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Third Time’s the Charm


This is my little present to plumsuede. :)) Fic just for you. *smooches*
NC-17 (what else is new Ė itís a fic of mine. One of these days Iím going to write something that isnít 99% sex, but um, just not today). ;)

Set post-S5, which is a little odd, considering I havenít seen the end and am not fully spoiled, so please forgive any continuity errors Ė if Iím way off, Iíll fix Ďem once Iíve seen the end. So spoiler warning! if you're not spoiled. Weird coming from me, I know.

Part 1

ďBend over, Justin.Ē

The tone of his voice brooks no argument, but he canít be serious.

ďYou canít fuck me here, Brian. Weíre in a clothing store.Ē

ďIn the change room.Ē He points as he talks. ďAnd Iím not going to fuck you.Ē

I look at him, my feet moving even though my head is starting to send out little alarm bells.

ďIím going to spank you.Ē

He says it nonchalantly, like heís telling me what he wants for dinner. I stop, the vicious rush of blood to my dick making me light-headed for a second.

ďBriÖĒ I start to protest but heís already holding the door open, waiting for me. I canít believe Iím walking in.

He doesnít even smile, he just watches me. I feel my face burning. He looks at my pants, then back at my face.

His voice is deceptively soft when he speaks. ďTake them off, Justin.Ē

I open my mouth, but I donít seem to be able to say anything. I fumble with my zipper, my hands clumsy and awkward. My cock is suddenly so hard it hurts.

He sits on the little stool in the change room, still watching me. He lets his eyes roam my body, very slowly. I stand, waiting. My pants are in a pile at my feet. He brings his eyes back to my face and I blush. He nods and my heart clenches. What the fuck am I doing?

I lower myself to my knees, moving towards him, then lay myself over his lap. His pants are rough beneath me, the wool of his suit prickling my skin. I resist the urge to squirm.

He lifts me up a bit, his warm hand making me gasp when it closes around my cock. I moan quietly when he moves it between his legs, pushing me back down once itís trapped by his long thigh muscles.

The spanks are hard and fast, the sound of his hand echoing in the small space. I blush furiously when I realize anyone walking by will hear this, the unmistakable sound of skin hitting skin. My cock weeps the moment he pauses, blood rushing to my ass where his hand was, then flooding back to my dick in a wicked cycle.

He starts again and I jerk, biting down on the moan that wants to come out. His thighs squeeze my cock and Iím panting before he even starts talking.

ďYou love this, donít you Justin.Ē His voice is so low I barely hear him, and the sound makes me shiver. ďLove it as much as you love me fucking you. Love the feel of my hand on your assÖ the heatÖ the sting.Ē I feel the blood in my cock surge. ďLove it as much as you love me.Ē He smiles as he says that.

I whimper when he stops again, his hand caressing my hot skin softly. I lift my hips automatically when he reaches around to my cock, checking me.

ďSuch a wet boy, Justin.Ē His voice is a murmur, his hand moving away too fast. I can feel his cock against the side of my body, can feel that Iím not the only one who likes this. My mouth floods at the thought of tasting him, of making him come. I want him to hurry.

He stops caressing my ass, lifts his hands away from my body. I wait, my cock throbbing. I canít see much of him other than his legs, so I donít know what heís doing. I jump a little when his hand touches my head, turns my face to the opposite wall. His fingers are so gentle it makes me marvel for a minute Ė how he can slap my ass and caress my face with the same hand. And both touches tell me what he feels, what he gives to me, as well as what he takes.

He doesnít say anything, but he doesnít have to because I see the mirror the moment my head turns.

I suck in a breath at the sight of us. I canít look away despite the rush of embarrassment that fills me, because the heat is stronger. I drink in his aroused face, his elegant suit, his dark shiny shoes. My red ass, my even redder face, my pale skin against the dark wool. It all swirls together in my brain and I feel like Iíll come if he touches me.

I hear the small strangled moan come out of my mouth as I watch his hand move, then gasp as the spanks start again. His other hand comes to the back of my head and holds me there, keeps me watching us. I see my body flinch slightly when each slap lands, see how still he is despite how hard it feels. I know heís not using anywhere near as much force as he can, but Iím still surprised at how effortless it looks.

Iím mortified at the sight of my body over his knees, more so at how much it turns me on.

And Iím dying from the urge to rut between his legs but I donít dare. I wonder if Iíll still be able to see us when I blow him. I flush at the thought that he will, that heíll watch the whole thing.

When he stops, I choke out a small sob, my chest heaving. I didnít realize I was holding my breath. He motions me up with his head and I slide off him, my dick almost touching my stomach as I kneel. I reach for his belt but he stops my hand. I look at him, and he just smiles at me.

ďGet dressed.Ē

I hear the little sound of protest from my lips before I see his eyebrow go up. I want to touch him, so I move closer and let my fingers slide across his chest. He keeps smiling at me, but I can tell that Iím not getting what I want. Not right now, anyway. I frown in my frustration. He usually lets me touch him when we do this. I know heís horny, so I donít understand why he doesnít want me to. The thought that I canít makes me want it more. Makes me ache for it. And he fucking knows it.

I hate that he knows me as well as I know myself. That he knew Iíd leave, but then knew Iíd come back eventually. That he waited, all the while appearing not to.

That he knows that sometimes, not very often, this is what I need.

And today, heís going to make me earn it. I feel the tingle run through my body as I realize that heís going to drag this out, going to take me with him, wherever it is that weíre going. And Iíll follow him. I realized that too, when I was gone. I may need to step away sometimes, even for a long time, but Iíll always come back. And heíll always be there when I do. Itís just what we do.

I start to pull on my underwear but he interrupts me,

ďNo. Leave them off.Ē

I flush, my dick jumping a little as his words register. He checks his hair in the mirror, fixes his tie while he waits for me to finish. I straighten up, watching him.

ďLetís go.Ē His voice is firm.


ďChange of scenery.Ē Heís smiling as he opens the door. I follow him into the store, blushing when I realize we didnít even bother to take any clothes in with us.

He squeezes my ass on the way out of the store, and it makes me twitch. His lips get close to my ear as he smiles at the startled sales guy watching us leave,

ďYouíre nowhere near done, my love.Ē

His grin is feral, a flash of the old Brian. I donít see it very often anymore, after so much has happened between us. But he always knows when itís what I need, what I crave. And now my heart doesnít fight my cock the way it used to. Now both of them get what they need.

I take a deep breath, letting him pull me into the street.

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