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The Tutelage of Justin Taylor


For paddies Fic of My Dreams Challenge

Thanks to crazydiamondsue for the beta, any mistakes within are my own. Also, I don't own the characters.

Summary: Season 1, Episode 4. Emmett: “What about you Brian? What’d you do?” Brian: “I made it an early evening.”


Lesson One

Justin couldn’t believe his luck. He’d plotted, begged, lied, cried, and given Daphne his biggest anime eyes … and now he was exactly where he wanted to be; naked, on his back in Brian Kinney’s bed, for the second time. He sighed, rolled over onto his stomach, and buried his face in the highest thread count sheets he’d ever encountered. Every few seconds, he’d get a mental flashback of Brian fucking him from behind, his ass would twitch, dick would rise a little bit more, and the butterflies dancing in his belly would start to tango. He’d just become the exception to the “no repeats” rule and nothing could wipe the grin from his face. Justin let out another dreamy sigh when he heard the toilet flush. Seconds later as he felt Brian return to bed, Justin held himself still and waited to see what Brian would do next.

Justin tensed in anticipation when Brian knelt behind him, kissed first one shoulder then the other and breathed into his ear, “Ready for round two?”

Justin moaned and wriggled into the sheets in response. He arched into Brian’s touch, body still sensitive from round one. He gasped when Brian bit his ass and moaned when he felt Brian’s breath against his hole. Justin pushed back onto Brian’s tongue for a full second before protesting, “Brian wait.”

Justin felt Brian’s lips twitch in a smirk before he asked, “What’s the matter?”

Justin looked back over his right shoulder and almost shot all over Brian’s sheets again. Brian was crouched behind him, a cheek in each hand, spreading Justin wide to reveal his hole. “N-nothing.” Justin stammered almost, but not-quite, embarrassed at how deeply Brian affected him. “Its just … you make me feel …” Justin felt himself blush and thought for a moment how ridiculous it was to blush over talking about sex when he’d just had his ass fucked before he continued. “You do this stuff to me, and it feels better than I ever imagined it could. And I just, I don’t know, lay here and take it. I want to make you feel good, too.”

Brian met Justin’s gaze and arched one eyebrow. “So what’s stopping you?”

Justin’s blush deepened and suddenly looking at Brian was much too embarrassing. He buried his face back in the sheets before answering, “I don’t know what to do.”

Brian released his grip on Justin’s ass and sat back on his heels, studying the body spread wantonly on his bed. Brian chuckled quietly for a moment before laying down beside Justin and spreading his body out into an X. “Do whatever you want.” Brian waited a beat before sticking his tongue in his cheek and quantifying his answer, “within reason.”

Justin went from lying down to kneeling so fast he was dizzy for a moment before squeaking out, “Really?” Without waiting for his response, Justin quickly straddled Brian and leaned down for a kiss. Justin had kissed one guy before Brian, Robbie at summer camp two years ago, so he didn’t have a lot to compare, but Justin was sure that Brian Kinney was the greatest kisser on earth. In fact, he was certain that Brian was the greatest lover on earth, and he was being given a chance to learn at the Master’s feet. Justin emulated Brian’s technique as best he could. Mouths wide, tongues tangled, lips sucked, he exchanged his breath for Brian’s until Justin had to pull away gasping.

He paused for one second before diving for Brian’s neck, again copying Brian’s style as much as possible. He nibbled, licked, sucked, kissed, and used his breath to turn Brian on. Justin felt a surge of triumph when he felt Brian’s dick stiffen between his legs. Encouraged, he nibbled a little harder at the junction of Brian’s neck and collar bone. Justin savored the taste of Brian’s skin and the pulse he could feel against his temple when his head was wrenched backwards by his hair. “Watch it Junior, no marks.”

Justin blushed again and stammered out, “s-sorry,” before pressing on to Brian’s chest. Justin studied the difference between the textures of the nipples versus the chest, trailing wet, sloppy kisses and tiny, nibbling bites back and forth between Brian’s nipples and all the gorgeous skin between when he heard the click of a lighter.

He jerked away from Brian’s chest in time to see Brian’s first toke on the joint. Humiliation and anger waged a war through Justin’s emotions. Justin slapped Brian’s chest before putting his hands on his hips and demanding, “What the hell are you doing?”

Brian spoke before exhaling, “Laying here, smoking a joint, and enjoying myself.” He exhaled forcefully and handed Justin the joint. “Here, relax, you’re trying too hard.”

Brian’s answer confused Justin, which wasn’t anything new, the man was an enigma. He wasn’t any good, so Brian gave him drugs? He didn’t know whether to be embarrassed, grateful, or pissed off. Justin finally settled on curious and took the proffered joint.

“What do you mean?” He asked before he took his first hit. His eyes widened at the taste and the smoothness of the smoke. “That’s good shit,” Justin said without exhaling and handed the joint back to Brian.

Brian inhaled and exhaled again before responding, “I only smoke the best.” They didn’t speak again until Brian was fairly certain Justin was heading past a little buzzed and just short of stoned. He crushed out the joint in the ashtray on the nightstand and pulled Justin down until he was once again lying on top of him. His fingers idly played with the hairs on the back of Justin’s neck as he answered. “You were like a robot, lick, nip, and suck. Its not about what you’re doing.” Brian paused in his lecture and tilted Justin’s face up until their eyes met. He noted Justin’s eyes were slightly glassy and nodded in approval. “Its about feeling what you do.” Brian held Justin’s gaze until he thought Justin understood. “Now, try again.”

Justin pressed his forehead to Brian’s breastbone, slid his legs to the inside of Brian’s and straightened them out. He wiggled around until their dicks were aligned but not touching and then Justin did exactly what Brian told him to. He relaxed. His body melted on top of Brian’s, Justin breathed deeply in and out, head spinning a little from the pot, body tingling from Brian. Justin contemplated the words “feel what you do” and then he got it.

He trailed his tongue along the underside of Brian’s pec and felt the muscle twitch. Justin nibbled along the top of Brian’s abs and felt his hip jerk in response. Justin did it again, harder this time and felt Brian’s dick twitch. He lost himself exploring Brian’s body, each twitch of Brian’s body, every hitch of breath, drew Justin further into Brian’s pleasure and away from his own awareness. Justin was drowning in Brian; he’d licked from the root of Brian’s dick to the tip without even realizing it. Brian’s gasp and the jerk of his hips brought Justin’s awareness back to his actions and he stared transfixed at the cock pressing lightly against his lips.

Justin nervously licked his lips and inadvertently the tip of Brian’s dick. He heard Brian’s moan and felt one of Brian’s hands cup the back of his head. Justin paused, staring at Brian’s dick a little confused, excited, nervous, and very, very, high. “Feel what you do,” echoed in his head again, so he closed his eyes and wrapped his lips around Brian’s dick. One flick of his tongue and Justin was lost yet again.

It wasn’t about what to do with lips, or tongue, or teeth, or throat, it was about the flex of Brian’s hips, the groan in the back of his throat, his balls drawing ever closer to his body. It was about the sudden thrust of his hips, that pushed him in farther than he’d been before, how his body arched and then the sudden rush of hot, salty, bitter-sweet fluid in Justin’s mouth. It was about how Brian didn’t get soft when Justin swallowed. It was about how Brian’s eyes crinkled up when he said, “Not bad.”

It was about how Justin didn’t even know what had happened when he found himself on his back, knees up to his ears, and Brian buried to the hilt inside him again.

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