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The Second Time


So here's my contribution... Thanks to paddies once again for the plot bunny...


Justin and Daphne talk about a certain night in S1…
Set in late(r) S3 (after 308)


Part 1

“Oh come on, are you kidding???” Daphne covered her face with her hands. “He was totally gross! There was no way I was going down on him!”

Justin laughed, nodding furiously as he poured another generous round of tequila into their shot glasses. Well, they were supposed to be shot glasses, but Daphne didn’t have any, so instead they were drinking shots out of juice glasses. Which Justin kept forgetting when he was pouring… which made for rather substantial portions. Which explained why they were now sitting on Daphne’s floor, comparing their worst blowjobs. Giving them, that is…

“But sometimes I do wish I had a dick…” Daphne mused, lining up the lemon wedges for this round. “Just to know what it felt like… Guys always look so unbelievably fucking happy when you first take them into your mouth…”

“Not that it doesn’t feel good to have a guy go down on me, but it just doesn’t seem to have the same instant pleasure, you know…?” She grimaced at Justin as she took the next shot, popping the lemon in fast to soothe the sickly sweetness of the tequila.

“Ok, WAY too much information, Daph!” Justin sputtered. “You know I love you, but I just can’t talk about guys going down on you. It creeps me out!” he squirmed. “Not that it’s gross, but I just can’t think about someone doing that to you…”

She laughed, cuffing him lightly on the side of the head. “I know, I know, you can’t handle the thought of your best friend getting off, can you…” she teased. “Ok, so let’s talk about your sex life. It’s more interesting anyway…” she grinned.

“Like you still haven’t told me about what happened that night we went to Babylon and you pulled Brian away from those two twinks…” she smirked at Justin, one eyebrow arching dramatically.

“What do you mean?” Justin laughed, a small flush creeping up his neck. God, that was so long ago…

“I told you – you know that I went home with Brian that night! Fuck, I talked about it forever afterwards!” he laughed again, the memory making him blush. And making his cock twitch.

He was so fucking proud of himself for that night, he mused. Brian thought he was so smart, but Justin had his number. He’d never crowed about that accomplishment to Brian, of course, but Daphne – well, that was a whole different story…

“No, I know you told me you went home with him, and ‘the rest is history’, as they say – but what actually happened?” she sighed. “I got all the details on your first fuck, but none on your second!”

Justin laughed. “You want me to pick out the details of one fuck out of however many hundreds, hell – maybe thousands, we’ve had?”

Daphne snorted, pouring another round. “Oh, please! Don’t give me that shit! You could probably give me a blow-by-blow…” Justin looked at her, groaning at the pun, “…for every single time you’ve fucked. And you know it!”

“So don’t shit me that you don’t remember every glance, every breath of that night. Come on – spill! I want ALL the juicy details…” she smiled, settling herself comfortably on the cushions surrounding them.

Justin laughed, but the tequila was making him very warm and comfy, and hell, he never minded talking about sex with Brian… as long as he could have sex with Brian after…

Daphne interrupted his thoughts. “And yes, I know you’ll be all horny when you’re done and then you’ll blow me off and head home to your gorgeous boyfriend…” she sighed with great dramatic emphasis. “And I’ll go to bed alone… again…”

“I know, why don’t you get him to pick you up here… and then you can seduce him in my living room!” she squealed. “Oh my god, it’d be like that time I drove you guys home!”

Justin winced, laughing at that memory. Christ. Daphne was very cool about it, and never made him feel bad, but they’d almost fucked in the backseat of her car while she was driving them home. Because they were both too fucked up to drive. From a family function, no less. God.

They’d been drinking, but Brian was generally pretty good about watching his intake, or opting for a cab. They’d gone for the cab route, but had been waiting outside for half an hour when Daphne came out, seeing them still waiting and offering them a ride home. From Justin’s mom’s house, of all places…

But then Brian pushed a bump under Justin’s nose as they got into the car, and one under his own…

Justin closed his eyes for a second, tequila swirling through his blood as he remembered that short ride home. After the bump, Brian put his tongue in Justin’s ear, and his hand in Justin’s pants. The high never lasted long from a bump, but it was so sexually intense, there was no way Justin could exercise good judgment with amyl nitrate in his brain and Brian’s long, smooth fingers stroking his dick.

Some part of him knew Daphne could see them clearly in the rear-view mirror, but he also knew she was open-minded enough, and loved him enough, that she didn’t care. If he really thought about it, he was pretty sure she took the long way home, driving through darkened back streets just enough to make them feel private, make them uninhibited. Not that Brian was ever inhibited…

God, he stroked Justin relentlessly that night, his mouth pressing wet kisses into Justin’s ear, along his jawbone, his murmured words unintelligible but making Justin’s dick weep just from the tone in his voice.

And then he turned Justin’s face to his, and started kissing him. Kissing him in that slow, soft, I-can-lick-every-inch-of-you way that made Justin groan, made him slide his fingers through Brian’s hair to pull his mouth closer, made him shift his hips as his cock swelled and ached to be in that mouth…

And then Justin had to taste him, had to have more… he remembered pulling Brian’s pants open, needing to feel his cock sliding over his tongue like he needed to breathe…

And oh, the feel of his cock… Justin took a deep breath as he remembered how crazy it made him to taste Brian that night, to feel the blood pulse in the shaft of Brian’s dick, to hear Brian’s low moan as his tongue probed the slit…

Justin looked up at Daphne, laughing in his embarrassment at being caught in his memories. With his dick now rock-hard, in fact.

“You guys were so hot that night…” Daphne smiled at him, her eyes gazing off as she conjured up her own memories. “It’s a good thing I’m not a gay man, because I’m not sure which one of you I’d go after first…” she laughed.

Justin laughed back, swatting her gently on the knee. “Oh you know you’d go for Brian, Daph. He’s so your type…”

Daphne feigned mock-outrage as she handed Justin another glass. “I would not! Well, not necessarily…” she snickered. “But he is beautiful, Justin…” she sighed.

“And man, I’ve never had anyone kiss me the way he kisses you… The way he loses himself so completely in you…” she sighed again.

Justin couldn’t help the warm blush in his cheeks. He knew Brian loved him... always had, always would... but it still made him feel warm all over when someone else saw it too.

“So fucking spill about that night – come on! You know you want to…” she teased. “What did he say to you on the dance floor? What did he do when you left…? And don’t leave out any of the good parts!” she warned.

Justin opened his mouth to swallow the shot she’d placed in his hand. He felt the liquid burn down his throat as he replayed that night in his head.

He licked his lips at the shiver that ran through him when he really started to remember… to remember the thrill of feeling Brian’s arms slide between him and the hard bodies on either side of him, the feel of Brian’s hard cock pressed against his hip as they danced, the feel of Brian’s tongue as he licked up Justin’s neck, glitter everywhere.

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