap his legs around him a little tighter and lure them back into a steady rhythm.

Soon Justin is gasping and moaning and rolling his hips, and when he starts squeezing his ass in time with Brian’s strokes, Brian closes his eyes against it all. He needs Justin to come now, so he aims his thrusts in the way he knows will send him over the edge, but Justin uses his legs to force him to move at a different angle and it makes Brian’s balls tighten and his hips snap faster seemingly of their own accord, and he is too far gone to fight him.

“Brian,” Justin whispers, and when Brian meets his gaze he realizes it was a mistake because Justin is staring up at him with glassy eyes and pink cheeks, his mouth open and wet. Justin reaches between their bodies to grab his own cock, and when his fingers reappear moments later, they’re glistening with drops of pre-come. Brian feels the last of his control slipping away but he can’t seem to close his eyes, and when Justin smiles at him and sucks his own fingers, Brian has only a moment to realize that Justin did that on purpose. But then it’s too late to think anymore so Brian buries his face in Justin’s hair and comes, unable to suppress a groan, and Justin is only a second behind, his ass squeezing Brian’s cock painfully.

A few moments later, Justin finally releases his vise-like grip on Brian’s waist and lets his legs fall to either side. Pulling out roughly, Brian ignores Justin’s hiss of protest and heads silently to the bathroom.

After relieving his bladder, Brian examines his reflection in the mirror. He knows he can wipe that triumphant little smirk right off Justin’s face-- he can throw him out, smoke a joint, go to bed alone and not have someone crawling all over him during the night. He’ll sleep late and there will be no one to kick him in the legs or wake him up before he’s ready; no one to suck his cock while his head is still half full of dreams and then again when he’s all the way awake.

Brian sighs and rubs a hand across his eyes. Maybe two joints.

When Brian comes back from the bathroom, Justin is stretched out in bed, the sheets pulled up to his chest.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Brian sees Justin flinch at the coldness in his voice, and the cockiness of earlier is gone, replaced with traces of the scared kid he brought here the very first night.

“Going to bed? But I can leave if you want me to.”

Brian doesn’t respond when Justin gets up and pulls on his pants. It’s not until he is heading across the living room toward the door that he speaks.


Very, very dangerous.

Justin turns and Brian gestures to the bedroom. When Justin’s face lights up, Brian thinks that this whole thing would be so much easier if he didn’t smile at him like that.

“You can stay.”