It seemed like a gapfiller might be a good place to start. And um, THAT kiss from 311 is just too good to leave alone, so here we are…

Set at the end of 311, just after Brian gets canned and before the election. No real plot to speak of here, just porn. ;)


Brian raised the sledgehammer, lining up his shot while Justin stood by, holding his jacket. Enough fucking in parked trailers, enough letting the new world order dictate how and where they fucked. Every man had his limits.

Justin laughed at the look on Brian’s face when the padlock crumpled to the ground, broken.

“The backroom is re-open, boys,” Brian’s smug pronouncement sent a shiver up Justin’s spine. He loved it when Brian got butch.

He let himself be swept into Brian’s triumphant kiss, a hand on the back of his head and wet, wide lips making his blood race a bit faster. Brian pulled away, motioning for Justin to lead. There was a swagger in his step, the kings of Babylon back where they belonged. Even if Brian was out of a job, he was still in his element. Justin knew he needed this, needed a victory right now. The excitement in the crowd was palpable, a wave of energy pushing behind them as they made their way down the hall.

Brian kept his hand on Justin’s back, his larger body steering Justin to the spot he wanted. Before they even got close to the wall Brian stopped him, spinning him around into another kiss. Justin sighed into his mouth, hips pressing together as they kissed slowly. All the time in the world tonight.

Even if there were undercover cops now, Brian had nothing left to lose. And everything to prove to the man in his arms. He wanted Justin to feel like this was a celebration, a reclaiming. Brian Kinney never forgot who he was. He may not hold a banner for the GLC, but there were still some lines that needed to be drawn, pushed back to their proper place.

“Mmm,” Justin tipped his head to the side as Brian licked a path down his neck, hands pushing his jacket over his shoulders. “Feels good,” he smiled.

Brian grinned back wolfishly. “Yeah?” he whispered, his hands flat on Justin’s belly, pushing up to Justin’s nipples, rubbing them in a slow circle. Justin squirmed. “More where that came from,” Brian murmured, lowering his head to suck the throbbing pulse in Justin’s neck.

The backroom was filling up fast, men coupling off in pairs, groups. Clothing disappearing, moans starting. Brian closed his eyes and breathed it in, breathed in the smell of Justin, the sounds of sex all around him. It was good to be back.

Justin’s hands found their way to the snaps of Brian’s black shirt, pulling a few open and smoothing his palms over the hard muscle. Justin made a murmur of appreciation, his head falling back more as Brian continued to suck at his neck, his ear, his collarbone. But then he couldn’t wait, needed Brian’s skin bare. Justin shoved his half-open shirt up over his chest, pulling up as Brian’s hands helped, yanking the fabric over his head.

Needed it now, needed his mouth, his taste, his leg pushing between Justin’s thighs. Brian’s long fingers reaching for his head, sliding up the back of his neck under his hair as Brian’s mouth came for him, wide, tongue seeking, head angling. Justin tipped his head to the matching angle and opened his mouth, the heat crackling between them, his own fingers tangling in Brian’s hair.

Brian swallowed him, tongue demanding, probing as Justin opened himself to it. Brian’s hunger felt insatiable, unforgiving, and Justin bowed under it’s weight. Felt his cock push more insistently against his pants, felt the ribbon of desire wind tighter around his chest.

When they parted Brian was panting, Justin’s chest heaving. Brian’s eyes glittered in the blue light and Justin drew in a breath at the sight of him - drinking in Brian’s sculpted arms, his smooth chest. It never failed to take his breath away. “So beautiful, Brian,” he whispered, regretting the words as soon as they were out of his mouth. Brian hated it when he got sentimental in the backroom. But Brian’s smile reached his eyes, his tongue tracing his lower lip as he looked at Justin.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Brian murmured, his hands tugging on Justin’s sweater. Justin let him pull the fabric up, warm fingers blazing over his skin as they moved.

“Wanna see you,” Justin’s head darted up at Brian’s words, a blush creeping over his face. He was never sure how that happened, how he could still respond that way to Brian after all the things they’d done, all the places they’d done them. But when Brian got that look in his eyes, that tone in his voice, Justin’s body responded without his consent.

“Huh,” was all he could manage, Brian’s hands working on the zipper of his jeans. He closed his eyes as the material fell away from his hips, pooling at his feet. He wasn’t even against a wall where he could lean, so he stood, letting Brian strip him.

“Mmmm,” Brian murmured into his neck, his tongue making a swirling pattern under Justin’s ear that was making him shudder. “Wanna watch you cum.”

Justin grinned weakly into Brian’s shoulder. “Sounds good to me,” he breathed, Brian’s hand stroking him slowly. He didn’t notice Brian’s nod to the guy behind him, so he jumped when strange hands stroked down his flanks.

“Uh,” he looked at the guy, then back to Brian. He faltered when he saw the glitter in Brian’s eyes, then shivered as a prickle of heat ran up his back.

Justin stood motionless as Brian steered the guy’s hand to his cock, but gasped as both fists closed around him, stroking him. His eyes closed as Brian kissed him again, his tongue licking the inside surfaces of Justin’s mouth until Justin moaned.

“Oh,” was all Justin could say when he felt hands on his chest, his hip. “Brian?” he whispered, opening his eyes. Brian was right in front of him, a hungry expression painting his face, his eyes intense and dark.

“Right here,” Brian murmured, his hand twining in Justin’s hair to pull him in for another kiss. The hands on his body were gentle, teasing almost. He swayed on his feet, bracing himself on Brian’s arms.

Brian watched the interest gather around them, felt the bodies pressing closer. Justin’s body was moving slowly, rocking with the rhythm of the caresses. Brian kept a close eye, making sure all comers knew this was invitation only. He didn’t mind if others got off on their little show, but it was for Justin’s pleasure, and his. No one else’s.

Someone’s hands slipped into Brian’s waistband, which he allowed for a minute, but then shook them off. He wanted to be an observer here, unobstructed from fully experiencing Justin’s reactions. He was always a participant, which certainly had its benefits, but it meant he was receiving sensations himself, and not just drinking in Justin’s pleasure. He wanted to fucking drown in it tonight.

“Oh,” Justin’s mouth formed the moan as the tall brunette to their left dropped to his knees, his mouth covering Justin’s cock. He’d blown Brian two weeks ago and he was truly gifted. Brian had motioned him over, hoping he’d be interested. Brian grinned as Justin’s eyes rolled back in his head. “Oh my god.”

“Slow,” Brian commanded the guy on his knees, his hand tapping the guy’s shoulder to get his attention. He saw the subtle nod and looked back to Justin’s face.

“Look at me,” Brian’s voice made at least three guys snap to attention, but Justin’s eyes were the only ones he wanted. Justin opened his eyes slowly, his pupils huge. Brian fought back the urge to push the guy out of the way and wrap himself around Justin, coaxing the moans out of him without any outside help.

“So hot,” Brian whispered against Justin’s mouth, Justin’s breath harsh and strained. “Wanna cum?” Justin nodded, his hands clutching Brian’s biceps.

“Not yet.”

Justin groaned.

“Touch me,” Justin whispered, his head falling back as he moaned again. “Want you to…”

Brian shook his head, resting his forehead against Justin’s. “I want to see you cum.” Justin shivered.

“You’ve seen me cum a million times, Brian.” He opened his eyes and stared at Brian. What was going on in that head? “You’ve made me cum a million times,” he grinned weakly, the intense pleasure making him light-headed.

“Doesn’t mean I get tired of it.”

Justin’s heart skipped a beat as Brian smiled mischievously at him, his eyes so brilliant that Justin felt like the backroom faded away for a second as the world narrowed to the hazel eyes in front of him.

Then a particularly spectacular tug on his dick made him moan. Holy shit, this guy could suck cock. Brian let out the breath Justin pulled in, making Justin realize he wasn’t the only one getting off on this.

“Does it turn you on?” Justin pressed his lips to Brian’s, his moans swept out of his mouth by Brian’s tongue. Brian laughed softly into his mouth, but Justin felt the shudder run through him.

“What do you think?” Brian pulled Justin’s hand to his crotch, letting it slip inside his jeans. He let out a soft gasp as Justin stroked him expertly. He pulled Justin’s hand away with difficulty.

“No,” he said firmly. “I don’t want to be distracted,” he whispered more softly. His hand traced Justin’s face. “I just want to watch.”

Justin moaned. “Brian,” he whispered, but he couldn’t say anything else.

“Want to watch the pleasure spread across your body,” Brian’s lips were against his ear, making him shudder.

“Watch the flush stain your chest, your neck.” Brian’s fingers followed his words.

“Oh…” Justin’s head fell back. He was struggling to maintain control.

“Feel your chest rise and fall,” Brian’s palm laid flat on his chest, then slid down to his abs.

“Smell the desire on your skin.” Brian’s nose trailed down the inside of his arm.

Justin groaned as Brian stepped away, his hand reaching out to grab Brian and pull him back.

“Let me watch, Justin.” Brian’s stare was so intense Justin moaned. His fingers tipped Justin’s chin up, then trailed down the center of his chest, making Justin shudder.

Brian was watching him, his eyes dark, but Justin could see the question in them. The desire for permission, for Justin to give him this.

Justin looked at Brian for a long moment, then nodded, leaning back into the arms of the guy behind him.

Brian sucked in a breath as Justin’s eyes closed, the hands covering his chest, his hips, his thighs. Justin’s moans got shorter, choppier, his hips moving faster. Brian brushed off the hands reaching for him, annoyed at the distraction.

Justin looked like a fallen angel, his arms wide and his head back, his flushed cheeks framing his open mouth. That perfect mouth that could make Brian give up anything, everything. That mouth that greeted him most mornings now with a smile or a slow sucking motion that made Brian lose his mind. Who needed a job when you had this?

Brian watched the shudders move through Justin’s body, watched his muscles tighten and his nipples harden into tight nubs. Watched the waves of pleasure undulate through him, moving his body like a tree in the breeze.

“Stop,” Brian ordered the guy on his knees, putting his hand on the guy’s head. “Not in your mouth.”

Justin groaned, shaking his head. “No, Brian,” he pleaded.

“I want to see it, Justin,” Brian whispered in his ear. “See it all.” Justin shuddered at the throaty growl of Brian’s voice. “Then I’m going to take you home and fuck the shit out of you.”

“Home?” Justin teased, gathering his wits for a moment before someone’s hand closed around his swollen cock. “After re-opening the backroom? Thought you’d want to fuck everything that moves in here,” Justin groaned. Part of him was thrilled at the idea of going home, but another part of him knew Brian needed to be here, needed this right now.

Then he couldn’t say any more because the pleasure was winding around his balls, screwing tighter and tighter throughout his body.

“Only one thing I want to fuck.” Brian’s breath was hot in his ear. “And I’m gonna fuck it so hard you won’t be able to walk.” Justin shivered. “And then I’m going to fuck it slow and long, till you beg.” Justin nodded. Ok.

“Cum, Justin. Show me.”

Justin gasped in a breath, holding his body suspended on the cliff for a precious few seconds longer, wanting to draw it out and plunge headlong into it at the same time.

The moan ripped from his chest as the waves overtook him, pummeling him over and over. “Brian!” he shouted as he came, his hands reaching.

Brian held his breath as he saw the orgasm start, watched Justin’s muscles contract as his body shuddered convulsively. Felt his own cock throb as each creamy spurt landed on Justin’s chest, on the floor, on the guy jerking him off. He’d seen Justin cum many times, but it never failed to amaze him – the wanton abandon that poured from Justin’s body, his soul. He gave himself fully to it, never holding anything back. Brian was sure he never looked like that when he came. Never looked like that, period. Justin would disagree, but Brian didn’t believe him.

There were murmured sighs and sounds as Justin came, a few groans that followed immediately as others followed suit. Brian stepped forward, pushing the random tricks out of the way so he could wrap Justin in his arms.

“So hot,” he whispered into Justin’s ear, his hands smoothing down Justin’s back, holding him through the final shudders. “So beautiful.”

Justin smiled at him with dazed eyes, his heart pounding against Brian’s chest. “And now I’m seriously fucking horny,” Brian complained, making Justin laugh.

“I’m sure there are lots of guys here who’d be willing to help with that,” Justin murmured, threading his hands through Brian’s hair and pulling him down for a kiss. Brian let Justin steer the kiss, starting slow and sweet but leaving Brian grinding against him before he pulled away, eyes sparkling.

“Yeah,” Brian looked down, his eyes scanning the room before coming back to Justin’s, a faint trace of worry there. “Don’t want to give them too much of a show on the first night. Both of us would be too much for most of these guys to handle,” he muttered.

“Mm hmm,” Justin agreed noncommittally.

“Besides,” Justin mused, his hand stroking Brian’s chest, lingering over a nipple and making Brian pull in a breath. He leaned in close to Brian’s ear. “I suspect you don’t want them to see me fucking you.”

Brian huffed out a laugh but Justin felt his cock kick. “And what was that you said?” Justin continued, tongue tracing the shell of Brian’s ear. “First one hard and fast, then the next one slow and long till you beg?”

Brian laughed, turning Justin in his arms so he could line their cocks up properly, then bending his knees until Justin pulled in a breath, hard denim against bare skin. “Nice try, Sunshine.”

Brian spun him around, his hands shoving his jeans out of the way. “Just for that I’m gonna do the first one here.”

Justin smiled as he folded his arms under his head against the wall, pushing his ass back. Brian was so easy.

And the second one would be slow and long, and there would definitely be begging, if Justin had anything to do with it. But that could wait till later.